This article will focus on the Kroger Plus card, to explain how this card works and where such can be used.

For non-users of the Kroger plus card, this information can be useful, as it can provide you with vital details that may be taken advantage of to solve some of your needs.

But before we go any further, let’s get into the details of what a Kroger Card is.

Kroger Plus Card Benefits, Application & Registration

I am sure a lot of people have stopped or passed by a Kroger grocery store, this is our starting point, as the Kroger stores are the issuers of the Kroger Plus Card.

By being the sole issuers of the Kroger plus card, there are associated benefits to using the cards.

We will discuss these in detail later, but in explaining some of the benefits briefly, the Kroger Plus Card offers users attractive discounts when Shopping at Kroger Stores as well as when buying fuel.

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About Kroger

Founded by Bernard Kroger, in the year 1883, by revenue, the Kroger Store is America’s largest supermarket chain, with a presence spread across the country.

Being a major global brand, it is little wonder why its card is sought-after by shoppers, as it gives them the advantage of benefitting from its many shopping/patronage incentives.

Kroger operates in the food processing, pharmacy, manufacturing as well retailing industries where it has jewelry stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores among several others.

What You Can Do With A Kroger Plus Card

By possessing a Kroger Plus card, you are entitled to benefit from the several advantages offered by Kroger stores, this includes the benefit of participating in its fuel reward points program, where a Kroger Plus card account benefits from points gained when checking out.

These points qualify you to benefit from a wide range of services, as they can be redeemed or exchanged for services at Kroger stores.

Another advantage of using the Kroger Card is that allows you to benefit from coupons sent out by Kroger to its cardholders. These are either sent through email or mails.

Whatever option is used, one thing is certain; these coupons may include free products in line with the shopping habits of the user.

For online coupons, these are sometimes loaded onto the Kroger Plus Card and reflect whenever the card is used at checkout.

The Kroger Fuel Point

An advantage the Kroger Plus Card bestows on its user is the benefit of accumulating points that can be redeemed whenever it is required.

A way of redeeming these points is through the discounts they qualify the user for when buying gasoline.

Another advantage of the points is that there is no cap on the number of points one can get, as you can have as much as you can. However, these points have an expiry date, as they would automatically expire after two months.

You need not worry about losing all your points at once, as Kroger gives you the flexibility of using your points. You may therefore decide to use older points first, or allow the default setting of using newer points first.

Whatever the case, The Kroger Plus Card gives you the flexibility and control over how your points are used. An exception to this is when discounting gasoline at Shell. In this situation, only the newer points are used.

Applying For The Kroger Plus Card

Having known some of the benefits attached to the usage of a Kroger Plus Card, the application process is quite easy.

To apply for a Kroger Plus Card, simply visit any Kroger location nearest to you.

All of the stores have a customer service desk. Approach any of these customer service desks and make your inquiries about the Kroger Plus Card application process.

You are given an application form to fill. Ensure you carefully fill in all the required details which are mostly your contact information as well as personal information.

After returning the application form, your Kroger Plus Card is finally issued to you.

Registering Your Kroger Plus Card

It is not enough to be issued a Kroger Plus Card, as you would also need to register your card. Without registering your Kroger Plus card, you will be unable to use it.

To register this card, simply visit the Kroger website at during the registration process, ensure you add your mailing address. This is to enable Kroger to mail coupons to you.

Other benefits you will get include coupon booklets which come along with free coupons for selected products based on your shopping habits.

Accruing Kroger Points

To accumulate your Kroger points, you only need to follow an easy process. This simply involves the purchase of gift cards, and also the purchase of groceries among others.

With each transaction recorded on your Kroger Plus card during checkout, a point is immediately rewarded. On every dollar spent, you earn a point.

However, the purchase of gift cards, earns you two points per single dollar.

As explained above, the Kroger Plus card has several benefits available to its users. Points gathered from purchases can be redeemed through discounts on fuel purchases among others.

Why shop at a Kroger store without the Kroger Plus Card?

With the information made available in this article, we seek to enlighten Kroger shoppers to shop smarter and better.