Are you looking for profitable business ideas in Cuba?

Do you reside in Cuba and you are wondering what business idea would be most beneficial to go into? Then you have come to the right place.

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Cuba

First, a little about Cuba.

Cuba is a country in the Northern Caribbean, with Havana as its capital. Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean and has a favorably warm climate, a natural beauty that is so unique and the people of Cuba are open-minded and friendly and it is one great place to do business in. Cuba has so many natural resources including; sugar, tobacco, fish, fruits, coffee, livestock, etc.

This Caribbean island nation is also majorly into refined cobalt production. So, what business ideas would be most profitable in Cuba? Here are a few of them…

Boat or Yacht Charter

With beautiful water to cruise in Cuba, spotless white sandy beaches and untouched islands in Cuba, one business idea in Cuba that would thrive is a Boat or Yacht Charter. Your boat or yacht charter business would allow customers to hire your boats or yacht for some time at an agreed amount.

You could decide to offer them a crew for hire along with the boat or you could decide not to provide crew or provisions for customers as this would be their jobs. Your boat or yacht charter company could also offer courses to teach customers basic seamanship and prepare customers for bareboat chartering.

Although this yacht and boat business idea in Cuba is capital intensive, it is one profitable business idea in Cuba that is not labor-intensive and brings about huge returns on investment.

Packaged Herbs and Spices

Another great business idea in Cuba is the sale of packaged herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are common ingredients in many dishes in Cuba. The demand for spices increases every day and this is why this business idea in Cuba is just wonderful.

You could buy the herbs and spices in bulk, repackage them in smaller quantities and sell them in retail. As far as your packaging is unique, your packaged herbs and spices business idea in Cuba is bound to stand out. This business idea in Cuba is also advantageous because it could be done on a part-time basis.

Seashell Jewelry

Are you a creative person? Are you skilled in designing beautiful seashell jewelry? Then a wonderful business idea in Cuba to invest in is Seashell jewelry. With the beautiful beaches in Cuba, one thing that is in abundance in Cuba is seashells of different kinds.

You could make so much wonderful jewelry from them and sell it to locals or tourists. This business idea in Cuba is wonderful because it is not capital intensive and if you love what you are doing and also you have unique and attractive styles of designing seashell jewelry, you are bound to make huge profits from this business idea in Cuba.

Texas Barbecue

Another great business idea in Cuba is the Texas barbecue. Texas barbecue involves a traditional style of preparing beef that is unique to the cuisine of Texas. So if you have got a little experience on how to prepare barbecue the Texan way, then this business idea in Cuba is just for you.

You could set up shop somewhere in town and also offer catering services at birthdays, weddings or any other occasions as this is a great business idea in Cuba that is profitable

Pedi-cab Business

Another great business idea in Cuba to invest in is a Pedi-cab business. A Pedi-cab offers an environmentally sound, quiet, and fast means of transport to tourists and residents and is a great business idea in Cuba.

Your Pedi-cab business could offer services to tourists and residents ranging from a ride through the park, a sightseeing tour, or a relaxing ride from one place to the other. Pedi-cabs are of different types and sizes with seating ranging from two to about six occupants. They are not expensive to buy and you could start from one and grow to buy others and employing people to drive them.

This business idea in Cuba is very profitable and easy to run.

Produce Shop

Setting up a produce shop is another great business idea in Cuba that is highly profitable. A produce shop is one that sells farm-produced crops and goods including, fruits and vegetables. With the rich agricultural produce in Cub, this is one business idea in Cuba that is bound to thrive.

Massage Therapist

Have you got those gifted hands? Can you manipulate muscles and other soft tissues of the body with the touch of your hands? Then a massage therapist business is just the right business idea in Cuba to go into.

You could help to relieve pain, stress, help heal injuries, or just help people relax generally after a hectic day or week. So you could set up a massage parlor, render your services at spas or you could decide to offer home services to customers who need a massage.

So there you have it… great business ideas in Cuba that would thrive…