Do you want small business ideas in New Zealand to start? In the year 2012, New Zealand topped the Forbes ranking of the most suitable countries for doing business.

There are lots of factors that made New Zealand a superb place to start and run a small business with low startup costs.

In Auckland (which is known to be the economic powerhouse of New Zealand), good businesses can easily thrive due to low operation costs. In Auckland, you can rent an office space that is very much cheaper than in other capital cities in the world.

20 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In New Zealand

New Zealand has a very successful economy that has remained very stable over the years. Apart from that, the corruption and crime rates in the country are quite low. Therefore, this country is a unique business place for investors seeking the best business ideas to start in New Zealand.

Now, if you need investment ideas in regards to starting small business opportunities in New Zealand, here are some lucrative ideas for you.


Waste is everywhere, and there is a need for waste recycling facilities in New Zealand. This is of the best viable business opportunity you can invest in New Zealand and expect lots of profits. Waste can surely be recycled or used to make bio-fuel (a popular alternative source of energy for cooking).



So they can be put to efficient use, creative business resources such as money, equipment, human resources, need to be properly managed and also maintained regularly. And that is the job of facility managers- and they are needed all over the world.

Learn how to put resources to judicious use (or put together a team that can) and help to prolong the useful life of the equipment.


Of course, many new businesses are coming up in New Zealand, and they’ve seen the need to take set up their innovative businesses online. Booming businesses are even hiring the services of online marketing experts. You can own a firm that offers such services as web designing, SEO services, and the rest.

And of course, you can also offer consultancy services to firms seeking to bring their thriving businesses to the internet.


This profitable business with low capital investment has great returns and is doing well in so many countries- and New Zealand won’t be an exception. You can have a firm producing processed foods and fruits and snacks.

You can also try importing or distributing such products as the case may be.

        5. A PLUMBING FIRM

Of course, plumbing is an essential part of a home. Apart from that, while erecting a building (either a home or an office), the plumbing service is so needed. You can run a cool business offering plumbing services.


Though this surely requires expertise, the services are needed. One of the vital factors that made it needed is due to the emergence of many great businesses in New Zealand.

Your firm can offer such professional services such as business plan preparation, general business consultancy, financial management, and even tax preparation and advisory services. One good part about offering such services is the fact that you get paid high for them.


People are quite busy with works and the rest, and they need someone who can help them take care of their children.

This is a low-cost profitable home-based business you can run in New Zealand.

Simply open a large child care center where people can drop their children while they go off to work. And if you are an individual who doesn’t presently have a large capital, you can start this home business small as a nanny or babysitter.


This is an easy business idea you need to work hard towards being reliable. Your job is to link the unemployed with those who need to employ them. Don’t forget that you need to work very hard towards being reliable.


Daily, there is much movement going on in New Zealand. People go to work, to school, to catch appointments, etc. Everyone needs to move from one place to another. And though many own a car, some don’t.

And even some of those who have cars will at times choose to go to their destinations with taxis.

So, why not offer services that have to do with taxis and earn good money? You can have your drivers; you can offer a service where people can book a taxi with their phones and the internet.

      10. RETAIL

Retail businesses are necessary and essential. You should start a retail store in New Zealand where there is little competition compared to many other countries.

And of course, the retail store should offer e-commerce services that will enable customers to place their orders and receive them without needing to leave their locations.

Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealand ranks among the top countries in the world for the ease of setting up and running a business enterprise. The reasons for this commendable rating for New Zealand include low cost of incorporating a business, affordable office spaces, a low crime rate, minimal corruption as well as adequate infrastructure.

Other incentives that New Zealand offers for the investor includes arable land, a highly skilled workforce, investor-friendly government fiscal policies, ease of financial inflows and outflows as well as a friendly migrant policy.

The savvy entrepreneur seeking to establish a business in New Zealand can exploit the opportunities available in the following areas:

1. Waste Collection, Disposal, and Recycling

New Zealand is a fast-growing economy, with an increasing number of its population moving into the middle and upper-income classes. With more disposable income, many New Zealand homes, offices, and manufacturing outfits churn out a considerable amount of waste.

Business Opportunities in this area of waste management include the recycling of waste materials into useful products. Already, many New Zealanders are embracing bio-fuel, a product from waste recycling, as an alternative source of energy for cooking, and other purposes.

2. Facility Management and Preservation

New Zealand’s economy is witnessing a lot of activity in the building and construction industries. This is in response to a growing middle class in need of affordable accommodation. The savvy investor can take advantage of friendly government economic policies, available capital as well as a skilled workforce to deliver housing units at an affordable price.

Also, there are opportunities for businesses to set-up facility management outfits that maintain both private and public establishments for a good price.

3. Online Consultancy Firm

Many businesses in New Zealand are seeking to maximize their presence in the digital space, to market their goods/services.

In this regard, there is a need for professionals in the areas of web design and development, graphics design, SEO Marketing, email marketing, and other related fields. These IT professionals can help businesses formulate plans and strategies in bringing their businesses to the internet, for a handsome price.

4. Wood Processing

New Zealand has extensive belts of trees and forests that boast of wood varieties of export quality. The savvy investor can key into this business opportunity by setting up a wood processing plant that can turn wood into export grade quality.

The presence of adequate infrastructures such as reliable power supply and a skilled labor force will ensure that the entrepreneur can make profits from the business.

5. Wool Processing

New Zealand has a strong agricultural background. A part of the agricultural value chain is the processing of wool, obtained from the abundant sheep found in New Zealand. This wool is processed into high-quality cotton, which is then exported to markets all over the world.

6. Agriculture

New Zealand boasts of an agricultural industry that is highly advanced and still growing. Agricultural produce such as dairy products like milk, meat, fruits, and other related produce amounted to export earnings totaling over 15 billion USD.

The savvy investor can take advantage of this business opportunity to set up a farm, where operations can center on both animal and crop production.

7. Winery

New Zealand’s climate supports the growth of several fruits that can be processed into choice wines and related drinks, for the export market. The entrepreneur can engage skilled staff and access required funding to set-up a winery and cellar, for the processing of fruits such as apples, dates among others.

8.  Child Care Centers

New Zealand’s booming economy means that as more people join the middle-income class, there is an increase in demand by professional working-class individuals for child care centers and nurseries. The savvy investor can obtain relevant certifications and permits for the running of a child care center, where workers can come and drop off their kids for the day.

This business opportunity can be started on a large scale, with the use of a building or space. On a smaller scale, the entrepreneur can offer personalized services such as a live-in or visiting nanny.

9. Consumer Stores

Retail stores offer goods and provisions that are required daily. New Zealanders are known to take out time to shop for personal effects and other items.

Statistics show that the startup costs for the establishment of a retail or provisions store are small, compared to other countries in the world. The savvy investor should be prepared to maximize his/her earnings in this field by also integrating an e-commerce platform, to meet the needs of customers who might decide to shop remotely.

10.  Taxi Services

With a thriving economy, the movement of people and goods, from one place to another, is an important value chain in New Zealand. Although there is an abundance of private vehicles, many individuals still prefer to take public transportation when going to work or school. The savvy investor can start a cab service in viable locations.

To maximize earnings, the entrepreneur can also make available online booking services for the taxis.

I hope you have been able to pick one or two tips from this list of business ideas in New Zealand. Please do share this post as this is the only way you can give back to us and help us grow.