10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria And Their Net Worth

List of the Top 10 Richest Nigerian Musicians Now

Do you know who the richest musicians in Nigeria are currently? There has been serious changes in the financial prospects of Nigerian entertainment industry over the past few years

These is why you see new generation hip hop artistes and the likes able to afford a life of luxury unlike those in the last decades.

This has fueled the mad rush into music by many Nigerian youth whether they have what it takes to ‘blow’ or not .

Like me, many other people are curious too . We always ask this simple question: Who are the richest Nigerian musicians and how much are the worth?

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Is Tu face the richest musician Nigeria now? Why bother yourself? To know the richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth, check their popularity as this translates to wealth in Nigerian music scene.

An artiste that is only know in his locality will not make good money. Don’t be deceived by the fake glamour, some musicians are actually not as rich as you imagined. Being a rich Nigerian musician is not all about the fake Rolex, fake dollars and cheap jewelry that you see in music videos.

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So how do I know the top-earning musicians in Nigeria? Simple! Check his or her social stats, this include number of followers on their page, number of views on their musical video on Youtube, the number and quality of awards they have received in recent times, how much the artiste charge for each show, as well as the amount of brand endorsement such a musician has.

All these facts cannot be easily manipulated so you can use them which musicians are balling really hard right now.

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Nigeria’s Wealthiest Artistes And Their Net Worth

This post is a compilation of list of the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria music industry and their estimated worth in Naira and Dollars.

List Of Richest Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth 2015 – 2020

1. P-Square

P-Square is definitely the richest musician in Nigeria and the richest in Africa for 2017. According to the latest ranking available online, this duo-music group raked in millions of Naira on a monthly basis.

According to one of their songs, Taste the Money, these rich Nigerian artistes are enjoying their wealth and are also making efforts at diversifying their investment portfolios.

P square net worth is – N25.6bn

2. Don Jazzy

Is don jazzy richest african musician in Nigeria? This rich bachelor is a musician and a producer according to sources on Forbes comes second on the list of the top 10 richest Nigerian musicians and also number two on the African richest artistes coming behind the sensational R&B singer, Akon of Convict Music.

Don Jazzy net worth is – N7bn

3. Flavour

Quality translates into wealth, so it is not surprising that one of the best musicians in the country is on the list of the wealthiest. Flavour Nabalia started from a church playing guitar and has since moved one, touring the continents of the world.

His good physique, polished talent, skills at playing musical instrument and the African in his work is what endear him to millions of people across Africa. Flavour comes number three on the richest musicians in Nigeria.

Flavour net worth is – N5.7bn

4. D’Banj

One of the biggest entertainer in Nigeria is Ddbanj and trust me, this guy is really loaded! Dbanj gets lots of contracts and endorsements from companies each year.

Don’t mind the broke rumours flying around, comparing who is the richest between don jazzy and d banj is very difficult. Dbanj is very wealthy and influential and moves with the cream de la creme of the society.

D’Banj net worth is – N5bn

5. Tu Face (Tu Baba)

With endorsement from top companies in Nigeria like Guiness and Airtel, plus three platinum records sold out, 2face is one of the richest musician in Nigeria. The rich artiste makes big money from real etate and stocks. He owns Rumours, night clubs located in Festac Town and Ikeja GRA that both worth nearly half a billion Naira.

2 Face net worth is – N4.5bn

6. Davido

Born to a Nigerian billionaire, David Adeleke has made himself so much from the nigerian music industry. Asides being a musician, this rich artiste is also a produce and owner of the record label, HKN Gang. Most of his hits,

Diamond, Aye and Gobe sold well on iTunes.

Davido keeps getting richer from endorsements from MTN and Guiness as well as money made from shows and international tours. Many people want to know between Wizkid and davido who is the richest musician. Friends, give it to Davido.

Davido’ net worth is – N2.9bn

7. Iyanya

Iyanya is a nigerian artiste that makes so much cash from endorsements. From the point he won MTN Project Fame season 1 in 2008, he has never looked back. Solo Mobile and Zinox computers got him deals than run into hundreds of thousands in Dollars.

Starting from hits like Kukere, Iyanaya amassed wealth for himself from local and international shows.

Iyanya net worth is – N2.5bn


With a MTN ambassadorial deal worth almost 50 million Naira and that of Pepsi going to 400 thousand dollars,

Wizkid is one of the most wealthy musicians in Nigeria. He has a range of luxury cars ranging from Porsche Panamera S to his blue Volkswagen convertible coupled with a 200million apartment in Lekki Lagos.

This guy charges on the average a whooping 5million naira per show. Between Olamide net worth and that of wizkid which is more? Wizkid and davido who is the richest? It is definitely Wizzy!

Wizkid net worth is – N2.3bn

9. Banky W

Banky W is the CEO and boss of EME Records that brought Wizkid into limelight. He makes a lot of money from business endorsements and shows. Apart from being a brand ambassador to Etisalat Nigeria, he is also an ambassador for Samsung Mobile Nigeria.

He keeps getting richer when these companies renew their agreements with him. Just recently, Banky W alongside

DBanj signed a multimillion naira contract with Ciroc.

Banky W net worth is – N1.8bn

10. Timaya

Timaya has a distinct vocal identity He is also our number then on the list of the top 10 richest artist in nigeria 2017.

This successful artistes is the most popular from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Dem Papa, Sanko and Bum Bum are some of his explosive hits generating millions of dollars for this wealthy Nigerian artiste.

Timaya net worth is – N1.1bn

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It is a know fact that working hard open doors! Congrats to these current 10 richest musicians in Nigeria now. But do you agree with the entirety of this list of the richest artiste in Nigeria?

Let me know what you think.

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