How Much Does It Cost To Move A Shed?

How much would it cost to move a shed across town? Let’s find out.

Although a shed may have many uses, it will sometimes need to give way to a more ideal location. Dismantling the shed may not be necessary especially if it’s still useful. Such may be moved to create space as well as to serve other useful purposes in its new location.

There are professionals who are skilled in providing such services. You only need to point the way and allow them to handle the job. However, we’re more interested in the cost implications of moving a shed.

How much will it cost you to move one? Read on to find answers.

Can I Save Cost By Moving the Shed Myself?

There’s usually a temptation to move a shed yourself especially when you seek to cut down on costs.

However, shed moving isn’t as easy as it sounds. It usually needs the use of specialized equipment. The shed will be jacked up and placed or loaded onto a tow truck which then transports it to its new destination.

Lots of risks are involved when doing the job yourself. First, you stand the chance of being injured. Also, you’re likely to cause damage to key parts of the structure even after successfully transporting it. This is likely to result in rapid deterioration.

All these can be avoided by calling a professional. These professionals use all the necessary tools that enhance safety and prevent damage.

Average Cost of Moving A Shed: Prices

The cost of moving a shed falls within an average (from $225 to $500 for a portable-sized shed). However, this is just an overview as there are several other cost details to consider. All costs provided here are only estimates as specific conditions may further impact shed movement costs.

Although prices vary from one company to the next, shed moving companies will charge about $335 for 8’ wide & 16’ long sheds. 10’wide & 16’ long sheds will start from $435. 12’wide & 16’ long sheds cost about $545 while sheds longer than 16’ will incur an added $55.

This doesn’t apply to all moving companies. Plus, specific jobs may differ based on multiple factors which will be discussed shortly.

  • Other Cost Details

Moving costs cover both loading and unloading in addition to the initial 50 miles of travel loaded one way. For destinations beyond 50 miles, an added cost of about $3 per loaded mile will apply. Some shed moving companies follow a one & half hour of loading for determining costs.

For shed moving tasks that go beyond the set time a contracted hourly rate of about $55 may apply.

Some shed moving jobs may require the use of skids. Different sizes of skids will be needed for varying shed sizes. The larger the skids required, the higher the costs involved. Typically, this will fall within the $60n to $85 range.

Additional shed moving costs will apply after a driver goes out to a job site and the shed isn’t ready for moving. The best way to avoid incurring additional costs is to have it (the shed) empty and ready for movement.

Sheds having concrete blocks underneath are covered or included in moving costs

Factors Influencing Shed Moving Costs

There are multiple factors that determine the cost of moving a shed. These include the condition, size, the contractor performing the job, accessibility, distance, and geographical location.

There may also be complications with moving a shed. In such situations, the cost of service may be higher than usual.

Sometimes there may be one or more variables involved. In other words, the above named cost-determining factors may combine to influence the shed moving fee. These will need to be taken into consideration before calling for this service.

  • Shed Condition

The condition of a shed matters a lot and is taken into consideration when writing a price quote. Some sheds may be fragile, thus needing to be moved carefully. Professionals come with the right equipment for the job based on inspections first carried out.

  • Shed Size

The size of a shed always determines the movement costs. The wider and longer the shed is, the more it will cost to move it. For a better perspective on how size affects movement costs, Top Notch is one of the reliable names when it comes to shedding moving.

Now, this company charges $335.00 for sheds having a size of 8’ wide up to 16’ long. $435.00 is the cost for sheds measuring 10’ wide up to 16’ long. $545.00 is the going rate for sheds measuring 12’ wide to 16’ long. Sheds that are longer than 16’ attract an additional $55 to the movement costs.

  • The Contractor or Moving Company

Shed moving services are highly competitive. In other words, there are several players each offering exciting deals to potential clients. As a result, the cost of moving a shed will vary from one company to the next.

In other cases, a shed moving company may have complementary or value-added services. Such packages will influence the cost of moving a shed. It’s important to always compare services between multiple shed moving contractors in order to find the best price possible.

  • Accessibility

The farther a location or destination is, the more likely you’re to pay more. In other words, distance counts when calculating shed moving costs. Companies usually have shed moving rates within a specific territory (say within a 20-mile area).

Anything farther than that will attract additional fees as it takes up additional resources to go the extra mile to deliver your cargo or shed.

  • Geographical Location

Shed moving prices aren’t uniform across all regions or locations. Prices will differ from one geographical territory, state, or region to the next. Therefore, to find out the actual cost of moving a shed in your location, it will be necessary to carry out a survey.

Such may entail visiting the companies (you’ll need an address) or searching online (this is much easier to do) for relevant information such as shed moving companies nearest to you as well as their contact details.

If you’ve read to this point, you should have a better understanding of what it takes or costs to move a shed. Apart from providing you information on the cost details, we’ve also discussed the factors influencing such costs.