Doing business in Austria is a very good idea.

Do you live in Austria and you are looking for some business ideas in Austria to start up? Look for them no more as I bring to you different businesses you can start up.

Do you know that in this 21st century you don’t need large capital to startup a business? All you need is a profitable business idea and a little cash, and everything will turn to gold.

4 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Australia

Before starting up any business in Austria, you need to know what type of business is good to open as well as the business culture and etiquette in Austria. You may prefer a service delivery business to selling product.

This is one thing you should know first before venturing into any business.

Business in Austria is not for the chicken-hearted, you must have some certain qualities inside of you to be able to scale through the struggling stage of businesses. These qualities include:

1. Patience: This is one important quality an entrepreneur that want to start a business must have. If you’re planning on starting a business in Austria, then you should be able to have patience to watch your business as it grows.

Things don’t just happen the way you read it in books.

2. Persistence: Never give up is one word everyone who has built a business from scratch will tell you. Many startup entrepreneurs easily give up and move to another business or go get a job when they don’t see improvement at the initial stage of their business.

Have the persistence to continue growing your business, so you still can have a success story to tell others who will be coming behind you.

3. Courage: Courage to go against what you fear is important qualities for business success.

The competition in Austria is very high in terms of some business niche. But that should not make you not to go for what you know will make you financially free in the future.

So, as I am done with the qualities of a successful entrepreneur, below is a list of businesses you can start in Austria.


Selling and producing vegetables and fruits that are free from chemicals, can be very lucrative if done the right way.

This results from the fact that many people are becoming more health conscious and are more aware of health risks in taking food that are not free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

So, starting up a local farming business which strictly adopts organic methods of cultivating vegetables, sauces, fruits, and local delicacies. You will definitely have a big hit business as different people will come from different places just to purchase your product.

Doing this type of business, you can opt for selling products that are labeled officially as organic. But some people often forgo the large amount involved in doing the official labeling.


If you are someone with good knowledge of woodwork and carpentry, don’t let that skill wash away without you exploring it as this is an ideal venture for you to embark upon.

In some rural areas, homeowners might not have the required skills needed to put up structures they need for their business or residential purpose.

Therefore, starting up a small construction company will inevitably bring that long aspired income to you.


Eggs are rich in protein and are highly sought after in Austria especially those from grass-fed chickens which are now sought after by most groceries and specialty shops. You might think it requires a lot of land space to set up, but it does not.

Starting up a poultry business in Austria or anywhere in the world does not necessarily require large acres of land.

Notwithstanding, state laws are to be critically checked to know if the requirements are to be met without much difficulty.


Do you know that you can make good money from operating a cleaning company in Austria?

Many people like neat and tidy environment but not everybody has the required time for it. If you are the type who likes cleaning, have the time for cleaning, and need more income, then this is for you.

There are many people out there who do not have time for cleaning their houses and are in dire need of someone to help them. In need of this, they seek for cleaning companies that can offer the services for them at a considerable and reduced cost.

You will agree with me that most cleaning companies charge high or slightly above normal fees for services like this since everybody wants to make more money.

As a smart entrepreneur, you can cash in on this business opportunity in Austria. You can do this by advertising yourself (through handbills, posters, billboards, etc.) to them (the people looking for cleaners) telling them of the service you render.

Your advertisement should be followed with the prices you charge which should be reduced and lesser than those charged by other cleaning companies so as to attract customers as nobody will want to waste money.