Sample Water Park Business Plan

A water park business plan guide comes in handy in your bid to establish your operations. Without this tool, you’ll have a hard time writing a detailed plan.

Here, we’ve only focused on guiding while you figure out what specific information to add about your business.


Amusement parks are places where a lot of people go to catch fun and wind down.

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If you’re drawn to, or passionate about floating a business in the amusement sector, a water park will be a great idea. From the topic above, it’s obvious that we’re focusing on how to help you strategize.

Business Plan Outline

This point cannot be over-stressed enough. Your water park business concept will require strategic planning.

In writing your plan, certain key segments must be included. These capture major actions needed and must be explained comprehensively.

You need your water park business plan to be comprehensive enough as well as implementable. This article is all about helping you achieve your goal of setting up a successful business operation.

Key segments include the executive summary, company description, products & services, and market analysis.

There’s also the strategy & implementation section, organization & management team as well as the financial plan & projection sections.

i. Executive Summary

The contents of your water park business plan should be condensed in the executive summary section. This is a brief overview of what the plan is about. This section is all about informing the reader and also holding their attention.

Without a well laid-out executive summary section, there’s little curiosity (if any at all) on the part of the reader. This situation could negatively impact your ability to generate or attract funding. However, you don’t have to be afraid as we’re here to help.

You cannot exclude certain sections in your executive summary. They include business name & location, services offered, mission & vision statements, and its purpose.

  • Business Name & Location

By way of introduction, your water park business name will need to be stated.

Apart from its name, readers of your plan need to also know where it’s located. By clearly stating this, you’re laying the groundwork for comprehension of the business concept and why it exists.

Remember, explanations don’t need to be drawn-out but should be limited as more details will be provided in other sections of the plan.

  • Services Offered

You’ll need to mention the range of services offered by your water park business. Such may include a water fountain, rain dance, waterfall, water slide, swimming pool, and so on. You wish to let the reader know about what the client gets when they pay a visit.

This has to be a carefully thought-out process because water park businesses are quite competitive. Is there anything unique about your services?

  • Mission & Vision Statements

Your mission statement is basically a summary of your aims and values. It sets or charts the way forward for all employees of the business.

The vision statement of your water park business should seek to inspire. It gives a feel of what you intend your clients to experience whenever they come-calling.

  • Purpose of the Plan

Without purpose, launching a water park business will be an act in futility as you’d hardly experience meaningful progress.

Given its importance, your business plan should have a purpose. Such a purpose should be highlighted in this section.

ii. Company Description

Under the executive summary, you started a brief description of your water park business. Here, such a description is provided in greater detail. You’ll need to include information on the legal structure adopted, and also a brief history.

Every business has a need or demands it seeks to fill. State yours under this section. Also include information on your services as well as your target customers. Is your water park business already in existence? Give a summary of its growth including market & financial highlights.

What are your short and long-term goals? Include such information too. More importantly, you want to show your reader how you plan to make a profit.

iii. Services Offered

What services do you intend to offer? A clear description of these is needed here. Also, you’ll need to provide information on how such services will be of benefit to your clients. Other details such as service cost, as well as projected revenues, should be added.

You will need to have a graphical representation of projected revenue. What’s the market role of your type of business? Do you have any competitive advantages? If there are any research & development activities aimed at improving your services, state those under this section.

iv. Market Analysis

To set up a thriving operation, you’ll need to have a detailed market analysis. Such analysis should cover key areas of your operations. These include your targeted customer segments, description of the industry as well as its outlook.

Additional details should include historical, current, and projected marketing data. The market analysis section of your water park business plan should also assess your competitors. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

v. Strategy & Implementation

Strategy and implementation are largely about sales & marketing strategy. More important is how you wish to implement such sales & marketing strategies. You’ll need to explain how your water park business will be promoted to customers.

Fuller details on pricing, costs as well as promotions must be provided here. Information on the number of employees you wish to hire, sources of labor, as well as your operating hours, must be added here.

vi. Organization & Management Team

The secret to establishing a thriving water park business depends on your team. This is why you need to be extra cautious of how you engage members of the team. Have an organizational chart that describes key employees or members of your management team.

Also include their profile with details such as names, positions filled, their roles as well as prior experience. Ownership data is also necessary. Include the name(s) of the owner(s), percentage ownership as well as background and skills.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

If you have no financial expertise, consider seeking the help of a professional. This section of your water park business plan should include historical information on income statements, cash flow statements (covering a 5-year period), and balance sheets.

There should be measured or realistic projected financial data on income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and capital expenditure budgets.

This water park business plan guide is all you need to piece together an effective business plan. You only need to develop on the key areas provided above.

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