An amusement park is a fun place. It is a place of trills, entertainment, and obviously amusement. It is a place of fun, adventure, and relaxation. You have such attractions as roller coasters (the favorite of many), game spots, water parks, Bazaars, shops, eateries, and even cinemas.

There’s almost nothing that you can’t find in an amusement park as long as it has got to do with entertainment. Not all parks have these features though. It would depend on the size and the theme of the amusement park.

In this article, you’ll be seeing an amusement park business plan sample. This is supposed to serve as a guide for whoever is interested in opening an amusement park.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an entertainment park.

Business Name: Ozone Amusement Parks

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Ozone parks is a nature-based Amusement park situated in Beverly Hills California. It is dedicated to the memory of Sir Robert Hooke, the great biologist, and naturalist. Our world is being destroyed by man’s activities.

With this park though we hope to instill into children and parents also the importance of nature (Greenery and Wildlife) to us and the generations unborn. These we intend to do in a very fun and interactive manner.

Shirley Akpatason who is also a naturalist is the CEO. She spent a good deal of her time in the Amazon of South American and the Forest of West Africa, trying to help the conservation of endangered species. The 45-year-old lady has run her family’s campground in Colorado Springs since she came back 7 years ago.

This however is her new project and she has moved to California for this reason alone. The park is just in the beginning phase and funds will be needed to see it to fruition.

Our Products and Services

Ozone parks is an entertainment-based business. The park offers scenic views of nature, beautiful gardens, flowers, and lots of animals. For those who love animals. There is also a game spot, a restaurant, and of course a roller coaster ride.

Vision Statement

This is to teach the importance of nature to the children and adults alike, in a fun environment while entertaining them yet in the process.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to be the biggest supporter of conservation efforts for the Amazon and in the Savannahs of Africa.

Business Structure

This is a profit-based organization, with 10% of the yearly profit being donated to a wildlife charity of the board of directors choosing. The park will be run by the CEO, with various other staff to help her. Since we are in the entertainment business we will make sure we have trained staff who can always respond in the best way to clients.

Market Analysis

In Beverly Hills and the surrounding environments, there are a lot of well-to-do people. Therefore, they can afford to pay for this service. They also work very hard; therefore, they’ll welcome distractions. And one of the trending words around is green. Therefore, whatever helps the environment in any way people will naturally gravitate towards it.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Ozone Nature park is bringing something new to the table in the amusement parks. It is the only nature park in Beverly Hills and its environs, therefore nature lovers will gravitate towards the park.

This park gives the best of both worlds. Apart from the scenic beauty of the planned gardens, there’s also a place for games, also a roller coaster and of course a place for food.

Billboard ads are also going to be invested in, these billboards will be around Malibu and Beverly Hills area.
We will be giving talks in schools on the importance of keeping nature and the environment safe, and the dangers of pollution and greenhouse gases.

We’ll also be setting up an advert for Google and Facebook.

Financial Plan

A large piece of land has been acquired in Beverly Hills, though structures have not been put up yet. An initial investment of $50 million will be needed for this project $20 million has been put up already. The remaining $30 million is expected to be gotten from banks and of course other investors.

Competitive Advantage

Being the only nature-themed amusement park in Beverly Hills, Malibu and entire California is something great for this park. Our park is not only nature-themed but has other side attractions such as a roller coaster and a games shop for our customers.

The C.E.O has run a camping site for 7 years therefore she has experience running a business and dealing with all kinds of people.

The Amusement park is strategically located in the heart of town; therefore, it is not hard to find.


Amusement parks are great places to be in, especially for the young. Though in this Amusement Park Business plan sample we focused on making a nature-themed amusement park, this sample can be used for any kind of amusement park.

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