Business Ideas for Husband and Wife 

Do you know there are numerous side business ideas for couples flying all around?

Getting married or being in a relationship but especially marriage can be demanding financially, having two or more persons to care for and cater to demands at least a certain amount of income to be able to do this efficiently.

Marriage I must say is a thing of joy as two people from different works of life and with different ideologies come together to become one sharing everything they are and having together to create a happy and comfortable life for the parties involved.

Here are some jobs that a couple can do together.

Profitable Opportunities That Are Easy To Start For Every Married Couple

Financially, marriage can be very demanding especially if the income is not sufficient enough to meet every need because believe me there are so many of them.

With all the needs that keep coming up and they tend to increase when the children start coming, it is not a bad idea to look into starting a part-time or full-time business because as I said earlier, there are always needs whether planned or not.

Successful Husband and Wife Businesses to Start 

Two heads they say are better than one and once these two heads have a common goal they achieve so many big goals together.

Research has shown that many fields and home business ideas owned by couples thrive more and are more successful not because they put in more capital but because they develop ideas together and put in enough effort to make it work.

You may be thinking, what creative business could we venture into, or what kind of good business would be successful and all.

The good news is that there is a hand full of innovative small business ideas for couples there are so many of them and would be giving you a few ideas that would be helpful. 

Here are the most profitable husband and wife business ideas.



With the increase in awareness of education, a lot of parents send their wards to school to get educated, and the majority need the services of tutors at home to help educate their children apart from what has been learned in school.

You and your spouse can make extra money by taking advantage of this home business opportunity to render coaching services.

The tutoring can be done by both of you and this makes it more lucrative depending on if both of you are skilled in this area, but in a situation where one is not, the other person can handle management and publicity.

A shopping mall

This is one thriving business that I love so much, investing in this viable business does not only guarantee more income but it is one of the most successful businesses for family couples to start.

Shopping malls are places where people can get anything from, groceries to electronics, cars, food stores, eateries, car stands I mean virtually everything can be gotten in shopping malls.

This business for married couples works in two ways, what you can do to build a structure and rent out spaces to various individuals who need space for their businesses, or you could build up a structure and be the owners of all the business ventures in the building.

What I mean is after building the structure you can open up different kinds of great businesses that would occupy different sections in the mall.

Think about it, a big strip mall that renders every service that people can not do without.

Although this profitable business idea for married couples is capital intensive, it requires a lot of money to execute but it is worth it at the end of the day because you are sure of getting back ten times or even more your initial capital.

Theater business

A theater is a building/structure that houses all theatrical performances which include dance, songs, drama performances. Most people are becoming aware of the role that theater plays in national development.

Let me cite an example. Some months back, a play was staged in a very prominent theater on gender equality, the response of the audience to the issues raised in that play changed, for one the perception of how males and females were seen in society even though we cannot say that total transformation was achieved but to an extent, the play was able to educate and inform the audience about the issues raised.

Financially, it happens to be that through that production a lot of money was made. According to my sources, three times the money spent on putting the play together was realized through ticket sales and publicity.

My sources tell me that it is a trend in the theater to make three times in some cases even more for every production that is staged.

Imagine you have a theater structure that is known to stage plays that address national issues or a theater structure that people could rent to have their productions.

The good thing about theater structures is that they may carry the name of a theater but could be used as an event center, depending on the kind of theater built which is another source of business income.

In other words, you could decide to be a theater practitioner, or own a theatrical structure for theater practitioners, either way, you are in business.


Providing accommodation is another very lucrative business idea that you could look into. Good accommodation is one thing that people are finding difficult with.

Starting up a website that provides the services of helping people find the houses of their choice is another business that could work for couples.

What you can do is, create a website and through publicity, make people know that such a site exists.

This unique business should aim at reducing the stress of house hunting and both of you can run this business effectively by sharing the responsibilities.

Another aspect could be building houses and selling them or putting them out for lease.

This would need you to carry out serious research to know what kind of houses are in high demand, the location that is also in high demand, and so on this would work if both of you put your heads together and work together.

Catering and Event Management

This food business works more efficiently for couples who enjoy cooking together especially young ones.

But in a situation where only one party enjoys cooking then the other person could be in charge of the logistics and other managerial necessities.

Event management can also be combined with catering.

Managing an event requires paying very close attention to details, everything needs to be close to perfect and it is also time-consuming but it is worth every effort at the end of it.

These are cool business opportunities for young couples to make money.

I usually advise that before couples take on catering or event management as a business field, it is important for them to acquire formal education to get professional insight on how to go about their self-employment business and the best means they foresee would work for them.

This list contains some of the best business ideas for both old and young couples to start their own business.