Advance Realty Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

ADVANCE REALTY Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have been considering starting up a business franchise, and have shown considerable interest in becoming one of Advance Realty franchisees, then you must pay attention to reading this article. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Advance Realty franchise before you take the leap of buying into the franchise and becoming a franchisee.

This article will provide you with a general overview of the Advance Realty franchise. Also, I would share with you all the other franchise details you need to be aware of such as how much an Advance Realty franchise costs, how much total startup investment capital is required, how much the franchise fee costs, what the franchisor’s terms of agreement and renewal are, what benefits of training and support you will enjoy as a franchisee, and how you can start up an Advance Realty franchise.

About Advance Realty Franchise

Advance Realty was founded in 2001 and has been offering franchise opportunities to interested entrepreneurs since 2005. The company’s head office is located at 1796 B MERRITT BOULEVARD, Baltimore, MD 21015, United States. Advance Realty is a business in the Home & Real Estate industry that has been exceptional in its steady growth over the years, albeit in the face of worse periods in the market.

This goes to prove that Advance Realty is one brand which thrives no matter the market situation. The company operates full service, and it is well renowned for its unique listing fee, which is quite reduced compared to those of the other brands in the industry. They extensively offer complete real estate services to their customers, and they also provide their franchisees with additional ownership benefits.

Advance Realty was established by both Michael Nace and Robert Munson. Their main reason for establishing the company was to raise a company in the real estate industry that would be able to beat down the ever-increasing fees that have become typical of the real estate industry.

Little wonder today, the company charges a very low fee of 1.75% and at the same time provides excellent services to customers. With this low charging fee, Advance Realty is revolutionizing the whole real estate industry, and the brand is winning more customers from its competitors.   One of the company’s key persons is Harry Blondell, who is currently the Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of Advance Realty.

Over the years, Advance Realty has achieved several recognitions and awards. It has been listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the 100 Fastest Growing Franchises, as well as its Franchise 500 list. It has also featured in Real Trends’ list of Top 500 Largest Brokers.

The net income you can make annually as a franchisee will totally depend upon a lot of factors such as location, size, your business attitude, work ethic and your ability to conform to the set-out business structure.

Also, as a franchisee, you do not necessarily have to be a full (or 100%) operator. The franchisor permits absentee ownership of the business.

How much does an Advance Realty Franchise Cost?

Starting up an Advance Realty franchise would require you to provide an initial minimum sum of $40,100.

Advance Realty Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee that will be required from you as a prospective Advance Realty franchisee is $17,500.

Advance Realty Franchise Startup Cost

A total investment sum that ranges from $55,600 – $129,000 is what will be required from you as part of the financial requirements to fully become one of Advance Realty franchisees. Also, you will be required to always pay royalty fee which amounts to 5% of your gross revenue.

Advance Realty Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

As one of Advance Realty franchisees, the following benefits in training and support await you immediately after you have completed the sign-up procedure.

  • You will benefit from the initial training which will commence immediately after sign-up. The training is classified into on-site and off-site. The off-site training will take place at the company’s headquarters, and will last for 2-4 days.
  • You will also benefit from the ongoing training which will be organized for franchisees from time to time.
  • You will not be left out in terms of promoting your business and the brand. You will enjoy the marketing and administrative support that will be provided to your business from time to time.
  • The franchisor offers financial assistance to qualified franchisees to cover some of the startup expenses, although through a third party source.

Advance Realty Franchise terms of Agreement /Renewal

The franchise terms stipulate a period of five (5) years for the initial agreement, which can then be renewed thereafter at a sum of $1,750.

How to Start an Advance Realty Franchise?

If you are seriously keen on joining the Advance Realty franchise and becoming one of their franchisees, it is important you visit their website at where you can fill the online form to request for more information regarding the startup procedure. Or you could call the telephone number available on their website, which is (410) 515-1700.

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