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Top 10 Biggest Forums On The Internet And What They Earn

What is the most popular forum on the internet? Which has the biggest number of users and/or the largest number of posts? Which are the most interesting internet forums?

Online forums have today become a great avenue/channel for the exchange of ideas and for holding useful discussions that have been helpful to both participants and non-participants alike.

The discussions or conversations are held in a thread format, with a wide area of interests being covered. The areas of interest discussed range from technology, medicine, politics, and healthcare to several other fields.

Whatever the area of interest discussed, the point is that online forums have made it possible for this activity to occur. It is in the light of this that we beam our searchlight on the top 10 online forums today.


  1. Gaia Online

This is arguably the largest online forum at the moment, with a massive online community of over 23 million registered users. So many may ask what the niche or area of discussion is. Well, the main subject under discussion here centers mostly on gaming and anime.

Also, when following the thread of discussion on this forum, it will be observed that most of the users are in their teens. The Gaia online

This online forum is a rendezvous for game freaks and nerds and has continued to grow in popularity. The Gaia online forum has devised innovative ways of keeping its user community constantly visiting the site through the introduction of flash games and other freebies.

  1. Nexopia

This is a Canadian site, which has a diverse international community of users consisting mainly of teens. The topics of discussion are mostly centered on teen issues, domestic as well as discussions on academic tasks/assignments.

The Nexopia online forum provides a platform for participants to offer advice or solutions to problems.

  1. Something Awful

The name alone reflects a negative picture. But what is so awful about this online forum. Surprising! It’s a comedy site. To some users, the only awful thing about this online forum is that it charges a fee for joining ($10 actually). However, the fee charged has proved useful as it has encouraged only genuine users to participate. Currently,

Something Awful has over 107,463,333 posts!

The elimination of annoying ads in discussion threads by users with no interest in participating in the discussion has been achieved through the joining fee of $10. Users of this online forum have never lacked great hilarious content which is a constant feature. This innovation plus its active community of users has qualified Something Awful to be among the top 10 online forums today.

  1. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is an online forum that discusses a wide range of issues that relate to self-development and improvement. It has a growing community of users that today exceeds the 200,000 marks and growing. The discussions are all centered on providing great ideas and tips for its members’ benefit.

  1. BuddyPic

This is another great online forum where members discuss issues bordering on how attractive or unattractive they are. How will they know this? Through uploading pictures of themselves which is a requirement for starting a discussion.

However, activity on this online forum is not restricted to the only discussion on being attractive or not, but also on general issues. But the predominant discussion on this online forum is on how beautiful/attractive pictures are or not.

  1. 4Chan

With a staggering 569,080,806 posts made and still growing, the 4Chan online forum is quite an active platform that has a very active community of users that go as far as tracking anonymous individuals that perpetrate crimes such as animal abuse and some other not too impressive cause such as directing hate speeches at persons they dislike and similar acts.

At any given time, the 4Chan online forum has over 70,000 users.

  1. FacetheJury

Igniting thoughts related to justice, this online forum was included among the top 10 online forums due to its very active community of users. However, there is nothing related to justice here, as the post is anything but inspiring.

There is no moderation here, as one can find very distasteful comments, as well as those conveying positive messages (which are in such supply).

  1. Self-Starters Weekly Tips

This is a blogging forum that has a closely-knit community of users who have their questions personally answered by the forum’s administrator Lynn Terry.

The decision to include it among the top 10 online forums is due to the degree to which it engages its users, thereby, creating an interesting online community who solve and help each other through proffering solutions to blogging issues.

  1. Offtopic

Just as the name suggests, there is no restriction on the type of discussion engaged in. Just about any topic of interest can be raised for discussion. Issues discussed are organized into different sections, with subscribed members having access to the entire content.

However, for free members, certain features of this online forum are available for use.

  1. Wicked Fire

The name alone is not friendly. However, this online forum is made up of affiliate marketers as well as individuals interested in becoming affiliates marketers. Having over 50,000 registered members and over 700,000 posts, this online forum is a great meeting place for the discussion of areas of interest beneficial to its members.

There you have the top 10 online forums. Some of these forums are niche-specific, while the rest forums for the discussion of topics of general interests. These offer a great way for the exchange of useful advice and tips for the benefits of users.