Are you looking for good business ideas and opportunities in Brazil?

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is one exciting place that has so much to see and do.

With the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil is one country that has abundant natural resources. It has been the world’s largest producer of coffee for more than 100 years.

Agricultural products in Brazil which are also major exports to other countries include coffee, orange juice, soybeans, and corned beef.

Other sectors that have been major aspects and contributors to Brazil’s economy include mining, manufacturing, service sectors, and tourism.

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Brazil

With steady growth in the Brazilian economy in recent years, Brazil is one great place to do business in. It has good tax rates, growing international stature, and economy clout and it offers attractive prospects for businesses.

So, if you are in Brazil, and you are wondering what business ideas would thrive in Brazil, here are some business ideas in Brazil that are very beneficial to anyone who cares to invest in any of them.


One business idea bound to flourish in Brazil is a restaurant. Opening a restaurant is one great business idea in Brazil because, with the busy lifestyle of residents, people usually do not have the time or inclination to cook.

Besides, who isn’t interested in enjoying freshly cooked meals without going through the hassle of cooking. Everyone loves to eat tasty, nutritious, and well-satisfying meals without having to do the dishes later on. The demand for well-established restaurants in Brazil increases every day.

As far as you set up in a good location in a prime district, you are bound to make it in this business idea in Brazil.

A startup usually requires hard work and also you will need a distinctive feature that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Self Service Car Wash

Another business idea in Brazil that is bound to thrive is a self-service car wash. For those not aware, a self-service car wash is a place where people come in to wash their cars by themselves. Customers pay for the car wash before using the machine to wash their cars. Self-service car wash is one business idea in Brazil that is vibrant and profitable.

One advantage of this business idea is the fact that startup requires low investment and low risk. It is also one business idea that is not labor-intensive and also a good source of passive income.

Bicycle Tour Business

Another great business idea in Brazil is starting a bicycle tour company. With the increasing rates at which tourists come into Brazil, a bicycle tour business is bound to thrive. A bicycle tour offers tourists the opportunity to see all the attractions Brazil has to offer while seated behind a bicycle tour guide.

Since this is a cheaper option of touring round attractive sites in Brazil, most tourists would opt for this method of sight-seeing and is one reason why this business idea in Brazil is bound to thrive.

Peanut and Nut Sales

Sales of peanut and nut is another wonderful business idea in Brazil. To start up this business idea, you could buy the peanuts and nuts in bulk, repackage them in smaller sizes and sell them to wholesalers or retailers.

You could also take this business idea in Brazil to another level by installing peanuts and nut vending machines in malls, pubs, or sports complexes where you share the revenue generated with the location owners.

Apartment Prep Service

An apartment prep service is one business idea in Brazil that has so many benefits. It involves cleaning up houses or apartments after they have been vacated by tenants. No matter how tidy a tenant is, they always leave something behind or a disorder that needs to be cleaned up after they vacate their apartments.

Most tenants do not even bother about cleaning the apartments before they leave. Apartment owners, landlords, and some real estate agents are always in need of companies who provide apartment prep services and this is why this business idea in Brazil would thrive.

Matting and Framing Business

Another great business idea in Brazil is Matting and framing business. This business idea in Brazil enables you to help customers showcase their paintings, photos, and other artworks.

You get to build simple frames from wood, metal, or whatever material you desire and create wonderful frames for your customers’ photos. If you have a skill in matting and framing, then this is one business idea in Brazil you should go into.

Cosmetics Sale

Brazil is one of the leading producers of cosmetics and this is why the sale of cosmetics in Brazil is one best business ideas in Brazil worth going to.

You could buy in bulk and sell to individuals, beauty salons, and export cosmetics outside Brazil.