Are you planning to set yourself up financially in your 20s? Do you need what it takes to make money legitimately within this age range? Here are the top 10 money moves to make in your 20s.

Lots of times, people wish they could turn back the hands of time to fix certain things about their lives. Making money is mostly top of the list of things they wish they could change.

If you’re in your 20’s or younger, there are lots of opportunities you can exploit. Some of these weren’t there a few decades ago.

Hence, you only need to read on to find out legitimate ways you can make money investing in your 20’s.


Forming the Habits

Habits, once formed stay with you for the rest of your life! This is profound! As such, this truth can be used to improve several areas of your life including your financial future.

Making money in your 20’s starts with forming certain habits that will prove helpful in the long run. For this reason, we will discuss certain habits crucial to helping you achieve this goal.

Your Circle

The people you associate with have a major impact on your finances. If your closest friends are millionaires, chances are that you too will become one.

So, if you’ve not been lucky with the quality of people you hang out with, you may want to give it a second thought.

Winners are attracted to winners! It’s a mindset you’d need to attract by associating with high achievers.

Increase your Streams of Income

Having a single flow of income never makes you rich. Consequently, to make money while you are young, you need to create multiple income streams. But how do you achieve this?

By creating a side hustle. There are lots of things you can do by the side to save up extra income for future investing. This can be achieved no matter your current level of earnings.

Think of the skills you possess and how you can monetize such skills. You may like to take up freelance jobs on the side as well.


Depending on how much you earn on your current job, you may need to save up for some period of time. Though this grows faster with multiple streams of income.

However, savings as used here isn’t just done as an end in itself. You need to save up in order to invest in a fruitful business venture.

This step is very crucial especially when you’re in your 20’s.


You need to form the habit of reading in order to make real impact on your finances as well as other areas of your life. But everybody reads right?

Absolutely! Everyone reads every now and then.

However, this boils down to how many books you read.

To build this habit, you should read at least 7 books a year. Doing so enables you have a deeper knowledge of how the world works. Including finances.

Be Idea Driven

Ideas have ruled the world and will continue to do so. However, people don’t just come across great ideas without thinking about solutions to problems.

As such, you need to always thing of problem solution. There are tons and tons of problems in the world, and people will gladly exchange their money for a solution to such problems. So, the issue isn’t the money. A good idea will attract funding.

Invest in Viable Ventures

It is important that you overcome the urge to spend the whole of your savings on liabilities. Developing the habit of investing in viable ventures in your 20’s will eventually attract the money you seek. Though investing is crucial, not every idea is good.

Therefore, your emotions should be left out during the decision making process.

In other words, you should only invest in assets with great potential for returns. On the other hand, you should try to avoid unrealistic investment opportunities.

Such “opportunities” promise huge returns on investment. These types of investments are perfect recipes for financial disaster.

Have a Plan

Plans enable you avoid making rash financial decisions.

Hence, if you wish to make money easily, you need to be cautious about your actions. Your plans of action determine how far you go.

With well laid out plans are higher chances for financial success. There is no standard format for planning your actions. You only need to document every detailed business and financial moves you make.

Have Goals

With proper planning comes set goals. But such goals should come with specific deadlines. Without deadlines, goals are likely to be violated. In addition to this, you get the chance to clarify your actions.

Therefore, you are able to adjust where an expected outcome turns out otherwise. Being able to adapt to circumstances comes from having a goal as well as a plan.

To be as clear as possible, having money goals enhances your chances of attaining your financial objectives in your 20’s.

The Earlier, the Better

Most people find out too late that their actions or inactions in their 20’s led to their current economic realities. As such, it’d be wise to create your own reality by starting early. Whether you’re in your late teens or 20’s, there’s never a better time than now.

Knowing how to make money in your 20’s involves the steps above. These are more like guidelines that encourage you to form critical habits.

Such habits have proven successful time and again and the same can happen with you. It all starts with the strong determination of taking your financial destiny in your own hands.

The secret to achieving this target is by not following the crowd when it comes to how money is spent.