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Write and Sell Your Songs: Do you know how to sell lyrics for money?

We see and read about artistes that release great albums or singles that make waves across the country and even beyond. We see or read about the type of lifestyle they lead; always flaunting wealth in both their videos as well as their private lives.

This lifestyle is attributable to songwriters or lyricist if you like. So, technically, songwriters write or create lyrics for another artiste with the possibility of making a hit.

Many artists have become world celebrities as a result of a song they sang or released, but some of those artists may not have been the ones who composed or wrote the song in the first instance. For example, Michael Jackson’s song ‘Thriller’ was performed by the renowned artiste, but he was not the person who composed or wrote the song.

Up till today, that album still makes money for his family even after he has passed on to the great beyond. In his later years, the pop musician also released a single titled ‘You Are Not Alone.’ This song, performed by him was also one of the songs that he, Michael Jackson, did not compose, yet the song went on to top the charts for several weeks and made the pop singer a lot of money.

If you are a great songwriter, you stand to make a lot of money in this profession. Songwriters are not necessarily musicians or even recording artistes.

There is a difference between a songwriter and a lyricist; songwriters not only write the lyrics for a song, but they also create the melody for that song. The work of a lyricist is to writes songs and not concerned with the music for the written piece. Knowing how to make money with lyrics is important. You can even make money listening to songs too.

Here are some tips to follow if you plan to make real money with song lyrics:


Write a Song with Emotional Lyrics

There is almost no song that does not convey emotions. Whether you want the song to be a relaxed song or tense and full of paranoia depends on how much emotion you can pour into the lyrics.

Think About Prevailing Situations

When writing the lyrics of a song, you need to call to mind the current situation around you. It could be that you just went through heartbreak, and this emotion could fuel your creativity in constructing lyrics that pertain to anyone suffering heartbreak. Or perhaps, it may be the prevailing situation in your country; endeavor to write the words about it.

The point is to be able to connect with anyone who listens to such songs, for songs that people connect with makes the top charts. For instance, when Paul Walker passed on, a song was composed by Whiz Khalifa in his honor and it served as part of the theme music for the Furious & movie that was released last year. That song remained on the Top 10 charts music billboard for months afterward because people all over the world were able to connect with the song and the late actor. If you are good at this, you will always be able to sell song lyrics online for a good price.

As a songwriter, you get to earn what is called ‘royalties’ each time your song is sold, streamed or downloaded online.

There are two primary ways by which you as a songwriter make money via royalties: you could make money that is generated from the old school music industry which is known as ‘Physical/Analog Songwriter Royalties’ while the other is the ‘Digital Songwriter Royalties’ which is generated via the contemporary digital music industry.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Physical/Analog Royalties: This revenue is usually generated from the sale of CDs or cassettes. The royalty you earn here is known as mechanical royalty which is created from the reproduction of your song. The people behind the payment of this type of fee are the record companies as well as other individuals that manufacture products for your song.

Royalties from Public Performance: You make money every time there is a public performance of your music piece. Public performance, in this sense, is when your song gets to be played on a radio station or at the local pub; it could be performed in a salon or restaurant. The radio and television stations, restaurants as well as bars, movie theaters, and offices are responsible for paying this royalty.

License Royalties: This type of royalty, which is from the ‘Distribution’ copyright, is paid when a television studio or production company or any individual desires to use your composition in a movie, television commercial or a television show. They have to pay for the synchronization license.

Print Royalties: This type of royalty is generated when printed materials such as lyrics and sheet music. When sheet music is created, and an organization of music publisher decides to print some T-shirts with your music lyrics on them, you get paid a print royalty. The government does not take part in such dealings for it is a one-on-one negotiation.

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