Sample Ostrich Farming Business Plan


Ostrich farming business particularly focuses on the growing and selling of ostrich and ostrich related products.

If you are interested in starting an ostrich farming business, you must pay special attention to the location of your farm, since ostriches are particularly reared in areas with arid conditions.


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Here is a sample business plan for starting an ostrich farm and a free feasibility study you can use.

BUSINESS NAME:  Lilly Bennett and Son Ostrich Farms Ltd.

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales Forecast
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Conclusion


Lilly Bennett and Son Ostrich Farms Ltd is an ostrich farming business that is duly registered and licensed to operate in Alabama, United States. The business will be particularly focused on offering a number of ostrich related products and services which include: ostrich meat, ostrich eggs, ostrich hide, ostrich eyes, ostrich feet, young chicks, ostrich feathers, adult Ostriches.

The business will be owned and managed by Lillian Bennett and her son; both of whom are very experienced in the industry. To start up the business, a total of $250,000 will be needed. This startup capital will cover all the startup expenses as well the first two (2) months’ salary of employees.


Lilly Bennett and Son Ostrich Farms Ltd is an ostrich farm that is intended to provide its products and services to customers in the United States. We will particularly be focused on offering our products and services in Alabama, United States.

We are prepared to offer all the various kinds of ostrich related products to our customers all over the United States. In due time, we will expand into the global market, offering our products and services to customers all around the globe.

The following are some of the products and services that we will be offering:

  • Ostrich meat
  • Ostrich eggs
  • Ostrich hide
  • Ostrich eyes
  • Ostrich feet
  • Young chicks
  • Ostrich feathers
  • Adult Ostriches
  • Consultancy and Training Services


Our mission is a very simple one: we want to make sure we become a reputable ostrich farming brand that will be a model to not only ostrich farming business startups, but to all existing ostrich farming businesses in the United States.


Our vision at Lilly Bennett and Son Ostrich Farms Ltd is to become the number one ostrich farm in the United States, renowned for producing quality ostriches and ostrich products which are safe to consume. We want to make sure we are well-reputed and renowned in the industry. We will accomplish our business vision by making sure we do not go outside the laws of Alabama, and the United States.


We desire to build our ostrich farming business into a very reputable one that is up to the standards in the industry.

In view of this, we have come up with key decisions as regards our customers, and our business set-up.

We will make sure we offer a variety of ostrich products to our customers, just so we ensure we completely take advantage of all the various niches.

We will hire only experienced hands to make up our team. The recruitment procedures will be very stringent just to make sure we get only experienced, competent, and innovative minds into our business. The following are the key positions that will make up our business structure:

  • Farm Manager
  • Purchasing and inventory Manager
  • Livestock supervisor
  • Store Manager
  • Accountant / Cashier
  • Marketing Team
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Cleaner
  • Security Personnel
  • Receptionists

Market Trend

There is a growing trend (albeit slow) for the consumption of ostrich meat and ostrich products. People have started consuming more of ostrich meat due to the fact that it is relatively cheap and healthier, and it has more protein compared to the regular meat.

Ostrich meat is known to contain more protein and Iron. At the same time, it contains less cholesterol, calories, and fat. This has become a key marketing strategy used by entrepreneurs in the ostrich farming business towards marketing ostrich meat and products.

Target Market

The following are the various groups that make up our target market:

  • Households
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Sports People
  • Students
  • Health Nuts
  • Research Institutes


Below is the sales projection for Lilly Bennett and Son Ostrich Farms Ltd. This sales projection is for the first three years after startup. The Sales projection is only an estimate, and it is based upon the statistical data available in the industry, as well as other factors.

Year One                    $280,000
Year Two                   $550,000
Year Three                 $900,000


It is a very crucial thing in the industry to always promote your brand. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of people are not aware of the benefits of ostrich products. We do realise that it is by promoting our brand and marketing our products that we will be able to effectively communicate our business to our customers.

We have therefore set out various strategies to promote our ostrich farming business:

  • We will open our ostrich farm in a grand style so as to spark up interest in the region.
  • We will send out our business brochure and fliers to the various groups that make up our target market.
  • We will list our business in yellow pages.
  • We will launch a website, as well as place ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • We will make sure to always use, and encourage, word of mouth in promoting our brand.

Source of startup Capital

We have been able to come up with an estimate of $250,000 as the startup budget for our ostrich farming business.

The owners, Lillian Bennett and her son, have been able to generate as much as $100,000 from their savings, and investments.

In order to complete the startup capital, they have also intended to obtain a soft loan from their banks.


This is an ostrich farming business plan sample bearing the business name, ‘Lilly Bennett and Son Ostrich Farms Ltd’. The ostrich farm will be located in Alabama, United States. It will be completely focused on offering ostrich meat, and ostrich related products to customers all over the United States. Part of the startup budget will be generated from the owners’ savings and investments, while the other part will be obtained as soft loan from the bank.

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