This article on battery distributorship opportunities seeks to highlight the many possibilities you can harness by starting a distributorship business.

Batteries have a wide range of uses from cellphones, watches, automobiles, generators, and solar systems among so many others. The demand for these power storage systems creates a huge business opportunity.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this opportunity is by becoming a battery distributor.

Join A Battery Distributorship Franchise

A battery distributorship franchise is one of the most exciting ways to start a business. So, are there franchises that offer such opportunities?

There are many! A battery distributorship franchise eliminates the worries of having to start your business from scratch. You are guided by the franchisor, plus, you get to follow and benefit from a tried and tested business formula.

Following this explanation are some effective battery distribution franchises you should consider. These franchises offer prospective franchisees an opportunity to operate under a popular battery brand in addition to the benefits conferred on their (franchisees) business.

i. Interstate All Battery Center

Interstate batteries are a battery distributorship franchise founded in 1999. It began franchising the following year and has grown into a global brand. This company deals in all types of batteries including those for electronics, vehicles, alarms, camcorders, and so on. With over 200,000 dealers/distributors in the United States, you too can become a part of this thriving business.

This battery distributorship franchise is a household name when it comes to battery products. It sells a whopping 16,000 types of batteries. In other words, it has it locked down! Why not take advantage of this opportunity today?

Every franchise has its list of requirements for prospective franchisees. The same applies to this franchise opportunity.

  • Financial Requirements

The financial requirements to own an Interstate All Battery Center franchise include the initial investment. This consists of startup expenses such as equipment suppliers, startup expenses, business licenses, equipment supplies, working capital as well as the franchise fee.

The initial investment ranges between $172,600 to $411,000. The amount you pay depends on the size of the franchise you seek. Detailed information on these and others are provided for in the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document also known as the FDD.

Next is the net-worth requirement. You must have or be worth a minimum of $500,000. Of course, your net-worth won’t include liabilities. Not sure what constitutes liabilities? Such items like your credit card debt, mortgage, and car payments are your liabilities. There’s also a liquid cash requirement of $200,000.

This battery distributorship franchise requires its franchisees to pay ongoing fees consisting of an initial franchise fee starting from $37,500. There’s also an ongoing royalty fee plus an ad royalty fee of 5% and 1.5% respectively.

Financing options are made possible through the franchisor’s relationships with third-party sources. Such financing covers critical areas such as start-up costs, franchise fees, payroll, accounts receivable, equipment, and inventory.

  • Support

As an Interstate All Battery Center franchise, you stand to benefit from support. This covers a wide range of areas such as training (provided both onsite and at its corporate headquarters) and marketing support. Others services include online support, a grand opening ceremony, a toll-free line, newsletter releases, field operations as well as security and safety procedures.

ii. Batteries Plus Bulbs

Becoming a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owner gives you lots of benefits. Apart from battery supplies, this franchisor includes other services such as automotive key cutting, light bulb replacements, phone repair among others. The best part is you don’t need prior experience. Yes! This franchisor supports you through training, resources, and more.

The Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise sticks with you right from the building of your franchise unit and well after opening your first store. The start-up costs range from $220 to $286,000. It’s 30 years of growth places it among the top battery franchises to consider. You want a trusted partner to grow your business.

Information on the finer details is not available. You’ll need to get these by applying for the opportunity. The franchisor contacts you through a representative where they get to know you better. A physical meeting is likely to be arranged where you get to ask as many questions as you have.

Its franchise disclosure document contains all the finer details. You’ll need to go through it to determine if it’s right for you. Our two-cents is, you don’t read through the FDD alone. Seek legal interpretation.

Become A Neuron Energy Distributor

Distributorship opportunities are also available beyond the United States. Neuron Energy is a battery manufacturer in India that gives you a great opportunity to become its global distributor. Most regions of the world are covered in its preferred location list (we’ll roll out a list of such regions shortly), you might want to grab this distributorship opportunity.

Neuron Energy has a wide range of battery product offerings. These range from E Rickshaw Battery, Forklift Batteries, Inverter Batteries, Stationary, and Automobile Batteries. All its batteries are Union branded and manufactured by Panacea Alloys PVT Limited.

Neuron Energy currently needs a very limited number of distributors. The financial requirement for becoming its distributor ranges from Rs. 2.00 Lac- Rs.5.00. (which is about $2,996 to $7,490). Neuron Energy also offers you a global battery distributorship opportunity.

Regions covered include Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, East Asia, North Asia, South-Central Asia, and South-East Asia. Others include Western Asia and the Middle East, East Africa, Central Africa, North Africa, and Southern Africa. There are distributorship opportunities too in South America, North America, Central America, and Western Africa.


These are battery distributorship opportunities you can grab immediately. They offer you growth opportunities in addition to quality and reliable battery products.

By giving any of these a try, you’d be well on your way to actualizing your desire for mega-profits by selling batteries from trusted brands. You can also try partnering with Exide as a battery distributor.