What are the most lucrative business ideas in Australia?

If you are nursing the idea of setting up a business in Australia, you are making the right decision because there are a lot of business and franchise opportunities available in Australia that you can tap into.

All you need is to do is to come up with business ideas that can help you tap into the opportunities available to you.

35 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Australia

However, for many people, coming up with business ideas might be an arduous task.

You don’t have to worry about this because I have made available at your fingertip, profitable business ideas that you can consider doing in Australia.

The only thing you have to do is to read this meticulously.

Import and Export Business

This is a very lucrative business in Australia. Australia’s major export includes crude petroleum, gold, copper, and agricultural produce like sorghum, soybeans, maize, and wheat.

And it imports machines and equipment like medical equipment, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, security equipment, foods and beverages, mobile phones, automobiles, etc into the country to sell them.

So, you can consider venturing into the exportation or importation of some of the goods listed above.

Consulting Business

If you are a subject matter expert in areas where people are looking for solutions, then you should consider starting a consulting business.  Some of the consulting business you might want to start in Australia includes:

IT Consulting 

Australia has the second-biggest IT market in the whole of Latin America.

So, you can set up an IT consulting firm that offers a wide range of services including software development for education, small businesses, agriculture, and the likes.

You can set up an education training center that offers training in ICT-related courses.

Health Consulting

In this age, there is now greater awareness about living a healthy lifestyle like never before. So, you can set up a health consulting business by which you advise people on how to improve their health and stay healthy.

You can also set up a fitness center where people are trained to get fit.

Translation Services

You can also set up a consulting business that offers translation services. In this era of international trade, a lot of companies in Australia work with different countries like Dubai, Korea, and Japan.

So, these companies are always in need of translators that will enable them to effectively communicate with their clients in these other countries.

Agriculture Business

Investing in Australia’s agriculture sector is a great business idea to take into consideration.

Australia is one of the leading producers of agricultural food crops in the world. Agricultural produce such as corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetable oil, dairy products, and livestock are amply produced both for domestic consumption and exportation.

Despite its mass production of many agricultural products that are in high demand all over the world, Australia still has a lot of vast landmasses that have not been cultivated.

This coupled with the availability of cheap labor in Australia point to the fact that the country will continue to be a foremost player in the agricultural sector for a very long time.

So, investing in Australia’s agricultural sector is a good business idea to consider.

Freelance Business

If you are intending to start up a business in Australia but you seem to be putting off the idea because of insufficient capital or lack of it, you might consider starting a freelance business. It is a good business idea because it requires little or no capital to start it.

Some of the lucrative freelance businesses you can start to include writing, web design, App development, graphic design, video editing, and so on. Just find the one that suits your interest and go learn it.

Apart from the low capital startup, the business will allow you to have international customers as you can do business with people anywhere in the world.

Sport Business 

Argentinians are passionate about sports like football and basketball. So, another business idea you can give a thought about is the sports business. You can open a store where you sell sports shoes, sports equipment, and jerseys.

You can set up an online sports shop if you can’t afford shop rentals. Starting a sports news magazine or start a blog on popular sports like football is also not a bad idea if you know how to go about it.

Food Business

A food business is one of the businesses that will always be in high demand anywhere in the world. This is because food is a basic necessity of man; man will always depend on it for his survival.

So, you can consider some profitable food business ideas like selling foodstuffs, frozen foods, and baked goods, catering service, setting up a cooking class or an online cooking school, setting up an online foodstuff, a bakery, restaurant, or mobile food stall. You can also become a chef, nutrition coach, or food blogger.

These are some of the business ideas you can start in Australia. Choose the one that is suitable for you and begin the start-up process.

What are the best small business opportunities in Australia today? 

Among the countries in the world where there is political stability necessary for good business growth, Australia is classic. Yes, Australia is a nice country that can be emulated when it comes to the ease of starting a new business idea even as a foreigner. The country has a dynamic economic strength, making her an attractive place for investors looking for profitable business opportunities.

Australia is known to be a low-risk area for the best small-scale businesses. The country is a very organized one with nice policies making viable small businesses thrive therein. One of such policies is the 30% flat rate taxation policy. Indeed, Australia is a spectacular country to own and run a small business.

Now, if you are still thinking about which great business you ought to start in Australia, here is a list of the top successful small-scale business ideas that you can make use of.



The entertainment industry influences this. If you gaze well, you see women flaunting their post-pregnancy bodies; talking about how quickly they were able to get back in shape after giving birth to their babies.

Therefore, many women want to be in the train of ‘classic women who maintained a nice shape after giving birth to a baby. And that made a pregnancy fitness center a necessity.

The fact is, to maintain a nice shape after giving birth to a baby (for the body to bounce back quickly after childbirth), the activities women do during pregnancy are what matters. These pregnant women know that they actually need to eat well and good, and exercise well and go while they are pregnant.

Therefore, they will patronize a fitness center that caters to pregnant women. This is a booming business you should give a try.

              2. A FOOD BUSINESS

Foods are always very necessary. Humans must eat. We don’t eat only for pleasure- we eat for survival too. If you don’t eat, we die.

The reason why the importance of food was first of all emphasized is to show the high chance of success you can expect running a food business. Irrespective of what says the economy, people must eat. Meaning, irrespective of whatever, people must patronize your thriving food business.

In Australia, many people don’t have the time to cook their meals. They rely solely on restaurants for their breakfasts, for their lunch, and also for their dinner/supper. And even some people who have the time to cook will still choose to go to restaurants with their spouses and loved ones for relaxation and outings.

As an entrepreneur, you need to think of innovation. You can offer other services to make your food business stand out. You can offer a service whereby a customer can call to state the kind of food he/she wants and you prepare it and send them to the person.

Not only that, but you can also offer the service of a nutrition consultant (you can simply employ a nutrition consultant). When your food business offers the services of helping people make better food choices (especially obese people and people who seek to improve their health and general well-being by eating right), your food business in Australia will sure stand out from the rest.

And when you stand out, it simply means more customers for you.


Many in Australia take flowers dearly. Flowers mean a lot to many of us. Among the popular gift items lovers do share among themselves, flowers stand out. Apart from that, flowers are also used for home or party decorations.

You can then start this big business with low capital.

Simply start a florist shop. People can patronize you to get fresh flowers. And to stand out, you can offer additional services to this profitable Australian business idea with low investment: Home delivery (especially having an online store where people can see your flowers and purchase the ones they want right from the comfort of their bedroom).


The employment rate in Australia is quite high, which means almost everyone is busy with their jobs. That means, many don’t have the chance to wash and iron their clothes themselves.

Therefore, they are always ready to patronize anyone who will do this for them. This is a way to make money.

Set up a cool home-based laundry business and make customers see the reasons they need to patronize you. Give them a chance where they don’t need to stress themselves coming to your place to drop and pick their clothes.

Give them a chance where they can simply press one or two buttons in their homes, and their clothes are off to be cleaned.

They will patronize you and refer people to you- more money for you through this home business opportunity.


Of course, many old and young entrepreneurs want to run their businesses in Australia and they need information that you can acquire online and via personal experience.

What will make you succeed in this is simply ‘knowledge’. Meaning, you need to strive to learn many vital things others didn’t know that will make them willingly give you their money to learn.


There are so many business ideas one can venture into and become rich in the long term. Australia is one of the countries that can boast of a stable economy, the country has very good atmospheric conditions and fertile land for running businesses.

So, if you are interested and looking to capitalize on any business in Australia, here are however a top list of reliable and profitable business ideas and opportunities you can easily and simply explore with:

Technology Services

Are you that skillful in technology and yet searching for a business idea? If you know you have a very good knack for fixing any kind of faults in computers and/or other electronic devices, why don’t you venture into a business that will enable you to help people out by maintaining and fixing their faulty devices?

It was revealed online that 72% of households in Australia do access the internet, and some small and large businesses do rely heavily on the internet to operate their business.  This is according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

What this symbolizes is that there are millions of computers and other related devices in Australia that are in use presently. Starting this business now means you’ve got computers to fix, hence, make a steady income at least.

Travel Services

Travel service is a lucrative business idea and opportunity this article would also recommend for you in Australia. It has always- for a long time – been on the list of most Australians, and surely, it will forever continue to be.

Businesses that deal with various travel services cum experienced individuals that based their niche of business on certain travel needs or wants will never cease to be relevant.

Therefore, you can begin your own travel business/agency or become a professional travel consultant in a country with a stable economy, Australia.

Food and Snacks

Of course, food and snacks also make the cut in this piece of business ideas in Australia. People eat food every day, and Australians are never an exception. So, if you are thinking of starting a business in Australia, food and snacks isn’t a bad idea.

Venturing into a business that sells foods and snacks- such as a restaurant -you will generate massive profits quickly. This business of discussion is very simple and easy to start. Start now because tomorrow may be too late my dear.

Online Retail

If you are thinking or planning to begin your own business in Australia, consider or think of starting as an online retailer, because the way and manner people engaged themselves in trading online these days is jaw-dropping and something I could say it’s beyond what man can comprehend.

Venturing into this business idea in Australia is indeed a very fast way to make it as a wannabe entrepreneur- because the choice is well made.

With only very few online retail stores in the whole of Australia catering for all the demands of the millions of online shoppers, then you have a fine opportunity to capitalize.

Since the majority of the online shoppers around the Asia Pacific region are no doubt Australians. Statistically, about 80% of Australians that are using the internet purchased all their needs online last year.

Just a few retailers are conscious and taking the advantage of this great trend; so, if you are tired of being financially cripple and would love to be financially free, making a presence in online retail is a great remedy to the problem.

Health and Wellness

This industry is a gold mine in Australia anytime. Australians, than anybody else, are usually ever conscious and keep watch of their health, they (Australians) are ready to maintain their health with any amount of money to keep them in good shape.

Though there are many health centers and wellness products services available to Australians already, there’s just more than enough profit to chart. If you have background knowledge of health-related issues, don’t hesitate to pick up this business idea in Australia.


This is another inevitable business idea you can start in Australia and make money with little or no stress. New businesses keep soaring and emerging in Australia at an unbelievable rate.

So, if you’re the type that has background knowledge in strategic marketing and/or networking, you will make enough money by doing a business that will network or join businesses with prospects.

When a business is a launch for the first time, there is a high need to join, connect, or network it with its prospective customers within that community. Few entrepreneurs or businesses know or have the needed strategies to achieve this, but if you can venture into networking there is a heavy tendency that you will make waves in the business.

I hope you take your time out to fathom which to go for among the aforesaid business ideas in Australia.