How Much Does A Vending Machine Cost?

How much does it cost to get a vending machine? Here is a breakdown.

A lot of questions have been asked about the cost of vending machines. This question can’t be answered in a few sentences.

We’ll need need to consider all the factors relating to, or influencing cost. As you read through, you’d find the answers you seek plus a deeper knowledge of how cost can be minimized.

The cost of a vending machine will also depend on what you want.

What Type Of Vending Machine?

Before deciding to go for a vending machine, you’ll need to find out the type of vending machine you need. There are lots of them. The type of machine you need depends on the niche area you want to focus on.

Some of the most popular types of vending machines to buy include milk vendors, cold food vending machines, coffee vending, and snack vending machines.

Others are soda vending machines, frozen food vending machines, cannabis vending machines, change vending machines toiletries & supplies vending machines, and office supplies vending machines. Now the cost for a vending machine will differ from type to type.

Let’s begin our discussion on the cost by considering each of these types of machines.

  • Cold Food Vending Machine Cost

Cold food vending has been around for quite a while. One of the things to look out for when buying a cold food vending machine is the brand and quality. This is because a product may not necessarily be superior in quality to another, yet it may cost more.

So, try finding out its features and compare it with other cold food vending machine brands to see if such price tags are justified.

The AMS 39 VCF is a vending machine that gives you value with its 40 selections and a pricing capacity of up to $99.95. This vending machine has a re-manufactured price of $2,795. The cost for its clean and working variant is slightly less at $2,495.00.

There’s also the National 432 with much greater selections (108) than the AMS 39 VCF. This vending machine dispenses refrigerated foods. Its re-manufactured cost is about $4,295 while the cost for its clean and working variant is about $3,795.

  • Coffee Vending Machine Cost

Coffee vending machines are quite popular due to the love Americans have for coffee. Cost depends on the size of the machine. In other words, those machines with more selections. A coffee machine with more selections will cost more than one with less. Having explained this, a larger sized new coffee machine will start from $6,700.

A larger sized re-manufactured coffee vending machine or clean and tested one will be sold for about $3,000. There are mid-range coffee vending machines too. These will cost much less with prices starting from $500. However, this can climb significantly to about $5,000.

A smaller vending machine, one with a lesser number of selections, say 4 selections should start from as low as $280. The problem is, this won’t be suitable for commercial use if you’re looking for such. You’ll need to go with larger vending machines with more selections.

  • Snack Vending Machine Cost

Snack vending machines come in a lot of variants. Some vending machines are snacks only while others are combo vending machines made for snacks and soda or snacks with other similar combinations. An example is the tabletop 14 Column snack vending machine. This has a price tag of $1,849.99. A Seaga Infinity INF5C snack and soda vending machine cost about $4,295.

Others within the combo category will have a starting price of $3,299. There are larger snack-only vending machines with over 40 selections. Such machines cost about $4,489.99. The cost of a snack vending machine will depend on the brand, size, and condition of such a machine.

It will be necessary to go through the product listings to find what you need. There’s always a good deal to be found.

  • Soda Vending Machine Cost

Like the other categories, the price of soda vending machines varies. The most common factors include brand, size or capacity, and the condition of the machine among other things. If you need refurbished machines, these would cost less than new ones. However, such machines still serve your purposes. Most times, you are likely to find out that your pre-owned & refurbished vending machines are almost new!

The costs for such machines will range from $500 to as much as $7,000. Combo (soda in combination with other snacks or candy etc) soda vending machines cost more. As such, the cost will largely depend on what your needs are.

  • Cannabis Vending Machine

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. This has been around for quite some time. However, these are only found in states which have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. California falls within this category and you can find cannabis vending machines that cost about $1,000.

This is only the starting price as such costs can significantly increase. These types of vending machines aren’t so common. This is understandably so due to the ban on its use in a lot of states.

  • Change Vending Machine Cost

These vending machines have a specific use, and that is for bill changing. The price for these machines starts from $250 to about $2,500.

Here, the cost depends on if the machine has been slightly used or whether it’s new. In any case, you’ll find just what you need with a little research. It will be of great help to also check reviews on such products. It enables you to make informed choices.

  • Office Supplies Vending Machine Cost

Office supply vending machines cost anywhere between $1,500 to $8,000. You’ll need to find the vending machine that best fits your needs. There are also several brands to choose from.

We’ve seen how much vending machines cost. Here, we went into a bit more detail by listing the different types of vending machines as well as their costs. This gives you a better understanding of what is being discussed.

Also, while trying to find the right vending machine, it’s important to give attention to reviews. These are real people who have used the product(s) before and know better. Their insights will help tremendously.

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