6 Business Ideas To Start In Jamaica

What are some cool lucrative business ideas in Jamaica?

Jamaica is a country in the Caribbean that has several business ideas that can be exploited, to set up businesses and ventures. The country’s business climate is stable and it also promises a good return on investment.

The most lucrative self-employment business ideas in Jamaica are as follows:

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Jamaica

Security Firm

Jamaica has a high murder rate. Statistics put the country at 5th in the world for the frequency of homicides committed. While the government has increased spending on improving the delivery of security via its official security bodies, a lot still has to be done.

You can establish a security firm to cater to this need. Your expected clientele will be tourists and expatriates who are contracted to work on various projects in the country. A background in military service or the Police will help to shore up your appeal.

You will also need to recruit able-bodied women and men as well as obtain required security gadgets and Equipment.

Your security firm may need to be cleared to bear firearms during your business. Your business could partner with local law enforcement units, to receive leads and security contracts.

Music Production

Bob Marley remains the greatest musical export from Jamaica, whose genre of music has sold millions of records worldwide. To date, music remains a part of the cultural and socio-political life in Jamaica.

You can set a music production firm to manage and produce budding musical talent. You will be operating from a platform/genre of music; Reggae, which already commands global appeal and attention.

Your music firm may need to have international connections oversees with reputable music brands to export the musical talents you discover. For the local scene, you could organize musical talent shows and carnivals to attract audiences and sponsors.

Tourism Agency

Jamaica is a tourist’s haven. It has lovely beaches, exotic plant and animal life, rich vegetation as well as a lively nightlife in its Capital Kingston and other major cities. It is estimated that several millions of people visit Jamaica yearly to experience the wonders of nature. Jamaica has interesting places to see like Negril and Ocabassa.

With these natural and man-made endowments, you can set up a tourism center to cater to the needs of visitors and tourists. You could offer services such as hotel booking and reservation, foreign exchange services, History and Geography lessons, guided tours among other custom requests.

You must be adequately stocked with necessary gear and equipment, engage knowledgeable and competent staff as well as have excellent structures for engaging the tourists for the duration of their stay.


Jamaica has a plethora of delightful local cuisines and delicacies as well as refreshing drinks. Adventurous tourists are always willing to try out these delicacies as part of their local experiences.

You can set up a restaurant /catering service that can offer local cuisines and delicacies at a good price.

You will have to obtain relevant permits from the health boards and institutions in Jamaica. This is to enable your business to keep to international standards of hygiene and cooking practices, especially since you will be serving an international audience.

To broaden your income base, you could also look into the possibility of offering an array of intercontinental dishes, in a bid to offer a feeling of home away from home to your customers.

Taxi Services

Jamaica has unique streets and driving codes that may seem confusing to a first time visitor. Also, visitors usually like to be conducted around the major cities and tourist centers by car. Local taxis or route taxis are an inexpensive means of moving around the city.

You can set a team of route taxis to cater to this need of moving from one place to another. You will need to recruit competent, trustworthy, and honest individuals to man your taxis. Also, you will need to put in place a robust response system to take care of requests from customers; both online and offline.

An added stream of income for your taxi service business could also entail operating a driving school for tourists and expatriates who want to learn the ropes of driving on the streets of Jamaica. You could also proffer consultancy services on vehicle licensing and registration.


Agriculture plays an important part in the economy of Jamaica, contributing substantially to the GDP of the economy. A crop that is grown extensively is bananas.

You can set up a banana farm/plantation in an arable place in Jamaica. You can look forward to receiving support and consultancy services from the relevant authorities in the country.

With adequate financing, competent manpower, and creating effective marketing structures, you will be able to obtain good returns on these investment ideas in Jamaica.