8 Business Ideas To Start In Germany

Are there good business ideas in Germany to start a business? Germany is one country that is also known for its business activities.

Germany, also called the Federal Republic of Germany, is situated in western-central Europe and forms part of the Schengen group of nations.

The capital city and largest city of Germany are known as Berlin. While German is the official language, the English language is also spoken across the length and breadth of Germany.

8 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Germany

Germany is populated by 80.7 million inhabitants, making it the most populous member of the European Union.

Germany ranks as the world’s 4th largest economy by GDP and the 5th largest in terms of PPP.

Germany affords its citizens a very high standard of living and has the distinction of being both the 3rd largest exporter and 3rd largest importer of goods globally.

Germany is also noted as a country with the optimum labor productivity numbers in the world. Global and trusted brands like Adidas, BMW, and Volkswagen originated in German.

In addition to manufacturing, education, sports, and medical care, tourism serves as another source of revenue for the German economy.

Germany is the 7th most visited nation in the world, opening its doors to an estimated 400 million visitors in 2012, which generated revenues of over 38 Billion USD.

The savvy entrepreneur can start the following businesses in Germany:



Germany is one of the significant enclaves in the manufacture of quality products.

Suppose you have the financial wherewithal and technical expertise to start a manufacturing company and a feasible business plan. In that case, several German cities will serve very well as your base of operation.

With the availability of affordable power supply and requisite infrastructure, you can choose the manufacturing of electronic equipment or the production of vehicle parts as your business choice.

Laser Cutting And Metal Welding

A laser cutting business in Germany is much sought after due to many significant industrial concerns dotting the German landscape. It also promises a handsome return on investment.

A vital feature of a Laser cutting venture is that it requires minimal startup capital, and a single individual can run it with the relevant skill and training.

IT Services and Support

German society is a highly industrialized and technologically driven one. Information technology takes the lead in these developmental strides.

Therefore, an individual grounded in website design and development, software /apps development, and other IT-related fields could consider establishing an IT business outfit where wholesale support services, including installation, computers, and gadgets, can be offered to the public.

Hair Salon and Beauty Shop

Germans are very trendy individuals; one way to cash in on this is to establish a hair salon and beauty shop.

You will require the skills and expertise to give customers the satisfaction they need and situate the business in a good location.

Also, the entrepreneur could look at offering hair and beauty regimes that cut across cultures and continents to attract more interest.

Pet Shop

Germans are reputed for their love of pets. So setting up a business that provides services such as pet food and consumables, dog walking services, et al., in most German cities will attract continuous patronage.

The savvy entrepreneur could also engage the services of a veterinary doctor to attend to a larger audience.

Super Market

Supermarkets enjoy tremendous amounts of success in most parts of the world because it attends to the immediate needs of the individual.

The case is no different in Germany, whose nationals are known to enjoy the time spent shopping for essentials and household items.

Therefore opening a supermarket can be profitable if the business is situated at an appropriate location and well managed.

Vehicle Repair Workshop

With a sprawling motor manufacturing industry, the German market always needs skilled and well-trained engineers and technicians to fix and maintain the millions of cars that ply its roads annually.

So for the savvy entrepreneur possessing the requisite training, setting up a vehicle repair business could be the right way.

English Language Learning Classes

Apart from the German language, the English language is also widely spoken. In light of that fact, if you have a flair for the English language and can teach it effectively, starting a language school in Germany could offer handsome returns on investment.

More so, because it requires little startup capital, the entrepreneur can start on a manageable scale, say, taking the classes in the evening at a designated location or providing home teaching services.

86+This is one of the most lucrative small businesses to start in Germany.

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