Some people may wonder what an ADP card means. This is because although there are advantages attached to its usage, not everyone has taken advantage of this card.

Also, others have heard about it but do not understand how it works. If you fall into any of the above categories, wonder no more as this article offers you comprehensive coverage of My ADP Card.

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Well, let’s get to business, shall we?

What Is the ADP Card?

Most of you would like me to get into the details immediately but wait! Shouldn’t we explain what ADP stands for?

ADP is an abbreviation that stands for Automatic Data Processing.

This is a global company involved in the business of outsourcing services. Its global headquarters is located in Roseland, New Jersey, USA.

Now, among the list of services offered by Automatic Data Processing Inc, is the issuance of reloadable prepaid Visa/Master Cards.

This card is a low-cost alternative to paychecks and offers convenience in financial transactions for its users.

Automatic Data Processing Inc. issues the Aline Card for its users. ADP itself is the name of the company, or the card issuer, while the name of the card is the Aline Card.

From now on, we would make use of the name of the card during the rest of the article.

The Benefits of Using the ADP (Aline) Card

There are several benefits attached to using Aline Card for financial transactions. A major benefit is its $0 fee charge. How does this work?

Easy! Every Aline cardholder is a potential beneficiary.

Simply make unlimited over-the-counter financial transactions with either your Visa Aline card or with your Aline MasterCard in any Aline member banks.

This gives you complete freedom and control over your money as there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

This benefit also extends to cash withdrawals using the Aline cards in designated ATMs, however, the benefits may be limited for ATMs as compared to over-the-counter financial transactions where there is no limit whatsoever.

Another advantage of using ADPs Aline cards is that you benefit from a cashback program in Automatic Data Processing Inc’s partner retail stores.

ADPs Aline Card Activation

As with any prepaid card, you would need to activate your Aline card before you can make any financial transactions.

After receiving your Aline card, to guard against fraud, you are expected to activate this card by visiting the card issuer’s website. An alternative is to call their helpline.

All information regarding this process is found here;

It is important to note that by activating your Aline card, you have agreed to abide by all ADPs terms and conditions regarding the usage of its card.

Can I Use my Aline Card as a Credit Card?

Absolutely no!

Automatic Data Processing (ADP), has not made that available, as all the card variants (that is, Visa and MasterCard) can only be used as a debit card.

The Aline cards can be loaded with your pay and every transaction made anywhere using your Aline card is deducted from your card.

Cases of Theft or Loss of Card

Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP) has made adequate provision for cases of theft and loss of cards.

If any of the above happens, all you need to do is to contact ADPs cardholder services through their emergency phone numbers found on ADP’s website.

Immediately a report is lodged, the card is canceled and any available funds are transferred onto a new Aline card, and shipped to you at no added cost.

However, Automatic Data Processing Inc. has a Card Fee Schedule that gives a detailed breakdown of any charges which may result from the issuance of new cards.

Although these charges do not apply to the loss of your Aline card within one calendar year, as you are entitled to a free card issuance per calendar year.

Fund Insurance

ADP has provided all the necessary protection for the user’s funds, as all funds loaded onto the Aline card are ensured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

This provides a confidence booster to Aline card users as they can use their cards without fear of the loss of their funds. The insurance provided by the FDIC covers the maximum amount allowed by law.

Account Statements

To ensure that users of the Aline card keep up with their spending, ADP has provided an account statement feature for the usage of their cards.

This can easily be accessed through the ADPs cardholder website on

Here, every detail about your card usage is logged. However, for users without access to online services, the statement is mailed to them on request at no added cost.

Although in cases of monthly paper statements, a fee may be charged by ADP.

My ADP card as seen above is an easy-to-use tool in financial transactions that gives the user the freedom and protection of funds, and the ability to keep track of spending through the provision of an account statement which can either be accessed online or through the receipt of a paper version through mailing on request.

The popularity of the ADP card continues to grow, and with the current trend, the satisfaction it affords its users could lead to an increase in more users.