Sample Self Service Car Wash Business Plan


Do you want to go into a self-service car wash business? Do you want to write a plan for your business?

The utmost aim of every self-service car wash business is to provide ultimate satisfaction to its customers and clients.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a self-service car wash.

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BUSINESS NAME:  Auto Paradise

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Objectives
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Startup Summary
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

Auto Paradise is a dynamic company that wants to establish a 2 bay automatic and 4 self-service car wash that will provide excellent services to the citizens of San Angelo. Auto Paradise aims to offer quality services that will make it the premier car wash in San Angelo.

Auto Paradise is looking for investors to raise the sum of $120,000 to add to the startup capital generated by the owners of the business to establish the company. The company will be committed to offering the best car wash service, self-service, and shampoo/vacuum service in San Angelo.

Research has shown that there will be an all year round sales due to the mild winter climate. Auto Paradise will be close to the intersection of two major roads in San Angelo. Competition with other car wash is limited to an outdated car wash and convenience stores. The company will finally be opened 90 days after securing finance.

The company will have 4 self serve bays, 2 automatic car wash bays, and an equipment room which will be in the middle of the bays. It will also have eight high powered vacuums, vending area, and water area.

Business Objectives

The following are the objectives of Auto Paradise:

  • The first objective of Auto Paradise is profit maximization; to make average sales of $28,000 monthly.
  • To establish another site after the first 12 months of operation.
  • To provide investors with a 33% distribution instead of 20% for the first three years to recover the initial investment.

Vision Statement

Every business has its vision and the vision statement of Auto Paradise is to be the best self-service car wash in the whole of Texas whose services will be the best and the ultimate in the car wash industry.

Mission Statement

The mission of Auto Paradise self car wash is to provide the ultimate and best service to customers by focusing all its resources and energy on customer satisfaction and also give the employees excellent reward.

Business Structure

Auto Paradise will have a very strong and effective management team with Mr. Lewallen as the president and chief executive officer. He has served in the United States Army for ten years and has helped plan and execute complex deployments and missions.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewallen will be the majority owners with 80% while principal investors have the remaining 20%. The operations of the company will be overseen and controlled by the owners, that is, Mr. and Mrs. Lewallen.

The business structure of Auto Paradise will also include several employees who are quite skilled in the car wash business. The employees will also have to be familiar with customer relations. The car wash will be staffed by two attendants from Monday to Saturday for the meantime. They will be the ones to also maintain the car wash site.

Looking at the experience and ability of the owner of the company, Mr. Lewallen, we can say that the company has a very strong management team.

Startup Summary

The total startup fund for the self-service car wash amounts to $934,200 including expenses on land, land scraping, construction, and equipment.  The startup fund can be cut down into startup expenses to fund and startup assets to fund whereas the startup expenses are $40,500 while the startup assets are $893,500.

The assets can be further divided into the following: non-cash assets from startup-$799,000; cash requirements from startup- $94,500; cash balance on starting date- $94,500 which all sums up to $893,500.

Auto Paradise will give two investment options which are:

(1) Company Stock: Auto Paradise is offering 20% of the company stock to investors. 1% of company stock will be offered for $7500. The investment will help in establishing the first location for Auto Paradise and also give a head start for the second location.

(2) Secured Investment: This is the second investment option Mr. Lewallen is giving in which a 10% return is guaranteed for a 3-year investment.

The company is processing a land near the intersection of Bryant Avenue and Avenue N which are among the busiest streets in San Angelo. Washing Equipment of Texas, WET located in San Angelo will provide all maintenance and repair services and also give a detailed estimate for all equipment to be purchased and installed.

Competitive Analysis

After the review and analysis of car wash businesses in San Angelo, Texas, we can say that there is low competition for Auto Paradise in San Angelo. Many of the car wash businesses in San Angelo are outdated while some have even stopped existing. Auto Paradise is a business that will bring new developments in the industry of car wash to San Angelo.

Research has shown that Auto Paradise’s location will attract lots of customers including Angelo State University and Goodfellow Air Force students and lecturers. Direct competition is limited to both convenience stores and outdated car wash businesses.

Marketing Strategy

The office location for this self-service car wash business in San Angelo in Texas. The main purpose of this business is to provide car wash services of the best quality to customers and also make their satisfaction its priorities.

The business will be promoted through advertisements in local newspapers, magazine publications, and radio announcements. Flyers, brochures, and customized business cards will also be provided for marketing the business.

Therefore, considering the main things written above and following the guide in writing your self-service car wash business plan template will give you a very good outcome. You cannot follow this sample and still produce a bad or discouraging business plan.

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