For freight brokers seeking to get the best software tools for their businesses, this list of top 10 freight broker software will prove useful.

One of the most important tools for freight brokers is the broker software which increases efficiency and productivity. Without such a tool, it will be near impossible to compete favorably with other freight brokerage companies.

However, that isn’t the focus of this article. We begin as follows;

10 Best Freight Broker Software

  1. LoadPilot

The first on our list of top 10 freight broker software is LoadPilot.

This software is ideal for small to midsize freight brokerages. With this freight management tool, you’re able to perform a variety of functions. These range from invoicing, contact management, load tracking, and more.

To begin with, you’ll get a 30-day test drive of the software which is followed by a subscription plan which is charged at $600 per year. Its other subscription plans include a monthly rate of $99 as well as a quarterly rate of $267.

  1. Strategy Live

Strategy Live is designed for small and mid-sized freight brokerage companies and offers lots of advantages.

This truck solution assists in the management of the business’ operations in regards to driver payments, billing load optimizations as well as dispatch management among others.

Unlike other software like it, it does not have a trial version. Nevertheless, it offers loads of benefits that include online business support among other things. Strategy Live has features such as billing & invoicing, dispatch management, load optimization, driver settlements as well as routing.

  1. Aljex

Aljex is among our pick for the top 10 freight broker software due to its rich features that include billing tools, carrier portal, and automatic notifications. Other features include customer profiles, 3rd party integration, dashboard designer, load board posting, online training, and an automated quote system.

What more? The Aljex freight broker software is designed to simplify transportation logistics. To help you decide if this is the best software for your business, Aljex offers you a free live demo where you get to evaluate its tools.

This demo test can be scheduled whenever you want and comes at no risk to you or your freight brokerage business.

  1. ITS Dispatch

If you need a top freight broker software that will help plan and organize your business as well as increase your bottom line, ITS Dispatch is your best bet. You get to effectively manage invoicing, driver settlements as well as IFTA all within its user-friendly platform.

Customers using this software have seen a significant rise in the volume of loads being processed, marked, and appreciable growth in their operations as well as time-saving and increased profitability. The same can apply to your freight brokerage business.

  1. Arcline (2000) Inc.

If you operate a small to a medium-sized freight brokerage company, you may want to give this software some consideration.

To enable you to have a feel of its software, Arcline (2000) Inc. gives you a hassle-free trial version. The trial version comes with full functionality and provides you with top-notch features for easy management of your business.

The benefits of using this broker software include having everything you need in one complete system, live support whenever you call, flexible in-house payment plans in addition to lease options.

What more? It’s designed by industry professionals, industry, and time tested plus full training and support among other benefits.

  1. DAT Broker TMS

This software has been exclusively designed for freight brokers and allows you to manage more freight with fewer people. It comes with powerful analytic functions that enable you to assess the profitability of customers, lanes, and carriers.

DAT Broker TMS incorporates both accounting and operations in one system which helps in eliminating redundant entries. Options of multiple modules are available to choose from. These allow you to choose the software’s functionality, integrating with its new On-Time load tracking among others.

To unlock and have access to its range of services, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $100 per month. Other plans include its Anywhere package with a monthly subscription fee starting from $319 per month.

  1. BrokerWare

If you need to streamline your freight brokerage operations and increase efficiency, BrokeWare Is the name to trust.

It deploys the latest technology by offering a robust feature set in addition to an intuitive dashboard. Instead of working harder, you get to work smarter with this software.

Features include customer portal, dispatch operations, increased efficiency, carrier selection, API & SMC Rating as well as a sales portal. There are lots of positive customer reviews about its excellent functionality.

You might want to find out more and give it a try if it meets your needs and expectations.

  1. Infinity Software Solutions

This top freight brokerage software comes with affordable subscription and requires no huge upfront investment whatsoever. Apart from its monthly subscription, it also has customizable pricing plans to fit your budget.

Using this software, you’re able to assign carriers, build loads, as well as post to load boards. These are only a few of many features.

  1. Tailwind Transportation Software

If you wish to take your brokerage operations one notch higher, this tool will perfectly serve your needs. Using its cloud-based transportation management service, you’re able to utilize its key load board integrations to maximize profits.

What more? You can also assign user-specific access levels and run multiple branches just to mention a few. Its benefits include auto-populating forms, increased leverage to compete with big industry players. This is in addition to having all data available in one place for easy access.

  1. PowerBroker

This freight brokerage software comes with a wealth of features that include system reports capability, carrier dispatch, brokerage order planning, billing accounts receivable and accounts payable. Others are general ledger, carrier settlements, document payroll, direct deposit, and private network notification, etc.

With PowerBroker, you have greater control over your business and can increase your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The subscription plans are also cheap.

In Conclusion

These are the best freight broker software you can use for your business. These are subscription-based services that offer lots of advantages and increase efficiency thus impacting overall profitability.