Sample Real Estate Syndication Business Plan Template


If you want to be a real estate agent but lack the financial and intellectual capacity to invest in major projects, you may want to consider setting up a real estate business. This is why this article was written. To provide help with your plans.

We are confident you’ll find this real estate syndication business plan quite helpful. By making it as simple as possible, we have enhanced comprehension significantly.

Do you have such plans? If you do, we welcome you to read along.

By the end, you should have no problems whatsoever putting a real estate business plan together.

However, we advise you take all the time necessary to write a good plan. It all depends on understanding of what is required.

– Executive Summary

THORANOS ™ Constructions is a real estate syndication business founded by 5 partners. Each partner represents professionalism and service excellence. Such attributes have resulted in the formation of a formidable real estate enterprise. Although we are new as a business, our industry experience goes deep. As a result, we aren’t in the business to just make up the numbers but to make real impact.

We are located in the heart of New Orleans, LA. This location is special in many respects. A major reason is due to damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. Although this happened quite a long time, the city hasn’t fully recovered. We have pooled our financial and intellectual resources together. As a result, we are well positioned to enter a prime market.

  • Our Services

Our services are mainly the purchase, repair and sale of properties. We’ve had significant progress in the this area of business in the past. Thus prior experience will contribute significantly to our success. In addition to the above services, we will also provide real estate consulting. Although these are clear areas we’re focused on, we are open to including related services in the future.

  • Our Mission

We have the single mission of providing quality real estate services. As such, we are targeting the most viable projects to purchase, renovate/build as we as sell. Our group of investors enable us embark on big ticket projects. As a result, we are working towards becoming big league players.

  • Our Vision

Real estate has evolved over the years. That is to say so much progress has been made. Although such is the case, there is still a lot to be achieved. Hence, we are coming with the intention of playing an important role in its continuous improvement.

  • Financing

We have succeeded in bringing together a group of investors. Our 12 investors have been able to raise a capital of $20,000,000.00. This is a significant amount that will go a long way to boost our business. Real estate syndication is capital intensive. While this is true, we have done a great job in attracting the needed investments.

  • SWOT Analysis

An analysis of critical indicators has been done. This is meant to enable us measure our degree of readiness. It also reveals where more effort is needed. Through such, we won’t operate blindly but with definite plans towards making progress. Below are the findings of each indicator;

i. Strength

Over the last 5 years, we have carefully planned and reviewed our business concept. This is coupled with our expertise in the area of real estate investing. The same diligence has been applied to the selection of our team. They say the quality of a team determines how successful it is. Consequently, we have put together a dynamic team. These consist of sponsors, investors, as well as financial experts. These are professionals with impressive resumes.

By leveraging on their strengths, we are able to achieve our targets faster.

ii. Weaknesses

We aren’t ashamed to spot our weakness and make adjustments where necessary. Thus, we’ve identified such weaknesses to include our inability to service certain clients. Especially those outside of Louisiana. However, this is only temporary pending when we expand to other states.

iii. Opportunities

Our opportunities are boundless! We have so much potential for growth. As a result, we are focused on exploiting them effectively. The real estate market in Louisiana is booming! This doesn’t look like it’s slowing down soon. Also, there are large markets across the country. Starting with our current location, we intend to kickstart our expansion drive within 8 years.

iv. Threats

The global financial crises of 2008 significantly affected the real estate sector. This led to massive losses in Investments and property. This isn’t a one-time event as it still holds relevance today. In other words, a financial meltdown will dry up investments. Other threast faced by us are natural disasters. These can be so destructive like Katrina in 2005. A repeat or worse will lead to major losses.

  • Sales Projection

Our operations, like other businesses depends on sales. Therefore we’ve sought to find out our profitability within a three year timeframe. What we found out was promising as shown in this summary below;

  1. First Financial Year.     $5,000,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year. $15,000,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year $40,000,000.00
  • Marketing Strategies

Marketing is crucial for attracting sales. Therefore we are actively engaged in promoting our services and operations.

We have assembled a world-class marketing agency to co-ordinate all marketing activities. In addition to that, they are to also enhance our image through branding.

  • Industry Trends

Real estate syndication services have witnessed a jump post Katrina era. This has even been felt more in the state of Louisiana. Also, an air of optimism continues to fuel investments. However, 2 major threats; a repeat of the destruction caused by this natural disaster. Another is the possibility of an economic downturn. These aren’t far away.

Have you found this useful? We are confident you have. This is only a template that can be used to write your plan.

You should consider adding important aspects that reflect your situation.

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