With the attendant growth in the energy brokerage industry comes a corresponding interest by investors to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Despite the interest shown by investors, there are difficulties encountered by some of these entrepreneurs in the area of having a well laid-out business plan for an energy brokerage company.

This article seeks to address this, as it provides a sample for entrepreneurs to work with in a bid to produce a sound business plan.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an energy brokerage company.

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Market Analysis/Trends
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Sales Projection
  • Publicity and Advertising Strategy
  • Payment Options

Executive Summary

Energy Solutions LLC, an energy brokerage located in Washington DC will be specialized in the provision of advisory services to our clients on which energy sources to patronize. Apart from providing energy brokerage services, we will also be involved in providing other energy brokerage related services to cover the whole spectrum of energy utilization and management.

Driven by a passion to provide the best advisory and brokerage services to our clients, we are poised to be among the top 5 energy brokerage firms in Washington within a period of 5 years, commencing from the take-off of operations.

Products and Services

All products and services from Energy Solutions stable will be driven by best practices all aimed at customer/client satisfaction. While being driven by profits, we will achieve this by following all legal guidelines set by the regulatory body.

Some of these products and services include; the provision of consultancy and advisory services, trainings, auditing services, and Cost analysis among several other products and services to be rendered by Energy Solutions LLC.

Our Vision

Our vision is aimed at ensuring that all our clients are satisfied with the services we offer them. This is in the form of ensuring that we only select the best energy providers to all our clients and also, we have the vision of being among the top 5 energy brokerage firms in Washington DC within 5 years of commencement of business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional services at competitive rates to all our highly esteemed clients while also striving to achieve our vision. We plan on exploring every available means on remaining relevant in the energy brokerage industry through constantly updating the knowledge of our workforce on the innovations within the energy brokerage sector.

Market Analysis/Trends

With several available energy sources, users are always seeking for better options that will be friendly to their budgets. Energy brokerage firms have come to the rescue in this regard by always being in the forefront of seeking better alternatives for their clients.

This is done through carrying out research on the best energy sources that will suit their client’s unique needs. The needs of their clients are weighed with what is obtainable in the market and only the best option that match or nearly matches their clients unique needs are selected.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing strategy to be adopted is fuelled by the goal of generating income from other related services rendered by Energy Solutions. Some of the sales and marketing strategies adopted include provision of auditing services, advisory and consultancy services, cost analysis and Trainings. These are aimed at effectively marketing our services through the provision of only the best of these services.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage Energy Solutions LLC has over its competitors in the sector include the selection of only the very best candidates with vast experience in the energy brokerage industry to join our workforce.

Also, there will be high motivation of our workforce to ensure that they put in their best in delivering the best services. Attractive remuneration packages will be among the steps taken to motivate our workforce.

Sales Projection

After conducting a research on what is currently obtainable in the marketing through the study of market forces, we have emerged a projection that will see a healthy growth in sales, resulting in a steady growth in profits over a 3 year period in the first instance.

However, this discounts factors like economic recession and natural disasters. A summary of this is shown in the table below;

  • Year One $210,000
  • Year Two $390,000
  • Year Three $901,000

Publicity and Advertising Strategy

A robust network of publicity and advert channels will be used to ensure maximum advert of our services to achieve the widest reach possible.

This will include the use of advert channels that include the internet, through the creation of a website that will display all our services. also, social media platforms will be used to spread word about our services. the oldest method of advert which still remains effective today; the word of mouth advertising will be leveraged upon through ensuring that our satisfied clients are encouraged to spread word about our services to their acquaintances and friends.

The use of local radio and TV stations will be included through sponsoring paid adverts.

Payment Options

We will ensure that we make available a variety of payment options to cater for the unique needs of our clients, ensuring they do not have to go through challenges in order to pay for services. among the options we will be making available are; the use of POS machine for payments, acceptance of credit cards, cheques, cash payments, and mobile banking options among others.


This energy brokerage business plan sample takes into account the key areas that should be considered while writing an energy brokerage business plan. All the entrepreneur needs to do is to follow the guideline and framework in writing his/her unique energy brokerage business plan.

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