12 Profitable Mail Order Business Opportunities To Invest In

Here are some lucrative mail-order business ideas.

The mail-order system of business has opened doors of distributorship opportunities to a wide range of interested entrepreneurs.

Here, people are engaged in commerce by simply placing orders for products selected from a catalog. Such sales and ordering of products are spread across various sectors or fields of business.

These could range from clothing, jewelry, accessories, home furnishings, health & beauty products, office supplies & hardware, and so on.

Wherever your interests lie, you have the opportunity of building a thriving business by incorporating mail order into it.

How Mail Order Businesses Work

Also known as direct marketing, mail order continues to be among the most popular methods of shopping. Here, customers get to mail in an order form which kicks-starts the delivery of their products which are mailed to them.

This begins by making a choice on products, showcasing the products, payment processing, and ends with product shipment. Sounds confusing right?

Let’s explain these in greater detail.

  • Making a Choice on Products

What products do you wish to sell via mail order?

Answers to this question can be almost endless. This is because there are lots and lots of products to sell. You can either decide to manufacture your own products or sell those made by other businesses.

Of course, there should be a clear incentive to sell goods belonging to others. At the basic level, you need to know whether such products have a ready market or not.

Only products with a ready market will need to be considered.

Having selected these products, you’ll need to factor in the cost of marketing, packaging, and shipment. All of these are added to the price.

  • Showcasing Products

One of the requirements for mail order businesses is the need to showcase your products as much as possible.

Based on the catalogs provided or online photos, the products need to be displayed in as many photos as possible including different angles.

This gives the customer an idea of what they’re buying.

Detailed product descriptions will also need to accompany the online pictures or the product catalog. Overall, the customer should have a list of options to choose from.

  • Payment Processing

Orders can only be processed when the payment process is properly sorted out. Therefore whatever product you sell, ensure that your credit card payment system is in order.

Ecommerce packages are available for sale to businesses or individuals needing such.

Such packages include credit card processing, cart, and more. Also, getting all necessary tools needed for seamless completion of all orders must be provided.

  • Product Shipment

With product shipment, you have three options.

You can either decide to keep or store these products in your home or warehouse pending purchase or have them stored in a warehouse.

The third option involves drop shipping. Under this arrangement, goods can be processed and shipped by third parties for a fee.

Mail Order Business Opportunities

Having discussed the workings of the mail-order business model, it’s necessary to consider the business opportunities inherent.

In other words, let’s consider the different types of businesses that can be done using this sales method.

Mail-order business ideas are pretty much endless.

These range from clothing, magazines, car parts, tools, crafts, cleaning supplies, housewares, computers, phones, pool supplies, fragrances, car accessories, and cosmetics.

Other mail-order business opportunities include weight loss supplements & systems, pool supplies, and many more. The truth is, we can’t exhaust the list of things or items you can sell using the mail-order system.

Let’s have a look at some of those mentioned.

  • Clothing

With clothing items, you have the option of making customized designs or selling without such to clients. You could also choose to sell vintage clothing among other related stuff.

  • Magazines

Magazines can be started by individuals or groups of individuals having an understanding of the industry. This can be sold via mail order to clients across your target markets.

You can also partner with existing magazine production companies to sell their products for a commission.

  • Car Parts

The need for spare parts by motorists should be considered an opportunity to start a business. The good thing with mail-order business is that your customers can be wherever.

This can be operated through reselling of car parts you found online or selling of salvaged parts.

  • Tools

Tooling is crucial to everyday human activities. You’ll want to research tools with the most market demand and include them among items sold.

  • Crafts

All types of crafts ranging from weaving, needlework, metalworking, basket weaving, leather crafting, embroidery, and sewing, etc are among mail-order business opportunities to consider.

  • Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are quite varied.

However, a lot of these contain chemical additives considered toxic to humans and the environment. Based on this knowledge, you can start by making your own fully organic or green cleaning supplies.

  • House Wares

There’s a ready market for houseware. Housewives are ever willing to purchase these when they find them useful. You’ll need to be thoughtful in making or finding housewares to be sold.

Including unique and useful housewares in your online store will bring in the traffic.

  • Computers

Computer sales are common via mail order.

You can partner with a supplier to have their products displayed in your store. Of course, any successful sale of these computers will fetch you a percentage of the amount sold.

  • Phones

Phones are among the highest selling electronic products. You can have these sold on by partnering with existing businesses to broaden their customer base.

  • Pool Supplies

If you have an idea about pool supplies, you might want to launch a business in this area. People can order products through your store or catalog and have them delivered to their doorstep.

  • Fragrances

Fragrances and perfumes are highly desirable products that attract a lot of patronages. You can help people to shop for whichever they want with ease.

  • Car Accessories

Are you well versed with automobiles? Marketing vehicle accessories is one area you should consider.

These are a few of many mail-order business ideas or opportunities you can take advantage of. As discussed above, you should have an understanding of your preferred area of business as it helps you succeed.