Tree Farming Business Plan Sample Template


Tree farming is also known as tree nursery. If you are a type of person that have an eye for conserving the environment, then tree farming will be a very good venture for you.

Starting a tree farming business is quite stressful but profitable too.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a tree plantation farm.

One of the reasons of establishing a tree farm is because of the continuous depletion of the forest which reforestation is not enough to keep. Trees are important parts of our physical and physiological environment.

Some people are concerned about conserving trees while some others are concerned about establishing it for profit making. Whichever you belong, just do it for the betterment of man’s health. One who wants to start up a tree business should ensure to meet all the requirements provided by the government of the place and also work with some other tree growers for a successful venture.

There are different areas you can specialize on if you don’t have the required capital to startup a tree plantation such as tree cutting, branch trimming, stump removal, e.t.c. Having knowledge about different types of trees that can be grown in certain places also help increase your chances of success since you won’t waste time and effort growing those trees that are not supposed to be grown in your area and environmental condition.

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With proper planning, organization, having physical and financial resources, starting a tree farming is close to actualization but below are some factors to be considered before embarking on you venture. They are;


Preparing a forecast for the plantation of trees is simple. In doing this, foresters and soil conservation service are the best people to rely upon. The type of soil and topography play great roles in determining the location and type of trees to be planted in some areas. It is best you identify the kinds of trees that can be grown in the type of environment you reside. Those who live in localities close to the polar regions will benefit more from trees like apple, evergreen and pear trees.

Also, for those who live in warmer places, growing trees like citrus leaves, peaches and plums would be advisable. Accessibility to water, exposure to sun, soil content can also serve as factors to be considered when determining the kinds of trees to be grown.


You will agree with me that before a proper business plan is among the start up phase one should take into consideration when planning to start up a tree business. Having a proper business plan is an important criterium for the establishment of a tree farming as it will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Among other fundamental components, a proper tree farming business plan should contain an in-depth competitive analysis that goes beyond just identifying competitive companies. A proper business plan should also contain not just the current year budget but the budget of the proceeding years.

There should also be an inclusion in the business plan, the required equipment, spacing, number of staff, capital, business time, customer relation, creditors, cash in hand, etc.


This is also an important factor to be considered when planning to start up a farming business. Your accessibility to a particular area will not only make you understand the type of area but also creates an avenue to spend more time with your tree plantation. In this respect, the quality of landscape and topography come into consideration.


Having a layout is also important as this will help to know the number of trees to be planted , the spacing between rows and columns. Having more space will encourage faster growth. For a plantation, six, seven and eight foot spacing are mostly chosen.

This decision is best made when the forester has checked the site and recommended what to plant. When the forester has not made any recommendation, it is advisable to compromise on a seven foot spacing. Twelve foot spacing has occasionally led to rapid growth but this figure does not seem generally acceptable.

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This is relatively simple. The fastest method consist of a two and narrow space. A slower method which is said to produce a high survival rate may be considered if there is a heavy sod or if the ground is very dry. In this case, using a round-nosed shovel is an advantage.

Planting can be done using a mattock or a special type of spade called a planting bar or dibble. This method, rather time-consuming, offers a theoretical advantage of compacting the soil and protecting the roots.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with fellow growers is crucial for success in tree farming. Before commencing that tree farm, try meeting those already in the business and gather tips with regard to growing seasons, irrigation concerns, soil contents, e.t.c. Get up and start doing something now.

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