9 Business Ideas To Start In Paraguay

Are you interested in profitable business ideas in Paraguay?

Paraguay is a country with lots of opportunities.

There is the possibility of continued growth in Paraguay because up to 65% of its population is under 30 years old. The citizens of Paraguay are known for their shopping hobby; they are always shopping for international products.

There is also a sign of long-term economic growth in Paraguay. It is one of the top ten exporters and has cheaper lands. Another advantage of doing business in Paraguay is its hydroelectric power.

Here is a comprehensive list of top business ideas in Paraguay for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into:

9 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Paraguay

1. Tourism

Tourism is a growing business in Paraguay. The tourism business is growing continuously in Paraguay and this is the time to start it. It is a very lucrative business from which you will make your profits from.

Several features of Paraguay amazes tourists and also captivates locals, it has both historical, cultural, and geographical features that draw tourists to the country. Paraguay is a country that makes tourists feel welcome and also feel at home.

2. Agriculture

One-fifth of the economy of Paraguay has to do with agriculture. Starting an agricultural business in Paraguay, you can focus on soya bean, wheat, cotton, oil, leather products, and so many others.

It is as simple as you focusing on only one, two, or even all the products. It all depends on your capability in terms of manpower, finance, machines, materials, land, etc.

A large part of the population engages in subsistence farming. In agriculture, it is a certainty that you will have a good market.

Rice processing is also another area you can focus your agricultural business on because rice is a food that is eaten almost everywhere in the world, it is very rare to see a country where rice is not eaten in this world.

You can do the business for exportation while making your own money and will also end up serving the country by meeting the needs of the people.

3. Security Business

In politics, business, human rights, and so on, Paraguay is not safe. Locals and foreigners now prefer taking taxis to public transport due to the insecurity issue in the country and this is exactly why you need to start a security business in Paraguay. Guard and protect people who in turn will pay for the services rendered.

4. Real Estate Business

This business is most effective in the capital of Asuncion because it is the only place where properties are mostly secured which makes people buy more properties in Asuncion than in other cities. You can also employ a real estate agent if the workload will be too much and also if you are a foreigner because you need a truthful person that will put you through all the rules and laws of having a real estate business in the country.

Many people are after purchasing properties in Paraguay especially the foreigners because of its lower price when compared to other countries in South America.

You must register your business legally because it is now a common thing for people who want to buy properties to first check if your business has a license in the real estate commission to know if you are a fraudster or not.  Your business will only be saved and also make sales only if you are registered legally and have your license.

5. Import and Export

This is a good business idea especially the export aspect because Paraguay has one of the largest export economies in the world. Paraguay exports soya beans, cars, soybean oil, bovine meat, refined petroleum majorly to Brazil, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, etc.

While the country’s main imports are cars, computers, broadcasting equipment from Brazil, China, Argentina, and the United States. Most of their imports are technological devices.

6. Arts and Crafts

The indigenous art of the Paraguayans in the Paraguayan Indian art. Their arts and crafts include baskets, ceramics, weaving, and threading. The most famous work done in Paraguay is basket weaving and feather works.

These are works appreciated by the Paraguayans, the business sells well to the interest and appreciation of the work by the locals.

7. Poultry Farming

Poultry consumption is increasing at a fast & significant rate in Paraguay and it is also a traditional source of living there.

8. Restaurant

This is another thriving business in Paraguay especially the vegetarian restaurants. You can either have a vegetarian section in your restaurant or only focus on the vegetarians. Vegetarian restaurants in Paraguay have about a 16% growth rate.

9. Computer Training Business

65% of the population of Paraguay are youths which automatically makes the computer training business a profitable one. Majorly, computer training is for youths and they are always the most interested in computers and other technological devices.

To start this business idea in Paraguay, all you need are the computers that will be used, a spacious location, skilled manpower that is, those who know about computers and also have the skill to train others.

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