How To Meet A Celebrity

So many dreams of meeting their favorite celebrity one day.

They dream of a day where they can just walk into an event or a mall and meet their favorite celebrity so they can have a chance to take selfies and get them uploaded on Instagram and Facebook so their friends can get to see them hang out with a celebrity and maybe feel jealous.

For true, it can be an encounter that can’t be easily forgotten.

How To Meet Your Dream Celebrity In Real Life

So, are you looking forward to the day when you will meet your favorite celebrity or any celebrity at all?

After reading through this post, you will discover that meeting a celebrity is very easy and not as hard as you might be thinking. It just involves some advanced preparation on your part.

So, here are 10 ways to meet a celebrity and have a chance to talk a selfie, have an autograph, and maybe hookup.

  1. Concert

This is one popular place to meet a celebrity. If your favorite celebrity is an artist/performer such as a singer, rapper, DJ, comedian, or whatever, then you can easily meet them in any concerts you know celebrity will be gathering.

To easily know their movement, you can follow them on social media. So after the show, you can meet them outside and politely ask for a selfie and express how great you love what they are doing.

  1. Talk Show Where Celebrity is Billed to Appear

This is another place you can meet a celebrity. Many talk shows announce beforehand the identity of their next guest. If you have the money and the time, this is a great way to meet a celebrity.

This method works because, during the course of a show, the celebrities have the opportunity of interacting with the audience, you can even ask them one-on-one questions.

And during commercial breaks, they often mingle with members of the audience.

  1. Social Media

The use of social media can give you the opportunity of interacting directly with a celebrity. Even if you cannot currently speak to them physically, social media affords you the opportunity of interacting with them.

For this purpose, Twitter is widely regarded as the best way of reaching out to a celebrity on social media.

To interact with them, politely organize your message or tweet, asking them intelligent and valid questions or comments.

  1. Get Involved in their NGOs, Charities, or Other Things they have a Passion for

Many celebrities support their communities through charities and other non-governmental organizations.

If you want to meet a celebrity, getting involved in organizations they run is one sure way of meeting with them. You can support or make contributions to the organizations to get their attention.

  1. Get in Touch with High Profile Reporter, Photographer or Wardrobe Makeup/Hair Stylists

This is the easiest way to meet any big shot as they are in regular contact with their assistants.

Be friends with any reporter or your celeb’s photographer/makeup artist and approach them for a meet with their client (your favorite celeb).

  1. Film Festival/Casino/Club

Many film festivals in your country are arranged by big brands.

You can go there and can get a chance to meet with the one. Also, you can visit casino where most of the celebrity goes. But you will need to make sure you are properly dressed and organize.

  1. Reside in the Same Neighborhood or Street

If you know where your favorite celebrity lives or knows where you can find the most celebrity you would love to meet, you can look for a vacant apartment close to them and dwell there.

Celebrities residing in your street or environment can be seen roaming around for shopping and doing their regular stuff.

  1. Get a VIP Access to their Show

This is one of the guaranteed ways of meeting a celebrity.

It might be a bit more expensive than other methods, but it gives you one of the highest rates of success. Get the best seats or location, the closer you are to the celebrity (the stage), the higher your chances of being noticed and acknowledged.

For instance, here is how much it cost to be on The Ellen Show.

A VIP ticket almost always ensures that you speak with or take pictures with the celebrity.

Before purchasing the expensive VIP ticket, ensure that the booking agent tells you exactly what you would be getting and if it involves an interaction with the celebrity.

  1. Be Close to Their Mutual-Friends

This is also one good way to better meet a celebrity and even have a chance to hang out with the celebrity. This method is actually cool because they will not treat you as they would usually treat a ‘fan’.

The chances are they will treat you with more respect and interact better with you.

  1. Hang Around their Shooting Location

This is one better way to meet a celebrity and possibly take a selfie or get an autograph. If you know a celebrity will be doing whether a video shoot or photoshoot, try and be there before the time if possible.

Celebrities know that fans will surely gather, so they will be more friendly in their manner to get the love of their fans. And they will be more willing to take selfies, a group photograph and give autograph too.

Meeting a celebrity is a great experience that not many have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime. But, with patience and continuous effort, you can meet a celebrity.