8 Small Business Success Secrets of Aliko Dangote

What are the success secrets of Aliko Dangote? If Africa’s Richest Man, Aliko Dangote has been your role model in terms of business success, that means you will want to find out how he was able to become a richest black man in the world as well as the richest man in Africa.

The Dangote Group started as a small trading firm in 1977 and today, it is now a multi-trillion naira conglomerate operating in several countries. The Dangote Group is presently dominating in the sugar market and refinery (Oil and Gas Business).

Aliko Dangote might look like a civil and refined businessman but behind this, is an unconventional and tactical business magnate. He has soared above many competitions while building his empire.

Like we all say, there is a secret behind every success which does not exclude the richest man in Africa.

I know you must have read about his humble beginning so I won’t bother repeating it again. This post talks about the secrets and reasons behind the success of Aliko Dangote which might serve as lessons for those aiming for high positions like his and these secrets are:

8 Wealth and Success Secrets of Billionaire Aliko Dangote

(1) Ambition

This is one important success secret of Aliko Dangote. He is not where he is today by mere luck but by the ambitions he set for himself to dominate the economy and become the richest man in Africa.

It was this ambition that now defined his lifestyle, association, education and finally success. It is the ambitions you set for yourself that determines your level of burning desire for success in business.

(2) Independence

Looking at the story of how he started his business, we can say he started his business on his own and didn’t depend on anyone for help. History has shown that right from primary school, Dangote had interest in business by buying and reselling sweets to his mates for profits. Also, he started the Dangote Group at the age of twenty-one (21).

The passion of becoming independent of anyone was one other success secrets of Aliko Dangote. Though he came from a rich family, he never wanted to depend on his family wealth. He has always wanted to live life on his own terms.

You should be ready to start a business whether it is full time or part time. You would not know what you are good at unless you try, fail, try a new one and keep trying until you arrive at the best one for you.

(3) Philanthropy

This is a common habit that is mostly seen among billionaires around the world and Aliko Dangote is not aside of it.

Having the heart of a philanthropist helps in achieving success. The way you support and help your environment determines how much help the environment will also render to you.

The help the environment gives to us determine where we will get to in life. To become a success in life, always help the needy around you. Aliko Dangote is this type of person.

(4) Expansion

Starting business as a small one is good but for one who has success and greatness in mind, you must be ready to expand your business and make it grow. Dangote Group started as a small firm and since then has been expanding and growing.

From sugar to cement, salt, noodles, flour, tomatoes and even working on his refinery presently. This is what I call the spirit of expansion.

(5) Survival

One of the secrets of Aliko Dangote is surviving beyond all odds. To grow in life and also to grow in business, one must have and develop survival instincts. As someone who wants to climb the ladder of success, you should be able to meditate and grow your spiritual instinct so you know what occasions to attend and what invitations to accept.

Failure to do this might lead to early of the business or even the owner.

(6) Manufacturing

In one of the interviews done with Aliko Dangote, he mentioned that one of the best moves for his business was to move from a trader to a manufacturer. Don’t just stay put on being a trader, you can also become a manufacturer of the same products you are selling. Manufacturing is profitable and has money in it even though it is capital intensive.

Manufacturing helps in improving one business’s status, also helps to contribute to the society and country through creation of jobs and economic growth.

(7) Spirit of business

For you to succeed as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country or in the world, you must have a spirit of business which means that business must flow through your blood. This is the entrepreneurial spirit that helps entrepreneurs to succeed and become great.

Without this spirit of business, you might end up failing. It is important that you think business, dream business, breathe business and live business.

(8) Quality Products

This one is very obvious. You hardly hear customers complaining about any of Aliko Dangote’s product that they are fake or sub-standard. This is a very important thing that determines the success of any business.

To be a successful business man or woman, you must be ready to provide quality goods and services which will attract big investors and even buyers. Aliko Dangote would not be where he is today if he has not been producing goods with good quality. There are some evident success secrets of this Aliko Dangote that you can also maximize.