Best Bitcoin Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities

Have you heard about the new currency revolution—bitcoin and you want to know many ways you can make money from it aside just buying and holding like they advised? If you have been looking for bitcoin business ideas, you are in the right place.

In the world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin is the most successful and leading currency. It is in competition with gold in terms of high profitable investment around. The use of this currency is spreading around the world and this create huge opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize in.

They are many bitcoin business ideas any serious entrepreneur can capitalize in and make good amount of money. If you will like to capitalize in this line of business, here are 10 new bitcoin business ideas that has the ability to make you a millionaire.


  1. Bitcoin Exchanging Company

To make money from bitcoin, you can launch a bitcoin company that buys and sells bitcoin. You can create a website where you buy bitcoin from sellers at a low prices and sell to buyers at a reasonable high price.

There are many exchangers offering this service and you too can start one as it is not too late at all. Many people are looking to become a bitcoin investor and they are looking for where to buy bitcoin and hold.

Aside that, traders are also in need of bitcoin so they can use it for trading. This is a very huge bitcoin business idea that can possibly make you richer within months of launching the business.

  1. Become a Bitcoin Consultant

Do you know that there are people that have not even heard of the world cryptocurrency, talk less of bitcoin? If you have good knowledge about bitcoin, you can become a bitcoin consultant and educate people who don’t have any idea about bitcoin.

There are many bitcoin consultants in different cities across the world, you can brand yourself as a bitcoin consultant in your city or community and walk people through how they can benefit from bitcoin.

Before you can launch this kind of business, you must first know the in and out of bitcoin so as not to look suspicious when asked some kind of questions.

  1. Bitcoin Wallet

The biggest threat bitcoin or any cryptocurrency owners face is getting reap off their coins. Online security is very important when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. Every bitcoin owner wants a safe place to keep their bitcoin so it can be protected from hackers.

Bitcoin is normally kept in a digital or hardware wallet something like a virtual bank. You can create a safe wallet with strong security where bitcoin owners can store their coins and you make money when they either send or receive coins.

  1. Bitcoin Trading

If you love the financial market and are conversant with Forex trade or how to trade currency online, you can become a bitcoin trader. Though, in bitcoin trading, there are basic investment speculation strategy that is applied.

The main thing is that you are required to buy when price is low and sell when it rises to generate profit. It is very important you understand the market trend before putting your coins into the market. As you should know, it is a very volatile market.

  1. Bitcoin Cloud Mining

This is another bitcoin business idea that is capital intensive but very lucrative. It is the process of mining bitcoin by means of an isolated database with shared processing power. You can earn new bitcoin as a cloud miner without mining software, hardware, bandwidth or electricity.

Your job is to carry out some mining activities enabling bitcoin to function well.

  1. Buying and Holding

If you don’t want to disturb yourself with anything like trading, mining or starting a bitcoin exchanging services, you can kindly buy bitcoin and hold them. This is what most people do.

You just need a wallet which you can obtain from sites like Buy a good number of bitcoin and hold them in your wallet until the price goes up for you to sell. Have it in mind that this is a long term business idea.

  1. Operate a Bitcoin ATM

This is for those with huge capital to invest. A bitcoin ATM is known as BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine). There are a wide range of machines to buy and position in strategic locations. Many who have started this business have testified that they made a good return on investment just within one year of launch.

Fees charged by BTM ranges between 5-10% for each transaction. You can buy one, load it with bitcoin and set your own transaction fee. As the use of bitcoin continues to increase, this is a very good business idea to consider before it becomes too late.

  1. Bitcoin Escrow Exchange

If you have built up yourself as a trusted brand, you can use that trust and start a bitcoin escrow exchange service or agency. Your job here is to act as the middleman between a bitcoin buyer and seller until transaction is complete.

You get paid a commission for every successful transaction. The commission ranges between 5 to 10% per transaction.

  1. Bitcoin Blogging

This is another long term bitcoin business idea that is 100% risk free. You are neither buying and holding bitcoin or trading. You are to be publishing news concerning bitcoin. To succeed in this business idea, you must be up to date with current news in the cryptocurrency industry and be the first to publish them.

As your readers and visitors increase, you then monetize the site to start earning from it.

  1. Bitcoin Trading Tools

This is a great business idea for coders. Bitcoin traders use a handful of trading tools to for trading so as to make the right buying or selling decision. You can create a trading tool that solves a problem in the trading market.

All you just need to do is conduct a research by asking bitcoin traders some questions to find out the kind of tool you will need to build.