10 Free Payroll Software With Payslips

There are many free payroll software with payslips that businesses use as payment software to perform a variety of functions.  This includes depositing monthly payments into designated bank accounts of employees, calculating pay, withholding tax, and so on.

The interesting part is that some of the top payroll software comes with capabilities to print payslips that are even free!


If you are interested to find out more about such free software, then you’re welcome to read on. We will provide reviews of the top 10 freeware you can download and begin to use immediately. This software includes the following;

  • OnPay

If you need payroll software that simplifies and at the same time automates tax filings and payments, then you’ve found the answer in OnPay. This software also syncs with QuickBooks and Zero while providing a mobile-friendly interface.

OnPay comes with ease of use. You also get live online training as well as access to webinars and documentation. All of these in addition to its online support gives you a thorough guide with its applicability. Features include 401(k) tracking, direct deposit to designated accounts, payslip printing, and benefits management.

Other features include multi-state use, wage garnishment, tax compliant, a self-service portal, payroll reporting & outsourcing, vacation/leave tracking, and a W-2/1099 preparation. New users get a free month trial to use this software with all its features

  • Fingercheck

This payroll software comes with loads of features. These help with the review and management of employee hiring and onboarding. It is a useful tool that provides a single platform from where employees and employers all manage their workflow. You get to also use this payroll software free for 30 days.

Fingercheck has features that include cloud-based plus mobile (IOS and Android) platforms. Training is conducted through a live online session in addition to documentation. When you use this software for your business needs, you’ll get online support in addition to offline support provided during business hours.

Features include overtime calculation, and easy to use self-service portal, calendar management, time tracking, and reporting/analytics. Fingercheck also has Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) tracking capabilities plus employee scheduling.

  • SurePayroll

No matter your number of employees, this free payroll software gives you complete payroll solutions. The one-month trial version gives you all the features included in the paid version. You’ll need to start paying a monthly fee of $19.99 after the expiration date. SurePayroll provides a cloud-based platform besides mobile platforms (for IOS and Android devices.

Live online training is provided. You get online support too. Features include direct deposit capabilities, multi-state usage, 401(k) tracking, payslip printing, and benefits management. Others include a self-service portal, payroll reporting, tax compliance, wage garnishment, vacation/leave tracking, and W-2/1099 preparation.

  • Patriot Payroll

This free (free trial) software will save you money. Patriot Payroll is specially designed for small businesses with a fairly small workforce of about 1 to 100 employees. This is a cloud-based platform that can be learned through live online training plus documentation. Online support is also available to help you with difficulties.

Patriot Payroll has excellent features that include direct deposit capability, payslip printing, 401(k) tracking, multi-state use, and payroll reporting. Others are wage garnishment, a self-service portal, W-2/1099 preparation, tax compliance, and vacation or leave tracking.

  • Gusto

With Gusto, you can effectively manage your bottom line in addition to managing insurance, tax, and payment among other things. You get to use this free for up to 30 days.

A monthly fee will start after the expiration period. Gusto is a cloud-based platform with live online training on how to use it.

Other training options include webinars and documentation. Support is only available during business hours.

What are its features? Several! These include direct deposit, benefits management, payslip printing, and 401(k) tracking.

Other features include multi-state use, payroll reporting, tax compliance, wage garnishment, vacation or leave tracking, and a self-service portal in addition to W-2/1099 preparation.

  • Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll is a guaranteed software that helps with your tax remittance needs, new hire reporting, year-end tax forms, and the issuance of pay stubs all done within record time.

This software has cloud and mobile (Android & IOS) platforms. Training is provided via webinars, live online training, and documentation.

There is also round-the-clock support from a live representative in addition to online support. Wave Payroll has features that include direct deposit, benefits management, and payslip printing.

Others are multi-state use, a self-service portal, tax compliant, payroll reporting, leave or vacation tracking, and W-2/1099 preparation.

  • CheckMark

Need payroll software that helps with emailing PDF pays stubs, tracking vacation & sick time accruing, and many other features? CheckMark gives you all of that. After your 60-day trial, you get to pay a one-off fee of $429.

CheckMark comes with both Mac and Windows-ready platforms.

Training includes a live online session in addition to documentation. Any difficulties can be channeled through its online support provision.

What more? Its features are quite rich and include direct deposit, check printing, benefits management, and 401(k). Others are payroll reporting, tax compliance, and vacation or leave tracking.

  • Xero Payroll

Xero software will help with account reconciliation, project tracking, data imports, project reports, and document management.

Other features of Xero Payroll include inventory tracking, updated expense tracking, new report filters as well as excellent online support when you need it. This can be deployed for a variety of payment solutions.

  • Intuit Quickbooks Payroll

This software provides all the payroll needs for small businesses. It also helps with tax filings & payments, paying penalty fees, and resolving filing errors. This cloud-based software provides in-person training as well as documentation for users.

Features include payroll reporting, benefits management, multi-state use, direct deposit, and payslip printing. Others include wage garnishment, vacation or leave tracking, W-2/1099 preparation, a self-service portal, and payroll reporting.

  • BrightPay Payroll

This payroll software is quite versatile and supports monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly payroll management. You get to use it free for 60 days after which you are charged a one-time payment of $312.

This is a Windows-only platform with no training provided. However, it makes up for this through its easy-to-use platform.

Features of the BrightPay Payroll software include helping with vacation and leave tracking as well as being tax compliant.

These are the top 10 free payroll software with payslips you will find. You get to choose whether to keep using them after the trial period or discontinue.

These are complete payroll solutions packages for both small and medium-sized businesses.