Sample Vending Machine Marketing Plan Template

Here is how to write a vending marketing plan.

Are you looking to start a vending machine business? Are you all fired up but having difficulties developing a great marketing plan? Then this vending machine marketing plan sample could be what you need.

We’ve simplified the process and provided you with a template to pattern your plan.

Vending Machine Marketing Plan

Writing an excellent vending machine marketing plan isn’t challenging once you know what is required.

Under each section, we’ve covered points considered vital to implementing your marketing strategies. So, without further delay, let’s get to business.

Mission Statement

Kayla Vending Inc. is a vending machine business specializing in electronic and refrigerated vending. Our electronic vending machines target travelers who need convenient electronic devices for their journey.

Cellphone chargers, earphones, and phone accessories such as OTG cables are some of the in-demand devices needed by travelers.

On the other hand, our refrigerated vending machines offer various snacks and drinks. Both refrigerated and electronic vending machines are strategically positioned for easy access and patronage by our customers.

Our vending machines are positioned in public spaces like malls, airports, train stations, and sporting arenas, among others, for ease of access.

Niche Market

We have chosen the refrigerated and electronic vending machine business models for one primary reason. That is, the daily and continuous need for such services.

Refrigerated vending, for instance, caters to clients on the go. These categories of clients are usually in need of light refreshments. Our fully stocked refrigerated vending machines cater to such needs.

We’ve deliberately chosen locations that attract the most visits. Such include sports arenas, movie theaters, shopping malls, and parks.

People need some form of refreshment when they visit such places. This is where we come into the picture with our vending machines strategically located.

In the same vein, our electronic vending machines primarily serve travelers.

These are located at airports and train stations. Products such as earphones, charging cables, chargers, extensions, sockets, and other phones and laptop accessories are available for travelers.


We are in the business of making life more convenient for our customers when they go out.

Our refrigerated vending machines hold 15 drink choices and 30 snack variants. Our machines are also credit card compatible with Google and Apple Pay options.

Through these provisions (coin payments inclusive), our customers can easily purchase without worrying about payment compatibility.

The same applies to our electronic vending machines. We have made the process as easy as possible so customers won’t have difficulties operating or making purchases.

We are currently working on improving our vending machine services. This will include using combination vending machines where an assortment of snacks and foods can be purchased.

Products will include chips, cookies, pastries, and crackers, as well as drink offerings.

By providing more options, clients get better and more efficient services.

We are forward-looking and open to adopting innovative ideas to improve our services. This has led to developing a system where we learn about customer needs and preferences.

Over time, this data will be used to create various electronic vending services.

We can make available some of the most needed vending products and services through this method.

We are also a vending machine dealership. As wholesale suppliers, we provide both new and used vending machines for sale.

So, while providing vending services to end-users, we also offer equipment or vending machines to those interested in starting their own business.

This creates an opportunity for our business as well as for our partners.

Marketing And Promotional Strategies

For our vending machine business to be successful, our services will need to be effectively marketed.

We have chosen some of the most effective promotion methods to give us a significant edge in the market. The first step we’ve undertaken is to create a beautiful website for our business.

We will be writing press releases from time to time in related publications. These will disclose the advantages of using our vending machines.

As a business, we are focused on efficiency. We want our clients to be served as fast as possible without wasting their time. Because of this, our press releases will highlight the benefits derived from using our machines.

Business cards and brochures are marketing tools we’ll be printing to provide more detailed information about our services. Our clients get to quickly contact the business whenever they need answers to questions or want to make inquiries.

Vending business networking events provide platforms from which to promote our business.

Through such events, we can enter into valuable discussions with industry players, gain deeper insights, and enter meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

This improves our chances of securing vending contracts.

Identifying And Understanding Competition

Competition is standard for all types of businesses.

The stiffness of such competition depends on how saturated the industry is. For vending machine businesses, the competition is quite intense.

Nevertheless, we see enormous opportunities as we’ve identified and understood our competition.

One area that makes us stand out from our competition is the inclusion of multiple payment options. This includes cashless payments such as credit cards.

In all, we are exploiting those areas ignored by most vending businesses.

Marketing Goals

We aim to cover more areas within the short, medium, and long term.

In the short term, we plan on fixing more vending machines within the locality. This will expand to cover more locations within the city in the medium term (1 to 2 years).

In the long term, we plan on becoming a national brand with a presence across all the states.

Result Monitoring

After the implementation of all our marketing strategies, we plan to sit down to evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

This is done to terminate or re-strategizing with measures that aren’t so effective.

By now, you should have learned some basic facts about a vending machine marketing plan. This is only a sample.

However, it provides information on what to do or include when drafting your marketing plan.

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