4 Color Press Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

4 COLOR PRESS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you find interest in starting a 4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise, and you are searching for all of the details you need to be acquainted with to get started?

This article solely focuses on providing you with in-depth details regarding the startup investment required; the benefits you will enjoy once you become a franchisee; the qualities you need to possess and the requirements to fulfill; how to join the franchise business; and every other detail you need to know about the 4 Color Press printing franchise for you to get started.
Here we go!

About 4 Color Press Printing Franchise

4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise could simply be described as arguably the best and fastest four colour printing business franchise in the United States. It has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise was founded more than some twenty years ago, and had since been running successfully and delivering top quality services to their esteemed customers. But it was in 2004 that they started the four colour service when they saw the call for a short run full four colour service.

They have a business system that had proven successful over the many years, and with this proven system, they ensure they always deliver nothing short of the best equipment and services to their customers within the United States.

Good customer relationship, amongst other things, is very important to them. This is why they always cultivate good customer relationship with their customers while maintaining a low staffing need.

4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise basically do business deals with agencies, small business organizations, large businesses and corporations, and advertisers. For each service, there is always a pricing; and they make sure they deliver most of the orders within a period of not more than 24 – 48 hours.

Basically, for the operation of the franchise, a minimum of five employees are required for a single unit and also, a maximum time commitment is needed for proper operation.

Startup Cost for 4 Color Press Franchise

Before you can join 4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise: As a franchisee, you must have a minimum liquid investment that falls within the range of $135,000$360,000.

Once you thoroughly revise their total franchise investment, you will realize that they have sheltered not only the startup capital you require, but more than a few months’ operating and emergency expenditures.

4 Color Press Franchise Benefits

If you qualify to become one of 4 Color Press (4CP) franchisees, there are some good benefits you will enjoy. Below are some good reasons that will make you want to join 4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise:

– You will get to enjoy using a business system that had been proven successful for many years.
– They have one of the best equipment available in the industry.
– They maintain a low staffing need.
– You will enjoy a good and established lasting customer relationship.
– You will be given a comprehensive initial training as well as ongoing training from their team of experts.
– A dedicated ongoing support to nurture your business to the desired growth level.
– At the training, the company will supply you with all the equipment and tools that are necessary for you to start operation.
– They will help you find and position you in the market that fits your budget.
– They will help you locate the best location for your new franchise.
– They will also collaborate with you to help hire only the staff you need for your franchise.

The company does not provide direct financial assistance; rather, they provide financial assistance through a third party. In addition to all of the above benefits you stand to enjoy, you also have the freedom of being creative in promoting and advertising the business and its products and services.

How Much Does a Franchisee Stand to Make as a 4 Color Press Franchise

Once you start a 4 Color Press (4CP) Printing franchise; how much you stand to make from the business as a new franchisee actually depends on a key number of things such as location and size amongst others.

Nonetheless, your goal must be to achieve high record sales while keeping expenses at the barest minimum.

Requirements to Join 4 Color Press Franchise

To qualify as a 4 Color Press (4CP) franchisee, there are certain qualities you must possess as well as certain requirements you need to fulfil. 4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise requires candidates that:

– Are motivated and have a burning desire to be successful as well as possessing the ability to execute plans.
– Can drive their business with burning passion and focus without losing their integrity.
– Possess effective communication skills.
– Possess organizational skills.
– Are seriously interested in providing nothing less than top quality services to customers.

How to Open 4 Color Press Franchise?

If you are so interested in starting a 4 Color Press (4CP) printing franchise, and you are very sure you meet all of the requirements; the first thing you will have to do is to log onto their website on www.4cp.com and contact them. There, you will be required to completely fill an online application form. Or you could contact them on phone and speak to their expert team on 817-336-4300.

You will be required afterwards to decide a suitable location of your choice for your 4 Color franchise business. Their team of experts would assist you in selecting the best location for your new franchise business as deemed fit by your budget. A good location would be such that is situated in a region that is close to areas that are densely packed and have high population and business activity.