Signarama Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Signarama is a privately owned business specialized in automated graphic designs.

It was founded by Ray Titus in 1986. Its franchising arm followed a year later and has since grown into an international franchise.

If you’re interested in a sign and printing business, you might want to join the industry leader with a well-known brand.

Why Join Signarama?

A lot of reasons have been given by the franchisor on why you should consider becoming its partner. These include owning a franchise with a proven business model, Signarama’s zero experience requirement, huge opportunities for repeat business as well as continuous support.

Let’s discuss each of these briefly.

  • Proven Business Model

Signarama combines its signs and with multiple branding options which are translated into customized advertising solutions to its clients. By giving value through its unique service offerings, Signarama has become a trusted name in the industry.

As its franchisee, there’s no need for guesswork as it provides time-proven systems, training guides and manuals to work with.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, Signarama helps franchisees with site selection, staffing, marketing training, and financing.

  • Zero Sign Experience Requirement

Too good to be true right? However, that is the reality for lots of currently successful Signarama franchisees who had no prior experience with graphics and signs. The secret lies in the franchisor’s comprehensive program. Here, new franchisees are taught all they need to know.

This includes the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

  • Huge Opportunities For Repeat Business

While embarking on an effective marketing campaign, Signarama’s business model helps entrepreneurs attract repeat business. This franchisor goes all out to help businesses to maximize their potentials through the design of beautiful signs. This, in turn, impacts your franchise.

According to Signarama, over 80% of its business comes from repeat clients.

  • Continuous Support

One of the great things with Signarama is that its franchisees are never left stranded. In other words, it continually provides support long after commencing your operations.

Does this end? Not at all! This is a continuous relationship that lasts throughout the franchise ownership term.

Financial Requirement

The financial requirement needed to own a Signarama franchise includes the franchise fee, liquid capital, net worth, investment, and royalty. These must be met before you are considered for this franchise opportunity.

  • Franchise Fee

Signarama demands a franchise fee of $49,500. This bestows the right to do business using its trademark, operational manual and the use of its logo among other things.

Total cost ranges between $180,000 to $190,000.

  • Liquid Capital

This includes cash as well any other assets which can be easily converted into cash. Signarama demands a liquid capital of $49,500. This is meant to determine if the business will be financially stable until the time the business becomes profitable.

  • Total Investment

Prospective franchisees are required to have a total investment amount of $185,000 to $195,000. What does the total investment cost include?

Just about everything you’ll need to take off including software, equipment, furniture, and fixtures among others.

  • Royalties

Signarama franchisees are expected to pay royalty fees. This isn’t static and may fluctuate between 2, 4 or 6%. These are financial requirements prospective franchisees are likely to incur.

Training And Support

New franchisees are given all the help they need to operate successfully. These are done through training and support services. Under its training program, the first two weeks are spent in Signarama’s Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

This is located at its corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The next phase involves a week of on-the-job training held in a designated Signarama franchise location. Lastly, two weeks of technical and marketing training are held at your new store. You are supervised by an advisor from Signarama to ensure you hit the ground running.

  • Support

Having completed the training program, its now time to apply what you’ve learned. In other words, you’ll have to begin operations. This can be a nervous experience, which is why the franchisor ensures you aren’t left alone. You are guided through the entire process from site selection assistance to negotiating your lease.

Other forms of support include providing help with your store setup, layout, and design. Signarama helps out by supporting you with staffing and training of new staff to help with smooth operations.

Public relations and advertising are also available to franchisees.

Signarama also provides ongoing support. This form of support lasts for the entire franchise term. By helping you stay competitive, you are positioned for rapid growth and productivity.

Ongoing support includes technical assistance, vendor discounts, regional support staff, special achievement recognition in addition to a strong mentorship program.


Franchisees get to benefit from multiple types of financing opportunities. First, Signarama’s in-house financing covers several critical areas of operation. However, qualifying for its in-house financing depends on having the initial franchise fees in addition to showing proof of meeting its net-worth requirements.

However, the same rules won’t apply to all franchisees.

Signarama has financing agreements with third-party sources that offer financing covering equipment. Some of its leading partners give franchisees the chance to take care of equipment cost with a lease term of 60 years. Veterans aren’t left out of their financing provisions. As a member of VetFran, it makes a special financing offer to veterans.

Based on their years of service, veterans get either 10, 25 or 50% discount off the franchise fee.

Getting Started

If you consider this franchise opportunity to be the perfect fit for you, you can commence right away by letting the franchisor know about your interest. How? By simply filling its online form. After submitting this form, it won’t take long before Signarama contacts you through its representative.

You are asked about your targets and goals but more importantly, the franchisor explains its operations in detail. You get to ask all the questions you have as well. You are assured that all the answers you seek will be provided.

We have briefly discussed the Signarama franchise. However, the main details will be available to you after your application process begins. The franchise disclosure document supplies you with all such details.