Visiting Angels Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Visiting Angels Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Visiting Angels were started by Jeffrey Johnson in 1992 to provide nursing home services focused on seniors. Its franchising operations commenced 6 years later in 1998 and has witnessed tremendous growth.

Today, the Visiting Angels franchise seeks to embark on a global expansion drive with franchise units available for sale across the world.

Why Visiting Angels Franchise?

The winning business model created by Visiting Angels makes it stand out from the pack. Franchisees get to own and operate their franchises using this tested model. Currently ranked #191 on Franchise Magazine’s top 500 franchises, it has demonstrated resilience as well as a potential for growth and profitability.

This ranking, in addition to being named #1 in franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review places Visiting Angels among the best franchises to invest in. Testimonials by existing franchisees have also testified to this fact.

During the application process, the franchisor presents you with the unique opportunity to speak with franchise owners and to listen to their own stories.

More importantly, franchisees get access to a lot of benefits such as unparalleled support, cutting edge marketing, top leads generation, expert training, and proven visibility. These and more will be further discussed shortly.

Home care senior services have witnessed a steady rise in demand over the years. This is because an increasing number of clients are wary about nursing home care. These have led to a growing preference for home care services as the aged or seniors get taken care of in the comfort of their homes.

Access to a wealth of information is one reason this franchise opportunity is among the best. This information includes nearly 10,000 pages of indexed Q and A library. Such information has been gathered by the franchisor right from when it began its franchising program.

Getting access to these information arms you ahead of time and gives you an idea of what to expect.


Visiting Angels franchise will offer training to new franchisees. This includes a one-week initial training held at its corporate offices. However, that’s not all as the franchisor provides ongoing training to help its franchisees operate at optimal levels.

These include 5 plus regional group support meetings, monthly webinars and annual conferences with industry experts. What more? Franchisees benefit from hundreds of one-on-one consultations per year. This keeps them constantly updated and effective in their business operations.


Visiting Angels provide support by way of ongoing and marketing support. These areas are very crucial to the success of its franchisees. Not only are new franchisees covered by such support, so they also do existing franchisees.

The only difference will be in the type of support.

  • Ongoing Support

The ongoing support provided by Visiting Angels includes access to its franchisee intranet platform, site selection, and field operations.

Other types of support services include security and safety procedures, a grand opening ceremony, a toll-free line, periodic newsletter releases as well as meetings and conventions.

  • Marketing Support

Marketing support helps new Visiting Angels franchise outlets reach target customers much effectively. The areas involved in crafting its marketing messages include ad templates, SEO content creation, access to its cooperative advertising and national as well as regional media advertising.

Under its national advertising support, Visiting Angels advertise on popular national channels with an extensive reach. These include Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and HGTV.

Others include email marketing, social media advertising, thousands of quality senior home care leads distributed each month on a national basis and marketing materials ready for local customization. This way, you can create the right awareness about your service coupled with the franchisor’s brand reputation.

Initial Investment

The financial requirement for owning a visiting angels franchise includes the initial investment. This is the total cost of operating the franchise. Several expenses are included in this amount such as the franchise fee, real estate costs, equipment supplies, business licenses and the working capital (usually covering 3 months until the business becomes profitable).

An initial investment sum of $84,085 to $125,885 is required. Franchisees are also required to have a net worth of about $108,000. It is calculated as the value of the franchisee’s total assets minus the liabilities. Assets will include cash, stocks, real estate, and requirement accounts.

The franchisor also has a liquid cash requirement of $105,000. This is in addition to an ongoing royalty fee which is 3 to 3.5% of gross sales and is paid monthly. The franchisee is required to pay an ad royalty fee of 2.5 to 2% to Visiting Angels for corporate advertising expenditures.


Visiting Angels franchisees benefit from its protected territory each of which has huge potentials. the franchisor’s standard protected territories have an average of 200,000 residents. Other benefits that come with standard territories include the freedom to advertise and accept clients throughout your metro area.

Getting Started

Prospective franchisees interested in this franchise opportunity can begin right away by making contact with the franchisor. You don’t need to be decided before contacting the franchisor. Further details or questions you have can be directed through the same channel.

Its online request form should be filled and submitted. Visiting Angels will establish contact using the details supplied. An expert introduces the business to you in addition to providing answers to all the questions you have. The process from here isn’t difficult. However, you’ll need to have met all its requirements.

Franchisees in need of financing will need to find out what type of financing plans are available. Currently, Visiting Angels provide incentives for honorably discharged veterans. This comes in the form of a 10% discount off the franchise fee.

Has this article been useful? We have focused on providing the most necessary information about the Visiting Angels franchise. Although the information provided here is accurate, the franchisor reserves the right to alter or review its franchise terms. You’ll need to find out what currently applies during discussions.