Are you planning on starting a new small business in New York? Do you reside in New York?

Then take advantage and open any of these profitable business opportunities. I have sorted out the most lucrative businesses in NYC that has been productive for the past five years.

Have in mind that these latest small businesses don’t just produce great riches over time.

Over the years, New York has been transformed into a city of many good start up business in Rochester NY and whose owners ranges between 18-25 years. This make money entrepreneurial ideas list contain some self employment business ideas for men, women, college students, beginners and moms living in and around NY.


1. Home Cleaning Service

Cleaning business is good business in NYC. Everyone always like their home and environment to look good and shiny. But some residents are so busy with their 9-5 day job that they don’t have time to do the cleaning themselves.

With the disturb of taking care of the children and getting them ready for school alongside personal things, parent find it difficult to handle proper cleaning of their home.

You can make $100 daily depending on the size of the house you are to clean. In a week, that will be $600 outside Sunday. Just imagine if you have to clean 3 houses everyday. That would be $1800 weekly. Multiply that amount by 4 weeks you will see how profitable this business is.

You don’t need large capital to start this great franchise business idea. Just get some learning tools and get a team that will assist you in the cleaning. Market your services to rich homes. Tell people what your company does and it benefits. It is so simple!

2. Freelance Writing

Do you love writing? Do you have passion in writing? Would you love to get paid to write as a freelance writer? If you can write 550+ words per hour then you can get paid to writer for web  who are looking for blog writers. Due to the increasing rate at which online businesses is going. It is clear that personal brands, new businesses are now taking advantages of the online world.

Every innovative business now has a website and blogs. But they’re too busy to create content and may not have sufficient funds to employ a permanent writer. So they go seek for freelance writers on content mill sites.

Also, as a freelance writer who wants to set up a cool home based business idea, there are so many platforms you can sign up to sell your services. Platform like Odesk, fiverr,,, and many other sites. These are sites where writing services, as well as other services, are been displayed daily.

Site like, you only need to register on the site and sign up for any writing job you know you can do with ease and deliver on time. If the buyer accept the write up, you get paid immediately.

Though at first the pay is low, but as you keep doing great job, your rating increase and your pay per article increases for this creative business venture.

3. Mobile Restaurant

Almost half of New Yorkers are made up of working class. They wake up early and come back home from work very late. Some of them don’t even have time to prepare food for lunch break and they find it difficult to go to public place to eat.

What you need to start this inspiring business idea is just a truck with a big trunk, a customer line and a website (optional). You just specialize in few varieties of food you know most people take as breakfast and lunch. Distribute your mobile number to busy workers in your streets, companies and organizations. Even field workers where an eatery is far from the location.

When they are hungry and want a quick delivery, the dial your number and place their order.

If you’re using a site, you should have a menu bar that when buyers click, it will display the varieties of food you have. And they can place order.

Note: When an order is made, your job is to buy that food in a good eatery at a cheap price and deliver it to your buyer. You don’t need to cook the food yourself. You buy for example @ $10 and sell @ $20-$25. The difference is for your profit send transportation fare.

4. Become a Mobile Photographer

Are you social? Can you get people to smile immediately? Now, becoming a mobile photographer does not mean you must have a studio. You just go to public place like busy parks, playing grounds, recreation centres, and get people to take memorable photos and charge them a fee per printed copy.

No huge investment is needed except in the purchase of a good Canon camera and a good marketing skill. The rest is history. This is one of the best investment ideas on the list of hobbies that generate income.

So these are the viable business opportunities one can venture into in New York and start smiling to the bank either weekly or monthly.