16 Slow-Paced Low-Stress Jobs that Pay Well

In this article, we’ve discussed a variety of slow-paced, low-stress jobs that can be highly rewarding for anyone interested in doing them.

If your search for these jobs has led you to this page, you’ve found the right place for slow-paced, low, stress jobs.

Los Stress Jobs for Slow People

Being productive isn’t always about engaging in rigorous or fast-paced tasks.

There are slow-paced jobs that are highly productive with little to no stress. It’s a fact that stress leads to all kinds of health-related problems hence the need to avoid such as much as possible.

  • Fast-Paced Jobs, Stress Levels, and Health Risks

Over the years, there has been a change in working conditions. Productivity levels have increased due to increased demand for services and products.

Working in a highly competitive work setting with strict deadlines and long work hours eventually takes a toll on the body as there’s little to no work-life balance.

Stress-related health conditions include obesity, heart disease, and asthma.

Other stress-related health conditions include depression, diabetes, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging, and premature death.

One way to reduce such stress levels is by finding much better alternatives. Such alternatives will be slow-paced low stressful jobs.

To leverage such opportunities, find the different options provided below.

Slow-Paced Low-Stress Jobs Pros and Cons

In seeking out slow-paced low-stress jobs, you must understand the pros and cons of such a move.

This lets you weigh your options and choose the most rewarding career path. In pointing out the pros, One of the most glaring benefits for many is enhanced job satisfaction.

Also, the low stress involved translates to improved physical and mental health. In a slow-paced low stressful job, you stand a much-reduced risk of burnout.

There’s also a clear improvement in your work-life balance. Plus, some of these jobs even offer significant pay.

While these benefits are expected with slow-paced, low stressful jobs, such jobs have certain disadvantages. These include the lack of ambition, isolation, lower pay compared to more challenging careers, and boredom may likely result.

Despite the cons, slow-paced low stressful jobs are still perfect for a section of the population who would gladly join such positions.

Personality is one of the critical determinants of the type(s) of job one goes for. So, you’ll need to assess your priorities and leanings to determine what works best for you.

Slow-Paced Low-Stress Jobs to Consider

There are lots and lots of slow-paced jobs you can take advantage of. Examples include photography, artistry, life coaching, and online freelancing.

Examples include blogger, bank real estate appraiser, travel agent, graphics designer, librarian, tutoring, and curator.

More slow-paced low, stressful jobs include nutritionist, proofreader, technical writer, massage therapist, counseling, and social worker.

You can also become a salesperson, farm manager, software developer, professional landscaper, barber or hair stylist, and Yoga instructor.

We won’t get into many other similar job types due to time constraints. With that said, let’s briefly discuss some of the slow-paced jobs mentioned.

i. Photography

If you are passionate about photography, you might want to pursue a career by starting a photography business. This is slow-paced low, stressful work with a lot of potential.

With this, you can choose your preferred niche to start.

ii. Artistry

Artistry has a lot to do with your using your creativity and imagination. If you’ve got an artistic mind, you might be interested in occupying all kinds of creative positions.

Examples include lighting technicians, cinematographers, costume designers, set designers, and many others.

iii. Life Coaching

Your life experiences, expertise, and knowledge can help guide others toward achieving their life ambitions. Life coaching jobs are slow-paced and stress-free, allowing you to choose your work schedule.

iv. Online Freelancer

Many online jobs are available as long as you have the required skills. Now skills vary and will be needed by different employers.

Examples of slow-paced positions you’ll likely hold include general social media management, ghostwriting, etc.

v. Blogger

Blogging is a slow-paced, low-stress job you can do from the comfort of your home. It’s a job where you have greater control over your time.

You’ll need to choose a niche and create relevant and highly engaging content for your audience.

vi. Bank Real Estate Appraiser

As a bank real estate appraiser, you get to work with banks to determine the actual value of homes. This work isn’t stressful due to its slow-paced nature.

Unlike fast-paced jobs, you can do what you love without being overwhelmed by too much work.

vii. Travel Agent

The travel industry offers many opportunities for people seeking slow-paced, low-stress jobs.

One such option is a travel agent. You get to help clients with information on travel destinations and flight and hotel bookings, among others.

viii. Graphics Designer

Graphics design can be an advantageous career option for persons passionate about such opportunities. There are lots of roles to fill as a graphics designer.

These are slow-paced, low-stress jobs you can take advantage of.

ix. Librarian

If you love to read or work in a library, a librarian can be one position you’ll find exciting. It’s very slow-paced and has zero stress, thus enabling you to do what you love.

x. Tutoring

Your tutoring skills will come in handy when looking for slow-paced type jobs. You get to teach subjects you’re most comfortable with and knowledgeable about.

In the case of independent tutoring, you get to choose your class size and tutoring schedule.

xi. Curator

Do you have a passion for the arts? If you do, a curator is a befitting position you can hold.

Speaking of slow-paced jobs, this job offers you all the freedom you need while doing what you love to do best. You’ll be involved in organizing exhibitions, amongst other things.

xii. Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, you get to provide dietary advice to clients.

This is a very slow-paced job with absolutely no stress. As a health nutritionist, you can practice your profession while enjoying your time.

xiii. ProofReader

Persons that love to read will find proofreading jobs fascinating.

This position is devoid of stress due to its low-paced nature. You’ll be involved in reading through many written materials while looking out for errors to be corrected.

xiv. Technical Writer

As the name implies, technical writers offer a vital service that involves writing or presenting technical information on product development.

You won’t find this role stressful if you’re skilled in this area.

xv. Massage Therapist

The health and wellness industry is vast, with many niches to engage in; you can offer your services to clients while enjoying the benefit of a slow-paced lows tress job.

xvi. Counseling

People pay to get advice on a variety of life issues.

You can offer such while helping people overcome their challenges as a counselor. This is a slow-paced job that comes with little to no stress.

Slow-Paced Low-Stress Jobs that will earn you Good Money

Slow-paced, low-stressful jobs must first be identified when making a choice.

Next, it’s essential to know what job fits your personality. These job examples include travel agent, ghostwriter, real estate appraiser, dietician, massage therapist, and artistic painter.

More slow-paced low stressful jobs include vehicle inspector, carpentry, librarian, food scientist, freelance photographer, curator, and accountant.

More jobs in this category have medical records technician, art restorer, upholsterer, hair styler, personal coach, translator, and audio engineer.

You may also start a drop shipping business, become a call center operator, serve as a virtual assistant, or work as a physician assistant.

Psychologists, archivists, yoga instructors, glass blowers, and radiation therapists are additional job roles considered slow-paced and low-stress. Let’s briefly discuss some of these.

i. Travel Agent

For the most part, a travel agent job is considered a slow-paced, low-stress job.

This is especially true if you work with a small travel agency with expertise in domestic travel. Here, your role will involve trip research and planning to give clients the best possible experience.

i. Ghost Writer

Ghostwriting is another slow-paced low stressful job as you get to work remotely, which takes away the pressure of working in a traditional office setting every day.

What more? Ghostwriters have flexible work schedules and still earn a decent income. Here, your output determines your income.

ii. Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser job can be considered slow-paced and low-stress.

However, it must be said that this doesn’t apply in all situations, as there are times when you might be faced with complex and demanding tasks. Professionals here are responsible for carrying out real estate property valuation.

iii. Dietitian

A dietician is a slow-paced low stressful job, as no rigors are involved in this line of work.

Plus, the career can be rewarding. Responsibilities include meeting with patients and helping to create or develop unique meal plans that address the nutritional needs of your patients.

iv. Massage Therapist

This is another job you can take advantage of in the slow-paced low-stress category.

Here, you help your clients relieve stress while also lessening pain & muscle tightness. It’s a profession whose demand is rising due to the perceived benefits of massage.

v. Artistic Painter

As an artist, you can engage your creative side while enjoying your output.

In other words, such expressive jobs are slow-paced, low-stress, and rewarding for artists. Of course, you’ll need some training to get started on this part.

vi. Vehicle Inspector

A vehicle inspector plays a crucial role in ensuring that cars are road-worthy.

As a vehicle inspector, you’ll work closely with the Department of a State’s motor vehicles. This is a slow-paced job with low stress. You can also earn a decent income working in this field.

vii. Carpentry

The furniture industry relies heavily on carpenters to create or manufacture all kinds of furniture.

This profession can sometimes be classified as a slow-paced, low-stress job. In others, the job can be rigorous, mainly when a high demand for your services exists.

It’s important to state that the slow-paced low, stressful jobs listed or mentioned are only a few out of many. So, if you haven’t found your preferred job type, you only need to carry out a little research.

A search online with bring up tons of results to sift through.

It’s essential to determine your suitability for a slow-paced low stressful job by looking at how it will impact your commitment. What are you most passionate about? Find a job you can put to good use.


Slow-paced low, stressful jobs have been discussed above.

These are only a few of many such opportunities you can leverage. While some job opportunities require specific skill sets, others can be learned.