Cash usage is still widespread across North America and beyond.

This presents a juicy investment opportunity for an entrepreneur interested in the financial services sector. The good news is that there are ATM franchises you can buy to leverage their reach and brand strength.

You’re likely reading this because you want to know the most viable and profitable ATM franchises. If this defines your situation, you’re in the right place.

Here, we’ve identified and discussed the top ATM franchise programs to join.

It’s important to note that we’ve not gone into details to discuss each opportunity. You have to do all of that, as this article only serves as a guide to point you in the direction you should be looking at.

ATM Franchises Opportunities

ATM franchises aren’t new, as major financial services providers have long served the industry with these convenient cash withdrawal provisions.

You can join such successful ATM brands to launch your thriving operations. With that said, let’s identify some of these franchise programs.

Top ATM franchise programs to explore include Aspire Payments, ACFN, Fidelity ATM, Bitcash USA, Bitbox ATM, and ATM Money Machine Inc.

Other ATM franchise options include Mr. Payroll Corp., Empire ATM Group, Banks & Credit Unions, Hitachi Money Spot, All Bank ATM, and ATM Transit.

i. Aspire Payments

Apart from its ATM payment services, Aspire Payments also provides credit card processing and hi-tech kiosks.

As its franchisee, you benefit from the company’s local directories setup, web design and development, content creation, email marketing campaigns, and corporate identity package.

Other benefits include social media setup and marketing, web-based and mobile CRM and back office, and its sales & marketing automation software.

Round-the-clock support and a dedicated success manager are additional perks enjoyed by Aspire Payments franchisees.


With established ATM routes throughout the United States, ACFN caters to commercial clients like hotels, travel, and entertainment-based businesses.

ACFN has seen great success for several reasons, including its proven track record, providing independent income, and being a company that offers immediate payment.

Other reasons for joining include the low capital requirement with an investment between $25,000 to $50,000, and its simplicity. Other benefits include its flexibility, reputation, expertise, and marketing.

As its franchisee, you’re given all the tools and help you need to succeed.

ii. Fidelity ATM

Fidelity ATM is another financial services provider whose franchise program you can join. Joining its franchise requires qualifying for the opportunity.

The financial requirements, once met, allow you to become its franchisee. This franchisor offers all the tools, support, and training needed to operate smoothly.

iii. Bitcash USA

Are you looking for an ATM equipment and services provider that adopts the best financial innovations? Bitcash USA quickly falls into this category.

This company manufactures state-of-the-art Bitcoin ATMs with buy/sell functions. What more? It also provides software that helps you efficiently manage your business even without previous experience.

To buy a Bitcash USA franchise, you’ll need an investment of around $10,000 to $30,000, a cash requirement of $10,000, and franchise fees.

Training and support services are also offered to help your business succeed and grow.

iv. Bitbox ATM

Bitbox ATM was launched in 2019 as the world’s only fully-managed Bitcoin operation.

It started its franchising program the same year and has since grown to over 180 units. If you’re wondering if you can launch this business in your state, Bitbox ATM is registered in several states.

These include Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Support offered by its franchisees provides site selection, lease negotiation assistance, recruiting assistance, training, cooperative advertising, and remote online training.

v. ATM Money Machine Inc.

ATM Money Machine gives you a chance to start your own ATM business.

The company offers you a reliable source of constant income, access to all ATM information online, owning a franchise with no franchise fees, managing your ATM business from home, and working fewer hours while building a steady income.

vi. Payroll Corp.

Besides its ATM service, Mr. Payroll Corp offers other benefits like money orders, check cashing, wire transfers, and bill payments.

You’ll need an initial investment of $69k to $328k to join. The franchise term is for ten years and renewable upon expiration. You also get full operational support and training.

vii. Empire ATM Group

As an Empire ATM Group franchisee, you can start small while learning the ropes. Also, you benefit from excellent training and resources and perfect timing.

The ideal candidates for this opportunity are persons with entrepreneurial skills that wish to start their own ATM business.

viii. Banks & Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions also offer willing and qualified investors a chance to operate their ATM business.

While this is a viable investment opportunity, you’ll need to make your findings about existing offers. Of course, you’ll need to contact your nearest bank or do some online research.

ix. Hitachi Money Spot

With Hitachi Money Spot, you get to earn extra income while also having the satisfaction of operating a growing business.

Benefits include increased foot traffic, cash safety, additional revenue, and more. Franchisees offer ATM solutions to corporate and other commercial clients.

x. All Bank ATM

This is another ATM franchise whose franchise packages are available for rural, urban, or semi-urban areas. Each of these options has its requirement.

The company prides itself in offering comprehensive support to all its franchisees, who are an essential part of its structure.

xi. ATM Transit

With ATM Transit, you can start your own mobile ATM business.

This franchisor is looking for the perfect candidates who must be desirous of setting up their operations, seeking more income streams, and having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Of course, you’ll need to meet ATM Transit’s minimum financial requirement to qualify for this opportunity. Veterans may be offered discounts as a sign of appreciation for their service.

With ATM transit, you can enjoy starting small and learning the ropes, perfect timing, and excellent training and resources.

Having discussed some of the best ATM franchise opportunities, it’s only proper to go a step further to assess their offerings and incentives.

This enables you to make a pick of your most preferred investment option. You’ll do well to also speak with existing franchisees when the opportunity presents itself.