Relaxation and tourist sites and locations have always attracted ever increasing patronage for jet ski business, as more people join the middle income class and as many more view leisure activities as a medium to relieve stress, engender good health and age longevity.

Consequently, business ventures centered on and around these activities have been posting impressive profit returns, especially in economic climates that support jet ski rental business with the right policies and laws.


Starting a Jet Ski business can be thoroughly rewarding and profitable.

However certain factors must be considered and thought through before the investor commits time, energy and resources to start up a jet ski rental business.

Do you know how to open a Jet Ski business?

Here is a sample business plan for starting a jet ski company.

  • Carry out Research and Market Survey

How much money does a jet ski rental business make? Setting up a Jet Ski business entails having an operational area over a body of water. It is best to visit beach resorts and large man-made recreational facilities and to get an idea what rules and regulations exist for opening a Jet Ski business. If you decide to set up at a beach, determine what environmental laws are in place for such a body of water.

For instance, what do you look out for when buying a watersports rental business for sale in the Caribbean?

Owning a Jet Ski rental business will also require you obtain ecological reports on how deep or shallow the water is, the type of plant life it supports, weather and climatic variations and a host of other important information. For large recreational facilities, you may need to push your idea and what they stand to gain, from a business end, in permitting you set-up a Jet Ski business on their premises.

A market survey will entail giving questionnaires to potential clients, who would normally be visitors and holiday makers at the beaches and resorts. The responses from the survey will guide in determining the initial scope and extent for starting the Jet Ski business.

  • Intern at an Existing Jet Ski Business

This step becomes necessary after the decision to start the Jet Ski business has been reached. Going under the wings of an existing Jet Ski business, will afford a hands-on experience of running a Jet Ski Business.

The would -be investor will garner needed experience; from determining the costing for sessions, to customer sourcing and engagement, to recruitment and training of staff to the maintenance and repairs of the Skis.

In cases where there are no existing Jet Ski businesses, one could search for instructional videos and materials online, which should also serve roughly the same purpose.

  • Have a Detailed Jet Ski Rental Business Plan on Ground

How much does it cost to start a jet ski business? The knowledge garnered from the period of information gathering, will aid in drawing up a jet ski rental business plan, that clearly states projected revenue accruable, ongoing costs and strategies for attracting patronage and increasing market share/value.

This is against the backdrop that a Jet Ski business is capital intensive based on the cost of the Skis themselves not to talk of when you want to buy the entire jet ski business.

Even if one decides to start the jet ski tour business with fairly used models, substantial funds will still be needed.

Hence a comprehensive business plan template (needed to run the jet ski business for sale in Florida after acquisition) can be employed in sourcing financing from family, friends and financial institutions.

  • Employ Competent Instructors 

Starting out, even if you are grounded in the use of a Jet Ski and can tutor others, it is important you have capable hands, who can assist with teaching and guiding clients, especially in adhering to all safety rules and regulations. If your jet ski business plan includes providing the Skis to experienced and new users, then this is the way to go.

  • Secure a good Location, acquire Jet Skis and relevant Gadgets

To ensure the success of your Jet Ski business, it is important you set up shop at areas that attract a lot of tourists and holiday makers. In addition, you will need to procure Jet Skis, whether it will involve buying new Skis, using a hire-purchase model for payment or going for neat fairly used brands.

In addition, consideration must be given to providing associated but important gear and equipment such as life jackets, oxygen masks etc.

  • Put in place effective and efficient Maintenance Regimes

The seamlessness of the operations of your Jet Ski renting business will be how well you maintain your Jet skis, in order to avoid downtime, with the resultant loss in income/revenue.

To achieve non-disruption of service, competent engineers must be engaged to regularly check the machines, based on agreed scheduled maintenance routines.

  • Have a Jet Ski Rental Business Insurance Policy in place

How much does jet ski rental insurance cost? Jet Skiing involves people taking fast moving machinery across bodies of water. No matter how well instructed the users are, how safe and reliable the Skis are, how competent your instructors and whatever safety nets you put in place, you must always make provisions for jet ski insurance plans.

There could be damage to the skis themselves or an accident involving a user.

Hence, a major cost your startup Jet Ski business will incur will be in the provision of a comprehensive insurance for jet ski rental business (policy and coverage), which will help in mitigating such unforeseen losses/ accidents.

Adhering to the above, as well as ensuring that the Jet Ski business start up is adequately marketed and advertised, will ensure the success of the startup.

Additional streams of income could also be generated from the sale/rent of items people consider useful for their jet skiing such as deck chairs, balls, umbrellas or even snorkel apparatus.

Go online, there are lots of jet ski rental business for sale in Florida and other states.