4 Business Ideas To Start In Belgium

There are lots of small business ideas in Belgium.

Belgium is a small much developed and densely populated country (with over 10 million nationals) at the intersection of Western Europe.

Belgium is one of the establishment members of the European Union, and its capital city, Brussels, also doubles as the capital of the European Union.

Belgium’s rich history sees it feature monumental churches, elaborate town halls, castles, and spectacular works of art, dotting the cities and hinterland.

Belgium boasts of high quality of life amongst its peers and this evidenced by its delicious food,  affordable housing, excellent health care, education and infrastructure,  high productivity and low poverty, and the hospitality meted to foreigners residents in Belgium.

Both the Federal and regional authorities also offer an array of business support and pro-small business tax incentives, to ease the process of setting up and operating any business idea.

The following business ideas can find  great fortune in the business climate of Belgium:

4 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Belgium


At present, there exist over 140 biotechnology companies operating in Belgium, servicing an ever-expanding market, noted for its emphasis on more affordable and environmentally friendly products. Biotechnology companies in Belgium are responsible for 16% of Europe’s gross turnover and contribute almost 10% of the total European expenditure on Research and Development.

The continual development of the biotechnology sector in Belgium has created an array of several biotechnology clusters consisting of universities, companies, and organizations.

The savvy investor can enter into the ever-expanding market with this business idea.

All that will be required is for the entrepreneur to have the requisite expertise and training, an understanding of the demands of the market, as well as adequate financing, to become active in the biotechnology industry in Belgium.


Belgium remains a major player in automotive production and assembly.  Several notable car makers such as Opel, Ford, Audi, Volvo Europe, Van Hool (buses), and Truco, have production and assembly parts in Belgium.

In 2008, Belgium produced around  724,498 vehicles, most of them exported to foreign markets.  A breakdown of vehicles made in Belgium showed that  434,875 were private cars, 245,256 were vehicles employed for transporting people/goods, 43,068 were designated utility vehicles and 1,286 were coaches.

The business idea that can stem from this number is that the strategic investor can set-up an automotive spare parts sale and/or a repair facility, to meet the growing demand for such services in Belgium.

The would-be investor would be required to have the requisite training or should look to engage the services of qualified repair technicians or personnel, to make a success of the business idea.

Also, the entrepreneur can take advantage of the presence of effective network distribution services, availability of power, research centers, and the application of emerging technology, to turn this business idea is a viable venture.


Belgium continues to ensure that its citizens enjoy a high quality of life. At the center of this drive is the presence of a booming pharmaceutical industry,  that churns out affordable and qualitative medicines and drugs.

Employing over 30,000 personnel in Belgium, the Pharmaceuticals sector accounted for over 10% of Belgium’s total exports.

The business idea that can come in handy for the investor is to set up a small cluster drug manufacturing unit,  that can produce niche drugs and medicines. An example could be drugs that can maintain a healthy lifestyle for consumers.

What will be required for this business idea to hit the ground running will include factors such as obtaining relevant permits and regulatory approvals, possessing the required training and expertise, identifying market demands and trends, as well as having a feasible business plan, backed up with adequate financing.

This business idea can take advantage of the friendly operating climate being created by the Belgian Government, whose policies and programs encourage research and development, as well as the inflow of investment into the sector.


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Belgium is experiencing rapid growth and development. Its share of Belgium’s gross domestic product stands at over 4%, just as the sector accounted for a sixth of the country’s growth in GDP, over five years.

The IT Industry Competitiveness Index 2009 rates Belgium as possessing the eighteenth most competitive It Sector in the world.

The business idea that can be started will focus on offering ICT consultancy, repair, and installation services, as Belgium boasts of close to 70% of her population being able to download files at speeds in excess 20Mbit per second along with 80% of Belgian households having access to internet facilities.

The savvy investor can set up shop with this business idea in Belgium by offering to repair systems, install software, and proffer general IT related consultancy services for a fee.