Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Nestle toll house café is a company that began franchising in the year 2000 and it has its headquarters in Richardson, Texas, United States of America serving crest foods such as cookies and other different nestle products.

Do you know how much franchising a Nestle Toll House Cafe cost? When it comes to offering top quality cookies, coffee, ice cream, baked foods, and smoothies, the major cafe that comes to mind is the Nestle Toll House Cafe. They have very strong brand recognition, brand loyalty, and consumer awareness. It is no wonder a lot of people want to know how much is Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise?

The Cafe features Brands such as Nescafe, Toll House, Nesquik, Nestle crunch, Edy’s, and Dreyer’s IceCream and if you may want to know, they offer franchise opportunities in the following formats;

  • Kiosk
  • In-line
  • Street Cafés


The Nestle Toll House Cafe is a franchise that was established in the year 2000 by Ziad Dalal and Doyle Liesenfelt in the United States. They have a presence in Canada as well. The duo started as Crest Foods, which is the parent franchisor for Nestle. The Nestle Toll House Cafes are commonly found in shopping malls.


If you have the motivation, desire, and financial capacity to own and run a retail/food business coupled with knowledge and expertise that will come in handy; sound business background as well as management experience.

Then you can consider buying a Nestle Toll House cafe Franchise.

  • Be Prepared: For you to be able to run successfully a Nestle Toll House cafe Franchise, you will need to acquaint yourself with every information about the company. From their history to their wonderful products and the concepts behind the products as well as the service delivery techniques of the company
  • Make a Formal Franchise Application: To qualify for the Nestle Toll House cafe Franchise opportunity, you will need to fill an application form on the company’s website indicating your interest. After doing that, members of the Franchise Development Team will review your application and then give you feedback
  • The Franchise Agreement: In the situation whereby your application is reviewed, the franchise agreement will be sent to you and you will be expected to append your signature on the agreement form and send back to the company, this you send alongside your Franchise Fee for the final approval by the Executive Committee. In the case whereby your application is not approved, your franchise fee will be refunded, but if you are fortunate enough to get approved, then you move on to the next step
  • Secure a Cafe Location; The Nestle Toll House Cafe will assist you in evaluating and selecting locations for your cafe. The Real Estate team will be deployed for this purpose and assistance will be offered in securing the best location to site your store.
  • Store Design and Construction: The Nestle Toll House Cafe has a design and Construction unit that will give you the required assistance in putting together your cafe building. You will get maximum support from the Franchise Development Manager throughout the period of construction.
  • Training: The Nestle Toll House cafe Franchise will expect you to attend a 10-day Franchise Training Course within the first two months of operation. The training will hold at the Corporate Headquarters of the company at Richardson in Texas. The manager of your store or any principal operator is mandated by the Nestle Toll House Cafe to attend their annual meeting and any other meeting that the company deems it fit for the manager to participate.


To fully qualify for the Franchise Opportunity with Nestle Toll House Cafe, you will be expected to have a liquidity capital of about $100,000 and the initial fee of Nestle Toll House cafe Franchise is $30,000. This is the actual Franchise License Fee that you are expected to pay and it is a one-time payment. You will also be expected to have a cash worth of about $300,000.

A total of about $150,000 to $500,000 will be the total investments needed to startup a Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise. This will surely include the Initial Franchise Fee and other relative costs such as real estate, fixtures, cost of advertisements, office equipment, computer software and hardware, internet, and other office inventories.

As it is with most franchises, you will be expected to make a Royalty Fee, which is just 6% of the annual gross revenue as well as an Advertisement fee of 1.5%


You might want to enquire if Nestle Toll House Cafe offers financial assistance to their franchisees. They do not directly or indirectly offer any form of financial assistance to their franchisees. The only benefit you get from the company is their relationship with Third-party financing institutions that are readily available to offer financing to cover up your startup costs, equipment, and inventory.

If you have all the documents and financial requirements to start your Nestle Toll House cafe Franchise, then you are set on the right path as the company is reported to be profitable and their franchise is quite lucrative to try out.

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