Sample Property Management Business Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary of a Property Management Business Plan

Property management is becoming increasing attractive to investors and entrepreneurs alike due to its inherent financial rewards.

However, with this opportunity comes a challenge of putting the right business structures in place. Setting up a business requires a lot of planning which must be conducted and scrutinized before entering into the implementation stages. One of such requirements is the business plan.

The executive summary is a section of the business plan which is key to how well the business plan is written. Many entrepreneurs have failed in this regard due to inadequate knowledge on what this section of the business plan should contain.

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We are interested in revealing the requirements for writing your own unique executive summary through the provision of a property management business plan executive summary to enable you scale through the hurdle of ignorance.

The Executive Summary

Green Belt Realtors is a property management company in Hawaii which specializes in providing property management services to corporate and individual clients.

A major part of our property management services cover residential properties as well as commercial or corporate properties which we will handle successfully due to our expertise in this area. We are also own real estate properties which are currently rented to both individual and corporate entities.

Successes recorded in the handing of all real estate ventures owned by us would be replicated in our business with our clients as we have a solid track record which will speak volumes. In the long term, we will be in involved in the acquisition of more properties as a way of expanding our business operations. We would be looking beyond Hawaii to cover more States within the United States. This is because we have a national outlook would seek to build a nationally respected brand.

The owners of Green Belt Realtors are James Boyden and Hansen Drake. Both are estate surveyors with impressive years of service. They have worked with major property management companies within the United States, and are bringing their wealth of experience to bear on the business.

Financing the business will be through loan arrangements which will be handled by reliable financial institutions who have been supportive of our business over the years.

Our financial projections are promising as more capital continues to find its way into the property management sector. This represents a healthy level of investor confidence in the property management industry, and we would leverage on this to increase our levels of profitability.

A three year financial projection for this business supported by current trends gives us something to cheer about. The figures are summarized in the chart below;

  • First Year $300,000
  • Second Year $390,000
  • Third Year $600,000

We would be adopting a business model which focuses on providing high value services using very efficient methods which maximises costs, and unnecessary expenditures. This will be achieved through streamlining all our business activities to encourage efficiency while cutting down on waste.


At Green Belt Realtors, our mission is to establish a property management business which would be able to compete favourably with other established brands.

Through the adoption of the right measures as well as getting the best hands within the property management industry to run our business, we have our sights on eventually breaking into the big league and to cement our position among the top ten property management businesses in America.


We are in the business to survive and thrive, thus, there are several cases of foreclosures which are rife within the property management industry. We have positioned ourselves to purchase these properties at distressed rates, and put these back into the market for rental. Of course this would be after the standards of these properties have been improved upon or inspected. Displaced persons will be housed in such properties which would be charged at low-cost.

While being in the property management business to make a profit, we will also be guided by compassion, and would conduct all our business activities with a human face. Thus, we would have consideration for humanity in all our business dealings.

Business Objectives

While seeking to build on our past successes, we are also determined to ensure we raise the bar in the way property management business is conducted. To achieve this, we will continuously engage in the development of better and more efficient ways of doing business which would make our clients happy, as well as reposition the business to grow.

Keys to Success

An important area we would be concentrating our efforts on apart from satisfying our clients is to develop the capacity of our workforce to deliver superior services to clients. We would embark on periodic trainings to update our workforce to adapt to global best practices in property management.

We are willing to go all the way in ensuring our work condition is top notch. This is in addition to an attractive remuneration packages and bonuses to serve as an incentive for our workforce.

This property management business plan executive summary sample gives a picture of what the executive summary section should contain.

By using this as a guide, while brainstorming on what holds true for your business, you would be able to properly write your executive summary section with little or no problems.

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