Sample Hookah Bar Business Plan Template


Do you know how to make business plan for a hookah lounge?

Setting up a Hookah bar business is definitely a great idea, it is especially profitable if established in an environment that is dominated by college students. A hookah bar business is one business that will always have a high level of patronage as long as people are willing to catch some fun and also smoke shisha.

As a matter of fact, shisha smoking is one of the trademarks of hookah bars.

Well, if you are going through this article, we believe you are interested in starting a hookah bar. This article contains a hookah bar business plan sample that will be beneficial for writing your business plan. The sample business plan is both very comprehensive and easy to understand.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a hookah lounge business.

Business Name: J & J Hookah Bar

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

J&J hookah bar is a hookah bar that will jointly owned by a group of friends that graduated from New York University and have stayed back to run a business. They will be running the business with a more established friend who left school some years ago and has managed a couple of hookah bars.

At J&J hookah bar, we will have the following on sale; tobacco products, snacks, drinks, both herbal and traditional shisha, cigars and wines. All the services that we will be offering our clients will be offered in a healthy and friendly environment.

Customers at J&J hookah bar will never be bored as there will always be music playing in the background. The music will just be loud enough to be heard by everyone without being a distraction.

Our Products and Services

J&J hookah bar is a bar that will function in a healthy environment and will make products such as shisha, and tobacco related products available to students of New York University and other customers. That’s not all that will be available at J&J hookah bar. Other products and services that will be available at J&J hookah bar include:

  • The sale of Cigars
  • The sale of traditional as well as herbal shisha
  • The sale of tobacco related products
  • The sale of snacks and drinks
  • The sale of wines, spirits, Martinis, liquor and beer

Vision Statement

Our vision at J&J hookah bar is to set-up a top notch hookah bar in New York which will serve as a central relaxation spot for individuals (students and non-students) that love cigars, wines and shishas and crave a conducive environment to express themselves.

Mission Statement

At J&J hookah bar, our mission is to startup a hookah bar enterprise that will provide customers with all the benefits that are associated with hookah bars. Such products and services as cigars, spirits and shishas will be available in ample quantity. We are also interested in making good profits as well as providing our customers with an enabling environment for networking.

Business Structure

We are interested to become one of the most prestigious brands in our line of business. We want to blaze the trail in this business and we also want to do it rapidly. To achieve this feat, we are looking to employ individuals that are not just dedicated to their jobs but also put customers first.

One of our watch words at J&J hookah bar is “customer service”. We believe that one way to grow and remain at the top in this business is to have excellent customer service.

We know that all we have set to achieve with this business can’t be achieved when our arms are just folded. We are therefore willing to put in all our efforts until our aim is achieved.

Market Analysis
Market Trends

The hookah bar industry is not a new one in the United States. However, at the moment its prominence is rising very rapidly.

One reason for this is the emergence of various types of Shisha as well as various flavors of cigars. The sudden rise in the demand for hookah bars is also due to the fact that the products and services offered by hookah bars are considered safer than cigarette smoking.

Target Markets

Prior to setting up our hookah bar in New York, we carried out a detailed research and finally came to discover those that make the highest demands on hookah bars. As we result of that, we have come up with a list of people that are on our target radar. They include:

  • University Students
  • Celebrities
  • Tourists

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We are not the only ones that are into this business. Therefore, we have devised very effective methods that will help us get to our target market. They are:

  • Start out on a relatively cheaper price
  • Celebrate our customers
  • Create awareness using handbills
  • Place our greeters in strategic positions to help our customers fell very welcomed

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

In as much as starting a hookah bar is not so capital intensive, we have a plan of sourcing for capital from the bank.

This is because we want to start on a big note and with proper facilities. We already have 70% of the amount that we need. This amounts to $50,000, we are going to get the remaining amount from the bank.

Competitive Advantage

One major factor which J&J hookah bar will use beat its competition is its very large parking space. Also, our compliance to safety and health standards will help us stand out in the crowd.


This is a business plan sample for a hookah bar. It will be located in New York and is owned a group of friends.

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