American Business Systems Franchise: Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

AMERICAN BUSINESS SYSTEMS Franchise Fee, Revenue, And Profit Margin

If you are looking for a fast track to kick-start your medical billing business, then it’s just the right time for you to consider American Business Systems.

This is a company that promotes business ventures that are associated with medical billings. The company offers medical billing software and also service packages which include Lifetime business support, live training, and a money-back guarantee.


You might want to know if American Business Systems is a franchise.

Well, it is not a franchise, but a licensing opportunity. It is the largest company of its kind and it is involved in the provision of training and support to their independent licensees since the year 1994.


American Business Systems can boast of three features that you won’t get with any other company.

  1. You tend to get a 100% money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the training you get with the company.
  2. You will be subjected to live training courses that are taught by professional and experienced trainers who have active participation in the medical billing business. You will also have access to further training through workbooks, DVD,s, and continual educational webinars.
  3. You will get lifetime support from the company. The company’s support team will be available anytime you need any kind of clarification, even after you have started operating your business unit.
  4. You will also be assisting the doctor’s cash flow issues as an American Business Systems Licensee. Most of the time, doctors don’t get their payment on-time. Sometimes, this is delayed to about 90-120 days. With American Business Systems, doctors will get their payments in 7-10 days.
  5. The American Business Systems gives you that opportunity to earn from multiple streams of income. As an American Business Systems Licensee, you will assist doctors in setting electrical medical records, coding reviews, patient payment plans, and a lot more. This will allow you to add more value to your customers and at the same time, earn more monthly income for yourself.
  6. The American Business Systems models will ensure that you get leads as a franchisee. You will also get the ABS Practice Analysis Tool which will help you convince doctors how much they can save with the company’s model when compared to the current billing system they utilize.
  7. The company’s electronic filing system is quicker than any software processor you might have installed on your system or any form of manual paper claims. With this system, you have the potential to work efficiently which will eventually boost your profit.
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  1. FLEXIBILITY: This kind of business allows you to work from anywhere you choose at your set schedule. You can even take it as a part-time business for you to earn extra income.
  2. THE GROWTH POTENTIAL: Information acquired from the website of the US Bureau of Labour forecast, the number 1 sector for growth is the health services. Visitations to the doctors and other medical personnel are never affected by the economy of a country, so there will always be medical billings to make at every point in time.
  3. YOU DON’T NEED A SPECIAL EDUCATION: You are not even expected to have a degree or any other professional qualification before you are considered to become a medical billing licensee. You don’t even need to involve yourself in learning complex computer codes.


For you to be granted an American Business Systems License, you will need to make a payment of $24,900. You are not expected to make an initial fee or any form of additional royalty fee.


According to information on the company’s website, you have the potential to earn up to $10,000 to $20,000 per client using the American Business Systems. Although your eventual success in the business will now depend on the effort you input into the business.

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Although the company will give you the required support to achieve success faster, your eventual revenue cannot be ascertained.


Yes, the American Business Systems will offer you training in the entire area of the business. You are entitled to live training courses that will be delivered by well-experienced tutors. Additional training will also be delivered through workbooks, DVD,s and continual educational webinars.

The training synopsis will involve the following:

  1. Success stories from current Licensees with the company
  2. How to be profitable in business
  3. Strategies to get more referrals in the business
  4. Proposal preparation to acquire clients
  5. The process of conducting Live seminars and Webinars
  6. Terminologies in Medical Billing
  7. Effective ways to market the ChoicePay System
  8. How to operate the Office Manager
  9. How to use the AutoCAD effectively
  10. Marketing tactics for the QuickCollect Service

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