How To Reduce Building Costs In Construction


I have compiled this post from my recent observation on practices and adjustments which can help reduce cost of building.

After looking into factors that minimize and increase building costs, I came up with these tips to reduce the cost building a house.

10 Ways To Lower/Cut Building Costs

==> Choose Site Location Carefully

Apart from increasing your total cost of building, your choice of site will affect how much getting a building plan will cost, how much omo onile people will charge and what rates artisans will charge. Choose wisely between low, medium and high income earners settlement so you don’t get stuck in the process of building your house.

==> Assess The Soil

Also, the nature of the soil can influence how much your building foundation will cost. Constructing foundation in a muddy, swampy or soft soil need is more capital intensive than that on a strong sand. In Lagos, some foundation may run into tens of million which is enough to completely finish building a house in some other parts.

==> Use Project Management Professionals

Project managers are important if you want to maximize spending on a project. They are trained to plan and execute project. Getting one will help you get better value for your funds and prevent wastage. So save yourself the stress and hand over to a building expert who would help oversee the project better and prevent wastes.

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==> Stick To An Affordable Design

Save money by defining what you really want in and from the building at the start. Some adjustments can cost you quite a huge sum e.g a terribly designed roof. Make sure you employ the services of a professional architect so as to be able to get the best in quality and design.

==> Use Local Materials Where Available

Nigerians have a huge crave for imported materials. Because a building material is imported does not guarantee that it is of top quality. Except where the need is based on specification or necessity, use locally available materials in your construction to save overhead cost. It is also important to note that reducing the cost of building your house at the expense of quality is dangerous.

==> Buy Or Mould Blocks Yourself

Calculate cost analysis in choosing whether to mold cement blocks yourself or to buy already made ones. Some people discover that it is cheaper to buy bags of cement, loads of sand and employ people to mould the blocks on the site while others on the other hand prefer to buy already produced blocks from block making industries considering the stress involved in moulding it themselves.

==> Build In The Dry Season

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Starting a building project when the rains are away will help let your project set/dry faster. Rain will not be around to disturb your workers or stop their work. A major disadvantage is that cost of building materials increases in the dry season while the price crashes in the wet/raining season. However you will discover that what you have saved by constructing in the dry season beats this price differences in building materials completely.

==> Get Price Quotations Ahead

Even before getting price quotations from artisans, make sure you go to the market yourself to find out current prices of the materials you will need on your site. If possible, go with the worker who would use the materials so you can buy according to specifications. You will get a better price as you become more familiar with the sellers of these building materials.

==> Create Suppliers Competition

Initiate competition among people supplying building materials to your site. Get as many building materials suppliers as possible because this will give you the power to negotiate price to your favour. This method is very effective especially if you buy building materials in large quantities.

==> Re-Use Materials

Some building materials can be used for more than once before they get spoilt totally. Look for such materials and re-use them on your site. For instance; wood, steel rods etc can serve other many other purposes on your site.

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Other steps to cut building costs include:

==> buying only necessary materials to reduce waste
==> improving your pricing skills
==> Not giving your workers the impression that you much money to throw around as they may start cheating you when buying the materials or even increase their charges.

These are some practical steps on how to reduce construction costs. Share.

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