Sample NGO Business Plan


Are you interested in starting an education or youth NGO? By the way, an NGO stands for a Non Governmental Organization.

Do you plan on writing your NGO business plan yet possess little or no knowledge on how to go about it?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are at the right place as this article seeks to provide you with necessary tips through the unveiling of a sample NGO strategic business plan that will provide guidance.


For the person with interest in writing an NGO business plan, all you have to do is follow this sample carefully, while brainstorming on the realities faced by your business. It will sure be worth your time, especially if you dedicate enough time into writing one for your business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an NGO business.

We will write the business plan under the following headlines;

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Target Market
  • Source of Revenue
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Giving Hope is an NGO business located in New Orleans which would be involved in the provision of humanitarian services to inner city teenagers, especially those most vulnerable to abuses, drugs and violence (mostly gun related).

By the nature of our operations, we are a nongovernmental body seeking to effectively contribute to the progress of society. There are challenges and associated risks which will definitely be encountered. To ensure that these risks are considerably reduced, we will be forming a partnership with law enforcement to enable us reach our targets.

Many of our targets are victims of rape, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution and several other types of problems and vices. We have discovered that to have a saner society, the problems should be tackled from the source. To do this effectively, we are not only going to rescue these youths, but will also be involved in sensitizing parents and all other members of society about their roles as a way of mitigating unwanted situations in America’s inner cities and suburbs.

Products and Services

As the name suggests, our services are basically that of giving hope to the down-trodden and to those who have lost of hope and are at risk of committing suicide. These services will be driven and handled by competent hands which include counsellors, social workers, people who have been there themselves (to serve as motivation to others that they can get a better life).

We have also entered into partnerships with businesses operating within New Orleans to provide jobs for rehabilitated youths, as a way of teaching them to take responsibility.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to make society a better place. We are driven by a passion of service to humanity and plan on spreading our operations to cover other cities beyond New Orleans to offer succour to those in need of it. Starting from New Orleans, we are determined to make the streets a lot safer through enlightening and rehabilitating youths with troubled backgrounds.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simply that of reaching as many as possible through the process of expansion of our operations to all the Cities within the United States.

We have set a time frame for achieving this target, and we have a firm belief that in within 8 years from the time of commencement of business operations, we would be able to achieve our objective.

Target Market

Although a non-profit organization, we will be raising funding for our activities through soliciting for well-meaning donors as well as establishing small scale business ventures where rehabilitated youths and teenagers will be trained in several skills and taught the basics of taking responsibility as they owe a responsibility to themselves and to society.

Our target will basically consist of the young, mostly persons ranging from 10 to 25 years.

Source of Revenue

We are embarking on a strong revenue drive aimed at enabling us generate the required funding to remain operational. A capital funding of $120,000 has been kept aside for this purpose by the found of Giving Hope, Susan Price.

The rest of the funding will be sourced by soliciting for donations from businesses within the neighbourhood, as well as donor groups.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

We require a lot of publicity and advertisement in order to spread word about our services. This is a requirement to attract funding for Giving Hope.

Therefore, we are adopting far-reaching and effective advert strategies aimed at attracting these donors and also as a way of spreading word about the services we offer. We will do this as a way of attracting willing targets, and also as a way of encouraging the society to support our efforts by coming out to lend a hand.

We will use all advert and publicity tools in helping us reach a wide audience. This is in addition to building a website for our NGO.

Through the use of the internet via the website and social media, we believe that the right publicity will be achieved. We are will not restrict our publicity and advert to the internet alone, as we would also place paid adverts in both print and electronic media among several other strategies.

This sample NGO business plan has provided some of the most basic requirements a business plan document should contain. While using this as a reference, difficulties normally faced when writing your own NGO business plan will be greatly reduced.

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