Make Money From Scrap Metal Business


Scrap is a term used to describe used and recyclable materials left over from every manner of product such as parts of vehicles {metal, tire, etc}, paper, nylon, computer parts, etc. Often confused as waste, scrap in fact has significant monetary value.

Scraps are articles that are not wanted but are of some value for the material they are made of and metal scraps are useful because of the iron they contain.

Examples of metal scrap include automobile parts, ship parts, industrial parts, building parts, and household parts that metal can be extracted from.

Metal scrap can be basically classified into two categories namely HMS {Heavy Melting Scrap} and Used Rails. HMS can be further divided into two groups namely HMS 1 and HMS 1 & 2 depending on the composition of the heaviness of the scraps.

Metal scrap trading is very lucrative in the sense that the demand for the product outweighs the supply. The nation’s national steel consumption rate which is presently estimated at 2,000,000 MT annually is been meet through the recycling of metal scraps because our mining sector in comatose thereby making demand exceed supply.

How to Make Millions From Scrap Metal and Aluminum Supply

Are you aware that Scrap Metal and Aluminum Supply Business is a huge goldmine? What usually comes to your mind whenever you see those young boys mostly from the North hunting for scrap metal and aluminum in your neighborhood? You always say in your mind “what a hungry scavengers”?

My brother, you better think again!

Those guys you see as hungry are in reality making serious dough while you are there whining in pity. You don’t have to roll yourselves in dirty to be in this business. You can do it incorporate way if you like but the important thing is that you are going to make plenty of money. So, drop whatever you’re doing right now and come close to me, I want to show you exactly how to do this iron related business and make N400,000 monthly without staining your clothes.

If you can gather metal, copper, or aluminum in good quantity through any reasonable means, be sure of good money. You wouldn’t even need to transport it because the companies you supply will come picking it themselves. Yours is to take your profit after-sales. The metal is measured in weight and each weight has a given price.

Below are the prices:

1 Ton of metal = N35,000 – N40,000
10 Tons or Trailer load of metal = N350,000 – N400,000
1 Ton of Aluminum = N130,000
10 Tons of Aluminum = N1,300,000

The following companies buy these materials in great quantity at any time of the year. All you have to do is to get them in quantity and call their attention to it, they will come over for it or you take it to them if you like.

METAL RECYCLING INDUSTRIES LIMITED – has now installed a state of the art, METAL RECYCLING and SMELTING Plant in OGUN STATE of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA with a capacity of handling over 100 Metric Tons of Metals per day. The Factory is located at SHAGAMU – IKORODU Road in Ogijo Dist where land was
purchased, the factory building and infrastructure set up, Machinery and Equipment of a most modern processing and Smelting plant imported, installed.

Nigerian Foundries Limited Head Quarters: Otta Plant. Nigerian Foundries Ltd (NFL) is the leading ferrous foundry group in sub-Sahara (excluding South Africa) with a total installed capacity of 8,500 metric tons per year. It has two plants, one in Ilupeju Lagos State and one at Sango-Otta, Ogun State.

NFL started as a small grey iron foundry at Ilupeju in 1969 by the Barberopoulos brothers making municipal castings and water pipeline fittings. Km-38 Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Lyndon Chemical Avenue, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

You need to get some hands to assist you in this business. Recruit some young and jobless boys in your community and engage them in scavenging the material while you pay them some amount of money. It could be in a 30/70% formula – you take 30% while they take 70%. This way, they’d be in business and you will be
making good money off them.

You will need a Scrapyard. That is a place where the metal and aluminum are converged for onward supply. A piece of land will do for this. Once you have your team of boys and a place to gather your metals together, you are good to go. There are absolutely no other things required, just as simple as these.

Comment From Dojo

There is another dimension to it. Some of us may not really have the time to go about looking for scrap. The higher dimension is in the form of environmental protection, liaising with the ministry of environment of your respective states to rid the state of harmful environmental waste. You will agree with me that along major highways, we have abandoned accident vehicles, some totally burnt, others destroyed beyond repair.

Ideally, a govt agency ought to remove these vehicles from the road but they don’t. That is where a business comes in. Remember I said earlier that when a society is disorganized, it presents opportunities for enterprising individuals to make money.


A standard saloon car weighs between 1000kg to 1500kg (between 1 ton – 1.5tons) with the tires, engines, and other accessories. When these vehicles get accidents and are left on the road, they are either vandalized or burnt. Their weight reduces. The worst possible scenario is their weight reducing to 800kg ie without accessories. This is about the weight of the Unclad car itself.

Scrap metal buyers usually buy a kilogram for between ₦70 to ₦180. I believe the steel companies themselves will buy a kilogram for up ₦250. So it depends on who you would want to deal with directly, either the third party buyers or the steel companies themselves.

Now since the frame of a vehicle itself will weigh up to 800kg, it, therefore, means that if you are going to sell one abandoned vehicle frame, you will be making between ₦56,000 to ₦200,000 per vehicle. That is to tell you the wealth lying waste on our highways and in most mechanic workshops. Have you ever wondered where the old beetle vehicles (tortoise cars) are?

Vehicles of the 1960s, 1970s, those old model Peugeot vehicles, where have they all been taken to? Nobody drives them anymore, yet we do not see them litter our mechanic workshops or in the compound of most old men. They have all been removed and sold to our steel companies for raw cash.

Although there are still a few of them in the premises of some old folks who may want to keep those vehicles for history’s sake. When next you pass through a neighborhood and see one rickety vehicle parked beside a house, simply smile and tell yourself I am returning for that!

Find some cash and approach the landlord or the owner of the vehicle, offer to pay him to remove the vehicle from his compound, or simply tell him you are a mechanical engineering student (No lie o) trying to find out the working principles of old vehicles.

Once you get permission, simply call the nearest available towing van to tow the car to your Store site. You’ve just earned yourself some thousands.

Get five of these vehicles and you are already approaching the Millionaire threshold. You will find more of these abandoned vehicles along our highways, even in police stations. Technically, they have become no Man’s property. But to avoid stories that touch, it is advisable to get approval to clear our highways of accident vehicles.

In fact, registering an N.G.O for this purpose will guarantee you speedy approval by any government you approach to seek permission from (Although some of those vehicles may be insured). Traveling from Warri to Port Harcourt for instance, you should find more than 5 vehicles along the road, inside the bush waiting for you to come to get them. That is approximately 260k to 1M waiting for you to have it all to yourself.

Before you travel through to about 5 states, I can guarantee, you would have seen not less than 10 vehicles along the highway.

Think about this and innovate by putting your signature to what I have just said. Wealth abounds only those with the eyes of the mind can see it.