This sample specifically targets entrepreneurs with interests in starting a tire recycling business, but with little or no knowledge on the procedures of writing one.

It makes available an outline to work with, and all the entrepreneur needs to do is simply replicate the procedures, although in this case, supplying information unique only to the tire recycling business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a tire recycling plant.

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Market Analysis/Trends
  • Our Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Payment Channels

Executive Summary

The Recyclers LLC is a tire recycling business located in the heart of Indiana with ambitious growth plans that target being among the top 5 tire recycling brands in Indiana within the first 3 years of its commencement of operations.

Being in the business of recycling, considered as a laudable earth-saving initiative, we will be driven by the passion to ensure that harmful wastes, especially tires do not constitute a problem to the society through effective utilization and non-harmful conversion to harmless end products.

Products and Services

Among a broad range of services we will be offering are the effective conversion of used tires to refurbished and quality ones that will still be of immense importance.

Also, some of the products of these recycled tires are the sale of raw materials to different shoe manufacturing companies, parks, and other businesses requiring our products.

Our Vision

We have the vision of expanding our earth-saving activities to eventually combat pollution caused by these tires either through burning or improper disposal methods.

The aim is to reduce to the barest minimum pollution occasioned by the improper disposal or recycling methods of these tires.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be among the top four tire recycling business brands in Indiana within our first 5 years of commencing operations.

We will be expanding our operations to cover more states within the United States, with a target of eventually spreading our tire recycling businesses to cover the whole United States.

Marketing Trends

With so much encouragement coming from world governments and the United Nations on the recycling of the waste with an emphasis on saving the ecosystem, there has been strong growth in this area of recycling.

There has been a drive-in promoting green product considered earth-friendly.

This has highly favored the tire recycling business sector as investors benefit from incentives if they chose to enter into this line of business.

Our Target Market

Recycling already used materials into still useful products, our services are very essential, especially by such industries as tire manufacturing industries, shoe and footwear manufacturers, construction/roofing companies, and automobile manufacturing plants among a long list of industries requiring our services.

In effect, our target market is wide and large enough to accommodate our services.

Competitive Advantage

With a recycling market that has continued to experience new entrants and so much room for more investors, there is at the moment no strong competition as research has shown that for now, tire recyclers rely on each other for the success of their businesses, thereby creating a win-win situation.

The tire recycling industry is not yet saturated, and still has a large space to accommodate new entrants into this sector.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing strategy adopted by us includes entering into talks with automobile products sales businesses and auto shops for the distribution of our products.

With the shifting of focus on the use of green products, our services will be highly in demand, as the refurbished tires we produce will be as good as new ones.

We will be recruiting the services of highly professional marketing experts to coordinate the marketing of our products and services, ensuring that they achieve wide acceptance.

Our pool of workforce will include a highly experienced workforce, ensuring that we only deliver the best services and products to our consumers.

Sales Forecast

With research conducted on aspects of the tire recycling market, we have made projections that predict high revenue growth for our business.

However, for these profit projections, the effects of an economic recession or natural disasters are discounted as they are based solely on parameters considered using present-day measurements and trends.

The chart below summarizes the sale forecast;

  • First Year $400,000
  • Second Year $830,050
  • Third Year $1,210,000

Payment Channels

The payment channels will be diverse to save our highly esteemed clients the difficulty of having to be limited by the payment option.

This makes it very flexible to them by making available almost every payment channel for easy payment of services.

Some of these payment channels will include the use of the POS machine, acceptance of credit cards, mobile money transfers, internet banking options among other payment channels.



This tire recycling business plan sample presents a format or template for the entrepreneur to work with. All the entrepreneur needs to do is to carefully follow the guidelines laid out in this sample business plan for the best results.

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