The practice of Yoga is one that is physical, spiritual, and mental, and one which pays maximum attention to breath control, strength, and flexibility. Its origin could be traced to India.

Before we venture into the core purpose of this article, I suppose you must have been familiar with what a yoga studio business entails, and you are set to writing a good and simple business plan for your business.

Hence, our focus in this article is not to dwell on a thorough overview of the yoga studio business but to present you with a small yoga business plan sample that would be very useful to you.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a yoga business.

BUSINESS NAME: Chin Jo Chan Yoga Studio.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

 Executive Summary

Chin Jo Chan Yoga studio will be a standard yoga studio business that will be located in Boston, United States.

The business has been fully registered and licensed to carry out practice in Boston. We will be concerned with providing our clients with quality and professional services that they cannot get anywhere else.

Jo Chan will bring in his wealth of experience working as a yoga expert into the business. He will be the owner and principal partner of Chin Jo Chan Yoga Studio.

Towards starting up our yoga studio business, Jo Chan will be concerned with raising half of the startup capital. The remaining half will equally be sourced from his friends and family, and his bank.

Our Products and Services

Chin Jo Chan Yoga Studio is a yoga studio that will be based in Boston, United States. It will be particular about providing clients with the very best services that they cannot find anywhere else. The following are the services which we will be interested in providing our clients:

  • Pilates and Yoga classes
  • Sales of yoga-related products such as clothes, shoes, and dance accessories
  • Personal training that includes yoga activities and Pilates
  • Training in Pilates and yoga accreditation
  • Provision of workshops and seminars

Vision Statement

We are very interested in establishing and growing a yoga studio business that will be very vibrant and competitive and be regarded as the first choice yoga studio in the whole of Boston.

Also, we want to be ranked among the top ten in the United States before we clock our tenth (10th) year of business.

Mission Statement

We are in the yoga studio business to be able to offer our clients very quality and professional services as regards yoga and yoga-related training. We want to make sure our clients are well satisfied with our services.

Business Structure

We are very determined to build a business structure that will be able to support the core values of our business and which will be able to help us achieve our business goals. It is in line with this that we will make sure to hire only employees that meet our requirements.

Before a candidate can qualify as our employee, he must be a person who is honest, hardworking, experienced, and very professional. The following will make up the roles which must be filled to make our business structure:

  • Principal Partner
  • Pilate and Yoga Instructors
  • Studio Administrators
  • Accountant
  • Choreographer and Dance instructor
  • Client Service Executives
  • Receptionists

Market Analysis

The following make up our target market:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Sport Clubs
  • Couples about to wed
  • Kids
  • Celebrities and Public Figures
  • Government Officials
  • Business Men and Women
  • College Students
  • Sports People

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We will imbibe the following into our sales and marketing plan:

  • We will begin by choosing a catchy yoga name, while we also introduce our yoga studio business to prospective clients through the distribution of our business fliers, and brochures in strategic locations in and around Boston.
  • We will be very involved in the social media world such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • We will make sure to place adverts of our business on local media.
  • We will ensure to position our Bill Boards in strategic locations in and around Boston.

Financial Plan
Source if Startup Capital

Having done a feasibility study on the yoga studio business, we have been able to realize a total of $400,000 which we will require to start up this business.

The owner, Jo Chan, will provide half of the startup capital (that is $200,000). $100,000 will be borrowed from friends and family while the final $100,000 will be sourced from the bank as a soft loan.

Sales Forecast

First Fiscal Year $200,000
Second Fiscal Year $500,000
Third Fiscal Year $900,000


Now, that is a simple yoga teacher business plan above. It has used the business name, ‘Chin Jo Chan Yoga Studio’.

The business will be focused on offering its clients very quality and professional services including yoga and Pilate training. Jo Chan will be the owner and principal partner of the Chin Jo Chan Yoga Studio.

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